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1994 Porsche 928 GTS

I never miss a chance to express my dismay at vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera. Even if they are the cash cow for the small sports car manufacturer from Zuffenhausen, I’ll never get used to seeing these things on the road. They might drive well and serve a purpose, but for a purist like me, they are of zero interest. Porsche reached its watershed moment in the middle of the 1990s. It was during this time that the last air cooled 911 bowed, the 993, and the front engined 968 and 928 coupes said goodbye.

Here is an example of what is the last 928 to roam these shores, the GTS. 1994 represents the second to last year for the model and this one is a special example, being vouched for by the owner/moderator of, one of the definitive information sources for this ultimate of grand touring Porsches.

1994 Porsche 928 GTS on eBay

1994 928 GTS – #0062

This 928 GTS is the second 1994 built; a ONE OWNER GTS with just 29,513 original miles! Super rare Amazon Green Metallic with Classic Grey interior. Options include; sunroof, automatic transmission, supple leather, CD changer, heated left/right seats.

The only Amazon Green Metallic GTS built in 1994 and the final Amazon Green GTS of 13 built for North America. Extremely well maintained by its one and only owner including recent fluid changes, timing belt and water pump. Addtionally, the hood/hatch struts, battery and intake tubes have all been replaced this past week. The wheels are being refinished and the rear wheel well liners are going to be replaced prior to sale as well. Complete service records, books, tools and window sticker.

Never any damage history; in the interest of full disclosure, paint meter readings indicate paint thickness which is thicker than what is considered normal on the front fenders, hood, doors and rear quarter panels. Overall, the paint is in really nice condition. There is however some etching of the paint presumably from acid rain or perhaps a lawn sprinkler on the top of the left front fender and on the roof (less so than on the fender) that is noticeable under florescent lighting. I tried to capture in photos but couldn’t; it doesn’t show up enough to get a photo.

This GTS has NOT EVER had any paint work done by its owner which points to the additional paint being added at the Porsche factory or at PDI upon the cars arrival to the US. This is plausible b/c all the stickers in the door jams are applied upon delivery at PDI and there are no tape lines, overspray or any other indication typically associated with a car that’s been painted. Upon reflection after we put a paint meter on the car, the owner mentioned that the car was delayed at port prior to being delivered to Hendrick Porsche in Charlotte. The owner is willing to sign an affidavit stating the car has never had any paint or body work while it was in his possession. The interior is in outstanding condition.

I own/manage and have owned several 928s including 3 GTSs (still own a 1995 GTS) over the course of the last 20 years and can say bar none, this is one of the finest driving GTSs I’ve ever driven. It’s tight, no rattles or squeeks, tracks arrow straight, the engine is powerful/responsive and it shifts crisp and smooth. Outside of the Porsche Tech that has taken care of this GTS since new, I am the only other person that has ever driven this GTS besides its owner!
I am selling this car for the owner and will facilitate all aspects of the transaction. Inspections are encouraged and welcomed.

There’s an old saying with classic cars, buy the best you could afford. Well, this 928 represents about the best example that you would be able to find out there, with such low mileage and provenance. However, the price made me light headed upon seeing the ad. True, it has been maintained impeccably by owners that care, which means a lot with a car like this where one repair could force you to sell your first born.

The GTS version of the 928 could be one of those collector cars whose value takes off in the next coming years, but judging by the economy and the fact that the 928 has been around since 1978 and values of earlier models has stayed relatively flat, it is hard to see values taking off to the levels we see here in the near future.



  1. Dallas
    Dallas August 30, 2011

    BIN on eBay is $46,500… is the nicest 928 on the planet worth that? Not sure, but I think it would likely set a high mark for 928’s nowadays if it goes anywhere close to that (which I doubt it will).

    Just a point of clarification – the car is NOT owned by the 928 Registry moderator. He’s just facilitating the sale for the owner.

  2. Harrison
    Harrison August 30, 2011

    Beautiful car. Someone will be happy when they buy it.

  3. chanifin
    chanifin August 30, 2011

    Ahhh, Porsche guys and their paint meters. Two full paragraphs dealing with a paint meter reading for a car whose original collectibility is even all that established. However it is a good sign that this thing has been owned by people that sweat the little details and understand what they need to do to sell something like this at their desired price.

