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1994 Mercedes Benz SL74 Renntech

Today hearing of a Mercedes pushing 500 horsepower, while not really yawn factor, is certainly not surprising. AMG has done an amazing job generating massive power and torque numbers for Mercedes that you can now buy of the regular dealer showroom floor. While big engine big power Benzs have been a hallmark of the company for years they were scarcer in years past.

This big fellow could scare off just about everything else on the road when it was new back in 1994. The SL74 was a Renntech package that took the already potent Mercedes 6 liter V-12 and pushed it out to 7.4 liters. With about 600 horsepower and 600 lb. ft. of torque after the conversion all coming out of a lagless normally aspirated engine one could easily spin the z rated tires down to the rims.

It isn’t clear if this car was converted by Renntech just after the purchase or if the conversion took place later in the car’s life. With only 15,000 miles it doesn’t really matter.

This car has similar specs to the Renntech SL74 I posted early this summer:

Giant brakes (seriously look inside the wheels at those things), exhaust, limited slip diff, upgraded transmission all are necessary additions. The sort of things you would associate with a handbuilt rocketship. What sets this one apart, ironically, is at first glance it is so subdued. You could easily mistake this for just another R129 series Benz. The wheels are nothing too exciting, though closer inspection reveals them to be light magnesium wheels. Nothing seems too fancy about the bodykit, some flares and vents, not even a badge on the back, then you realize it is all carbon fiber, hood, fenders, rockers. This saves, according to the seller 600 lbs in weight.

A peak inside and you can see that this SL is not for prowling a Florida retirement community, though grandpa would probably like the feel of those Recaro ortho sport seats, grandma likely would not want to fumble with the four point race harness.

I believe you can still get this conversion done by Renntech if you have the cash. The original cost was $325,000, that included $110,000 for the stock SL600.  Take the depreciation and buy this two owner sneak attack machine for $65,000. Geniuses drive green cars after all right? Hard top and stand included. Just be careful the seller has no feedback.

It is worth noting that the Renntech 7.4 should not be confused with the similar era Mercedes AMG SL73, which was a factory produced vehicle available in very limited numbers. The 7.3 liter AMG engine is the engine that went on to more recent fame as the power plant for the Pagani Zonda producing similar power figures as this Renntech.



  1. Evan
    Evan September 14, 2010

    Ended with reserve not met at $20,000.07.

  2. […] En dat wil je niet natuurlijk. Je auto mag wel op een DTM variant lijken die geschikt is voor de openbare weg. Daarvoor moet je dus bij Renntech zijn die zowat alles vervangt door carbon onderdelen, het 6.2 liter blok naar605 pk  kietelt en dat vermogen op 305 breed rubber loslaat. De naamgeving is dus niet gebaseerd op een vergrote motorinhoud maar op de spoorbreedte in inches. Daarnaast refereert het ook nog eens terug naar de SL 74 van Renntech.  […]

  3. Evan
    Evan October 19, 2010

    I believe what our Dutch reader is pointing out is that the new Renntech C74 does not use the same numbering system as the older Renntech SL74 pictured here. The Renntech SL74 did use a 7.4 liter engine, but the new Renntech C74 insane sedan, while retaining the 74 number does not use a 7.4 liter engine. Instead the 74 comes from the width of the rear end, which is stretched to 74 inches to fit the massive 305 tires.

    Mercedes badge purists will call false advertising, but in reality Mercedes has been fudging the badge number/engine displacement from the factory for years, though perhaps not quite as bad as this.

    Read about he C74 here:

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