1997 BMW 328i Sport with 24,000 miles

This find comes in from reader Peter.

We’ve seen that low mile BMWs command a high price, that is no surprise. What is interesting though is we’ve found often the case with these low mile cars is that it is not only collectors buying them for a potential weekend ride or investment car, its just as frequently someone who wants to make the car their daily driver. The daily driver folks may prefer an older model because it has less electronic gizmos or they may just really like the familiarity of a model they have owned for years and don’t want to move to something newer. They figure if they are going to take the car to work everyday why not get the lowest mile one you can find.

This 328i looks almost showroom fresh. The previous owner sure didn’t get much out of their purchase. The dollar cost average of buying $38,705 car and only driving it 24,000 isn’t great. The depreciation though should look really appealing to the next owner.

Finished in shiny red, all original, and apparently only on the road when it is dry, this car is begging to see some of the country.

While the car has the sports package this is a bit of a misnomer since it does have the autobox transmission. All the things you like to see with a low mile car are there, including all the tools in the tool kit and immaculate interior, even the cell phone in the console, plus the seller has the original window sticker. The only ugly thing about is the dealer logo emblem on the trunk lid.

Sure it isn’t an M3 or M5, but here you have a car that still looks modern, that was built well, and with four doors can carry plenty of people or stuff reliably for years. Sure beats buying a new Hyundai.
So head over to Hershey, PA with $10,900 and pick up this sweet ride.

More photo’s and info on the seller’s website here:


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  1. “We will not be allowing perspective buyers to do test drives, but will drive it for seriously interested buyers.”

    Yeah…good luck with that.

  2. That would make a great commuter car. Very close to new, with lot’s of miles ahead of it. If you wanted a Turbo car, the 328 is a better platform(engine only) for boost than the 3.2 M3. It will still need a cooling system due to age.
    Nice find GCFSB

  3. That’s a lot of money for an automatic 328i. It probably has 13 year old dry rotted tires on it, a brittle original cooling system that could fail at any time, and likely had break in oil in the transmission, rear end and steering rack.

    For the $10k the owners want plus the $1k you’d have into very quickly you might as well buy a nicely maintained M3 with more miles on it.

  4. Potential buyers seem to agree with you. The car didn’t sell with a reduced price of $9000.

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