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Another 87 Mercedes 190 2.3-16 For Sale with Only 44k Miles!

It must be deja vu I think as I don’t believe this is the same car that was listed before on this blog. But here’s another very low miles 2.3-16 for sale on the left coast in Berkley, California for $11,500 (Craigslist):

Mercedes 190 2.3-16 For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

This incredible 190E 2.3-16v is in impeccable original low-mile condition, and has had dealer service since new. For the last five years it’s been in the hands of a Northern California Mercedes Benz dealer family. This is not only a high performance car in great condition – it’s also an important bit of history. After developing its four-valve cylinder head with motorsport specialists Cosworth, as well modifying its suspension, transmission, aerodynamics, exhaust and interior, Mercedes unveiled the 2.3-16 at the Nurburgring in 1984 in a race that included several former and future Formula One champions, including Niki Lauda, Alan Prost and Ayrton Senna (who won), as well as Stirling Moss, who had famously driven for Mercedes in its heyday.

Most 16v’s available today are high mileage and/or modified cars. This one shows and drives as nearly new, to which we can attest as this is our third (our first having 17,000 miles on the odometer when it came through the dealership in 1989). 2.3-16’s were only available in the U.S. in only 1986 and 1987, and this `87 may be seen as an appealing “interim” model. It has the flushed-in headlights of the ‘87 models, but retains the simpler and more reliable sunroof and sunroof control of the `86 cars. Recent work includes a major service with upgraded-spec MB factory injectors; serviced rear SLS suspension and replaced front suspension ball joints; refurbished a/c; and four new Michelin Pilot tires. A December 2009 smog report shows unbelievably low emissions, attesting to the car’s impeccable mechanical condition. The bodywork is straight and clean with no signs of accidents or repairs. The original paint is very good for a 20-plus year old car, with good shine and few stone chips.

I love these cars! And not to sound like a broken record, but an e30 M3 of the same vintage would have a starting bid of twice the price. I realize you can make an argument that the M3 has a more sporting intent, and the winning pedigree, but not at twice the price. Someone go snag this fantastic deal!



  1. Evan
    Evan January 16, 2010

    Looks like this car has been in California since new, I don’t know if the Cali model 190E 2.3-16V was strapped with additional California emissions that would reduce the power. Despite being all original the one mod I’d want to do is pop in Euro lights. All that aside the possibility of getting an under 45,000 mile all original Cosworth for $11,000 makes this is one of the best deals we have posted on this blog in a while. This is a good investment car here.

  2. Dan
    Dan January 16, 2010

    Totally agreed on the lights. Having grown up loving this period, it would be tough not to do a few tasteful modifications, like +1 wheels, OEM or period correct aftermarket.


  3. Paul
    Paul January 17, 2010

    Anyone want to buy a clean, 15k mile 2007 C230 from me? Haha. I would trade my car in a heartbeat for this.

  4. Norman
    Norman February 11, 2010

    Well, I’m the lucky one that bought this 16v. Not as prsitine as it was advertised but overall a very nice example of a cossie

  5. Dan
    Dan February 11, 2010

    Congratulations Norman! You’ve got me curious now, what does she need to be right?


  6. norman
    norman February 11, 2010

    power steering pump leak, possible head gasket replacement, drive shaft, and couple of other small things. but overall, the car is in beautiful condition. this was one of many cars that the previous owner had so it just sat around. i had a 16v about 10years ago, was going to find a clean E30 M3 this time, but almost impossible nowadays and this cossie is too clean to pass up. I didnt pay full asking price of course on this one…

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