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1987 Porsche 928 S4

It’s crazy to think that once upon a time, before all this Panayenne nonsense, a V8 was unheard of for Porsche’s road cars. Underneath the long bonnet of this blindingly-red 928 lies a 5.0l V8 that pushed out 316hp in 1987, over 50% more than the 5.0L V8 in the contemporary Ford Mustang. Engine displacement aside, there’s no mistaking this 928 for a Fox body with the spaceship chic looks, updated for 1987 with a spoiler and new front and rear fascias. Today’s car is blessed with a row-your-own 5-speed in place of the more common slushbox, so you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

Year: 1987
Model: 928 S4
Engine: 5.0L V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 94,300
Price: $16,500

1987 Porsche 928 S4 for sale in Monterey, CA

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 2.16.59 PM

This 1987 Porsche 928 S4 is in Indy Red with Black interior.

It has the highly desirable and rare 5 speed transmission.

This car was originally sold by Paul Miller Porsche Audi in New Jersey in April 1987.

MSRP $64,745.00.

This car has been in California since 2004 and has had four owners from new.

Factory Options include:

– Heated seats left and right
– Sport shock absorbers
– Limited Slip differential

The interior is original, and the leather is soft with no tears.

All electrical in good working order include seats, windows, sunroof, stereo, wipers, and lights. (Interior lights and the trunk release are in- op.)

This car has been serviced by Devak in Redwood City, CA since 2004.

All VIN tags are in place.

All books and records and original window sticker will be presented to the new owner.

I really like the S4, and despite the high maintenance costs this seems like a decent price for 300+hp, good looks and Porsche quality. The red on chrome is bit much for me (how about GOLD wheels to complete this look), especially because I think the 928 looks so damn good in dark grays and blacks to fly under the radar. Those are my only qualms though, because this is an awesomely ’80s car that would be a ton of fun for the price of a base Civic (to buy, at least…).



  1. KevinR
    KevinR February 1, 2013

    Hard to say on this one. A buddy of mine has an ’87 928 S4, Venetian blue with gray, automatic for sale. Miles are the same, condition

  2. KevinR
    KevinR February 1, 2013

    Hard to say on this car. My gut instinct tells me this car is priced too high. In the end, it will all boil down to finding the person who just has to have this car.

    For price comparision, a car dealer buddy of mine also has an ’87 928 S4 for sale. His is 2 owner, Venetian blue with gray, automatic and just under 94K miles. Cosmetic condition of his is not quite as good as this one, but then again pictures can be deceiving. The main difference is that his asking price is under $10,000.

    These cars are a great deal of fun but are definitely not without their issues. To protect your sanity (and to a lesser extent your wallet), a prospective owner will need to immerse themselves into the cult-like following of these cars that exists on the internet. Having a mechanic/technician who really understands these cars, whether used exclusively or as backup when the owner runs out of talent, is a must.

  3. Wes
    Wes February 1, 2013

    Your math is a little off. The 1987 Ford Mustang 5.0 made 225 hp on 87 octane. 225 hp * 150% = 337.5 hp. The real story with Ford’s 302 engine is that it made 300 lb ft of torque.

  4. Wes
    Wes February 1, 2013

    …also, there were tons of relatively inexpensive mods available for the Mustang 5.0. I’m probably a little defensive of the car because my father’s 1987 LX 5.0 manual started my love affair with cars. Prior to the Mustang, my father was driving a 1986 Dodge Ram 1500. He wanted a sports car and had looked narrowed it down to a Dodge Conquest TSI, Nissan 300zx or the Mustang. He decided on the Mustang because the Ford dealer gave him the best value for his trade… lucky us. I distinctly remember the feeling of my head snapping back as dad pulled out of the Ford dealership in the Mustang. It was clear that I wasn’t riding in a pickup anymore. 🙂

  5. Nate
    Nate February 1, 2013

    @Wes, I certainly met no disrespect to the “5.0,” defensiveness is understandable. I’m just saying the Porsche engine was impressive. Watching a white modded and mean Mustang 5.0 do effortless donuts in a parking lot was a formative moment in my awesome young car moments.

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