High mileage 1989 BMW E30 M3

What do you think, is 172,000 miles too much for you on an M3? The seller and 3rd owner makes it sound pretty good. It has a respray and a new hood and fender. It is kind of hard to tell how good of a paint job or repair this is without seeing the car in person.
The seller does mention the dreaded rust word, but says it is a very minor sport caused by an improper windshield replacement. The current windshield also needs replacement because of a crack.
Looks like it is going to need some work to spruce it up, but if it can be had cheap enough there may be room to make the needed repairs. As is, put some new tires on it and see how far it drives.
Buy-it-now is $13,800.


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  1. I have to say I’m conflicted on this one. The mileage scares me without any mention of internal engine work. S13 servicing and rebuild costs are not to be taken lightly.

    Then again, a good looking, non-smoking e30 M3, that has been decently maintained, might be in that ballpark.


  2. Could be a great basis for a track build or a Sunday driver.

    With an S14 rebuild costing about $10k I’d much rather spend a few thousand more and pick something with less mileage and or a freshly rebuilt motor.

  3. Hard to tell the extent of rust around the windscreen without taking it out entirely. It’s a classic M3 rusting point, but can cost several thousand to resolve if it has spread.

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