2000 Volkswagen Beetle Mona Lisa Edition

I came across this New Beetle and while I never see myself driving a new beetle let alone one with a da Vinci on the side, I thought it was kind of funny, so here it is.
The listing has more description, but I’m going to spare myself the time to write anything other than to say its a Beetle with an air brushed copy of the Mona Lisa on the side. $21,000 to start turning heads.
Seriously, what would Leonardo think?


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  1. used to like coming to this blog, but the posts nowadays are slacking big time. C’mon a Mona Lisa Beetle? you can do better than this Evan! will return in a week to re-evaluate.

  2. Alright you got me. I knew this one was a bit of a stretch, but it seemed so weird I decided to post it anyway. On the other hand how many blogs do you visit that dig up something like the previously posted DKW right? Once the semester is out I’ll have some more time, you have to remember we both have real jobs. : )
    Let this be a call to our readers, if you know of unique German iron for sale, online or in your neighbor’s driveway, you want us to look over shoot us a note.

  3. Drive it off a cliff please, hope you dont hurt yourself and just the car

  4. Not sold, no bids at $21,000.

  5. ITs not worth 21k or 20 or 19 or you get the idea.

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