1988 BMW 735i 5 speed with under 40k miles

Clean, low mileage E32 7 series aren’t very common these days. Those with a manual transmission are even less common, no matter the condition. Here’s a clean 735i 5 speed with just over 37,000 miles out on Long Island.

1988 BMW 735i 5 speed on eBay

The seller states:

This beautiful, never abused, and always maintained driving machine has had two local (Hamptons) owners since new. It’s been diligently serviced right here at Joe’s Garage for many years and is no exception to our 27 year commitment to quality of offering ready to safely drive and own vehicles.

All original paint, with one small ding on left side door(no paint abrasion- see photos), all mechanics and accesories properly working, and ready to drive anywhere. Tires have most of ther original and evenly worn tread, but prudence would suggest replacement, purely because of their age(we can easily do that if you call us to arrange).

NADA is listing high retail at $5,000 for a 1988 735i. There’s a few bids and a couple days left in the auction, so I’d wager to say this number will be met and most likely exceeded, as examples like these are rare. This car also has a good, neutral color for resale, the manual transmission makes it attractive to enthusiasts and there is the advantage of this car not having the complex V12 and expensive repair bills.


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  1. Paul, any idea if this car ended up selling? Thanks.

  2. I believe I saw this relisted on eBay once after our posting and then it sold. There are two Joe’s Garages, one in Locust Valley and one in Southampton on Long Island. Since the listing is expired, I can’t be sure which service center was selling it.

  3. Thanks for the info and the quick reply, Paul.

    Interesting car…sorry I missed it. I would have loved to check it out.

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