2004 VW R32 for sale

My last R32 post has left them more present in my thoughts than they’ve been in years. The precipitous drop in price since I was last in tune with the market takes them to a new level of desirability. Though still rare, it seems like the the market is hovering around $12-15k. To me, that’s the perfect used-car price to get something worthwhile and fun while having enough left over to rationalize a ton of maintenance before hitting new-car prices. They’re showing up with around 100k miles, which is a nice time to hop in and give it some good love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 6-speed, AWD, and a burbly VR6 are incontrovertible greatnesses and will someday occupy a spot in my stable.

2004 VW R32 for sale on eBay

No real info from the dealership selling it, unfortunately. The dirty engine throws me off a bit, but the R32 has one of those butts that in real life is perfectly sized and round, but in a tasteful way, not in the way Sir Mix-a-lot likes ’em. This is how an pre-owned R32 should be: unmolested, all stock, and ready to rock. Starting at $11k places it right in the good-buy market. Anything less than $14k and this is a great car for good money.


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