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Extremely rare 1989 BMW Z1 for sale

In the car world, being an American is like growing up in a puritanical household. Strong values, but there are some awesome things that are hidden from you. For me, the BMW Z1 is like a rare wine in a robotic bottle to an Amish kid. For many years, the few glimpses I caught melded in my mind as some weird concept car BMW had developed, like the M8 or X5 Le Mans V12. Then I found out that I just hadn’t been exposed to it, and a very real 8,000 of these Z3 predecessors were produced for the European market from ’89-’91. The 325’s I6 contributes 170hp, meaning you get a little more form than function, but the design by Ulrich Bez (now Aston Martin CEO) is gorgeously svelte and it has lowering doors, a clever gimmick that are the main reason it didn’t come here. If only the M20B25 had a sufficient following and tuning community, you could have an unquestionably unique roadster with some go to match. Oh wait…

From the seller:

I am pleased to offer this very rare 1989 BMW Z1. These unique 2 seat BMW’s were produced between 1987-1991 with only 8000 examples produced. Very rare by modern BMW standards. VIN # WBABA91010AL00887.

This Z1 is located in Montreal, Canada and is presented with approx. 76,000 km (47,226 miles). It is absolutely striking in it’s black exterior with black interior with red seats. It is worth noting that only 2,301 Z1’s were produced in black. So many of the Z1’s out there today are very unusual colors such as pale yellow, green etc. This car has tons of eye appeal in my opinion.

The current owner imported the car in 2005 from Monaco. He has had the car maintained by the local BMW dealer in Montreal since 2005 and has only used it approx. 2000-3000 km per year. As shown in the pictures, the car comes with it’s original wheels as well as a set of modern alloy rims with new tires (presently on the car).

The car includes:

– Original hardtop
– New muffler replaced in 2005
– Original rims and tires
– Car cover imported from Germany

Car has been freshly detailed, is in excellent condition and is ready to be enjoyed by a new owner.

I’m surprised at how into this car I am. I dig its baby-E31 looks, color/rim choices, and extreme rarity. Probably still can’t get it into the US, and the Cannucks hit with one of their annoying superiorities. Imported from Monaco and impeccably maintained, this 47k-mile specialty will not go cheap, at a reserve-on $15k with 9 days to go. If you’re well-heeled, confident in your masculinity (or femininity… do we have any female readers out there?), and looking for some Euro-Canadian strange, this is the hot ticket.



  1. Evan
    Evan April 23, 2011

    When these came out I immediately got a 1:24 diecast model with working doors that seemed fascinating to me at the time.
    I am also reminded of this Jeremy Clarkson clip:

  2. Larry
    Larry May 1, 2011

    Made it to $32100 with 34 bids, reserve not met.

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