Announcing the Official Launch of Our Self Service Classifieds — Just $10!

We’re proud to unveil a new option for our readership to list their German Cars For Sale via our Self Service Classifieds! While we like to offer Feature Listings as our premier option for the best of the best, there are lots of offerings that our fans would appreciate that range from well looked after survivors to complete examples that need saving from a fellow enthusiast.

We actually soft launched this new feature a couple weeks ago and with just a tiny link at the top of the website managed to attract these fine offerings already. In order of date the ad was placed:

BMW 320i For Sale

1983 BMW 320i For Sale in Seattle for $5500

1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL Parts for sale

1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL Parts For Sale

1991 Alpina B12 For Sale E31 BMW

1991 Alpina B12 For Sale $75000

1985 BMW 635CSi For Sale

1985 BMW 635CSi for sale in Ottawa, Canada for $5900

The Self Service Classifieds are simple to use and require just a few notes for success.

  1. You pay up front for your listing, then create your listing.
  2. We use PayPal for the $10 payment, but a PayPal account is not required. Credit cards are welcome!
  3. It is critical that after you make your payment on PayPal you click to return to as this will trigger the ad creation.
  4. The first image you upload will be utilized for the thumbnail that represents your car in our classifieds listing. You can upload up to 6 images.
  5. We welcome you to list German cars, parts, or related items
  6. We are happy to assist if you encounter any issues during any part of the process, just email us!
  7. We thank you for helping to support the site!

Read more about how we can help you sell your car on our site and place your listing today!


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  1. This is a cool idea. Will the listings be mentioned (or shown in a banner or side bar, rotating or otherwise?), or even just a weekly roundup like this post?

    A seller even just posting a link to their eBay auction on here along w/ some pics & bullet points could easily be worth the $10 nominal fee, in terms of added hits.

    And a request to GCFSB, it would be great if (per my recent post on the 500E listing) this was another component that putting the VIN # in each listing (or requiring ad buyers to do so for vehicle listings) would help increase the overall community level of knowledge about all these interesting cars, kind of like a google facilitated wiki-carfax.

    A nice addition to the blog, looking forward to seeing it grow & develop!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Ry. The side bar does have a summary of the latest listings just below the feature listings, and we will be doing periodic summaries on the homepage as well.

    Thanks again!


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