  4. Howard S
    Howard S August 30, 2011

    Everyone uses paint meters these days go to any type of auction and they’re everywhere. The newer ones work on more then just steel panels too.
    IMO that’s high retail for that 928. I am not saying its not a really nice car but I would think that it wont trade at that price.
    The GTS is the 928 to own but you can find more reasonable examples out there if you look hard enough. The amazon color is also not a highly desirable color no matter how the seller spins its rarity.
    All in it’s a nice example of the best of the best in that series and they are looking to get top dollar.

  5. Paul
    Paul August 30, 2011

    Point well taken Dallas, the seller is not the owner. It’s good to know, however, this car is tied in with a group of enthusiasts like this.

  6. AlwaysFixing
    AlwaysFixing August 30, 2011

    Nice car. Really nice car, but I’m taking my $46k and buying a new Cayman instead.

  7. Paul
    Paul August 30, 2011

    Good luck getting that much. I agree with Howard on the color as amazon green cars tend to take a long time to sell.

  8. 928 Registry
    928 Registry September 13, 2011

    FWIW regarding the asking price on this GTS. It’s actually on the low side of where the current market is….. If this were a garage queen and in pristine condition, the price would be $20k higher.

    Within the last 18 months several 1995 928 GTSs have sold north of $100k! In fact, with the last month a 13k mile 1995 928 GTS 5-speed sold for $114k! I personally sold my 1995 928 GTS 5M with 13k miles for more than the original $86k MSRP a couple years ago (bought it back 18 months later…) Believe it or not, those are facts. How many Porsches from the mid-1990s can you say that about (except 993 TTs and they’re not selling for more than the original MSRP)? Not many…..

    As for the paint meter comments; whenever I sell a car (mine or for a friend as in this case) and in the interest of full disclosure I ALWAYS disclose what I know about the paint whether or not its original to the car (collector car or not!).

    This is a very peculiar case b/c the car had paint work prior to the original owner taking delivery. Done at the factory or PDI?

    If you do not ask or check the paint on ANY car (even new ones!!!) the chance you’re buying a problem goes way up. If you don’t do it and when you go to sell it, a perspective buyer does it and finds paint readings higher than normal you now own a car with a diminished value (if you disclose what you now know of course).

    There is a thriving enthusiast group around the 928 and with just 406 928 GTSs built from 1993 through 1995 in all of North America the collectibility of these cars will continue to grow. This is the LAST amazon green 928 built which makes in unique for that reason alone.

    Best to all.

  9. Dallas
    Dallas September 14, 2011

    … and I see the previous auction ended with no takers at $46,500.

    >Believe it or not, those are facts.

    … and your two comparables are 5-speed cars, while the auction car is an automatic. I think we’re all very aware of the relative rarity of 5-speed 928’s vs. automatics. Let’s face it, the 928GTS appeals to a very limited market and most don’t feel it has the value – witness the ebay no-sale. If this car is underpriced why didn’t some astute person snap it up to flip?

    In any case, it’s a lovely car and good luck with the sale.

  10. 928 Registry
    928 Registry September 14, 2011

    ^^ I don’t wish to debate with you but:

    >… and I see the previous auction ended with no takers at $46,500.

    If a car sells the first time on eBay it was likely priced too low?

    >your two comparables are 5-speed cars, while the auction car is an automatic

    True, should have referenced the 95 AT that sold also last month for $88k. I also sold a pearl white 95 GTS AT for another friend of mine about 5-6 yearsw ago that sold for more than any other AT GTS prior. If this were a 5M, the value would be about what the AT sold for.

    >the 928GTS appeals to a very limited market and most don’t feel it has the value

    …..and we could say that about almost any car relative to the production numbers? I agree that the market is small but it only takes one interested buyer.

    > If this car is underpriced why didn’t some astute person snap it up to flip?

    I said “low side” NOT underpriced. The asking price is fair given the details surrounding this GTS.

  11. 928 Registry
    928 Registry October 23, 2011

    Follow up: This GTS sold for $42k a few weeks ago to an individual in CA.

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