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Reasonably-priced E30 M3

There’s quite a few E30s for sale around the internets right now, more than I’ve seen in a while. The problem? Despite an increase in supply, prices aren’t going down; most are $17k and above. So while I’d love to post about a glorious 110k-mile relative creampuff with Evo 2 bits, I’m personally more interested in the M3s that are more within reach. Hence my excitement at finding a clean M3 for just $11,000.

1988 BMW E30 M3 for sale on SF Craigslist

Unfortunately there’s a dearth of pictures, but I still think the listing does a decent job of portraying this as a well-used (175k miles) but clean M3:

picked up the car April 23, 2010. I’ve put on ~500 miles since then.

I have recent PPI report, smog check, about 75 pages of receipts, and carfax available (all from previous owner).

– $11,000
– ~175k miles
– Hennarot
– Tan interior
– Has been resprayed, not in showroom condition, minor rust on sunroof and where front windshield meets the hood
– Looks/drives great
– Located in San Francisco (can meet in SSF for a test drive to avoid driving the hills)
– Local pick-up only

Reason for selling: Moving overseas in the semi-near future.

Yeah, it’s a lot of miles, and I’m sure an inspection of the interior would reveal a worn drivers seat and maybe some other foibles, but the exterior and engine look clean enough. In my book, $11k for any clean-running M3 is a great deal and I’m wishing I could fast-forward a year to when I’ll have that kind of funds. Ideal entry into E30 M3land.


Clean BMW E30 M3 for under $15k

We’ve looked at the E30 M3 from a lot of angles here:  no-mile garage queens and clean but heavily modified examples selling for exorbitant amounts, overly-modified swappers or clean examples selling for a lot, and projects or beaters selling for *just* quite a bit.  Each offers a different approach to coveted inaugural-M3 ownership, but today’s comes in nicely just under the “clean example.”  It’s not perfect (in a minor accident a while back, the usual suspects of imperfections, 144k miles), but it’s pretty good (some recovered seats, rebuilt top end, running well), and it can be had for under $14k.

Don’t know where the reserve is set, but I’d say the buy-it-now of $13,995 is about right as far as E30s on eBay go.  Grabbed for less it’s a good deal, bought at that price it’s a fair deal.  Not perfect, but not beat to hell; I know for darn sure that I’d take it in my garage.


High-mile, well-maintained E30 M3 for sale

Another rare, attractively-priced E30 M3 has come up on eBay that could give someone the chance to fulfill their dreams without destroying their bank account.  We’ve seen examples go north of $30k, with the majority of the market in the mid-teens these days.  High-mileage M3s have become the last affordable way to get in the ultimate homologated BMW sports car, and this one comes in decent condition considering it’s covered 190k miles.

The mileage means it’s going to need a bit of work, but getting an M3 for under $10k is practically grand theft auto these days.  The engine looks very clean considering the mileage and age, and the interior and exterior each have highs and lows.  The Cinnabar Red looks pretty good though the front fascia has seen a lot of road.  The seats have normal E30 wear but aren’t falling apart, and the rest of the front interior looks pristine.  With less than day left and reserve off, the bidding is at $7,900.  If people say you have to spend $15k to get a nice M3, this one will give you plenty of breathing room to make it gorgeous.


Clean and lower-mile E30 M3 for sale

Usually I can distance myself from the pangs of covetousness I feel when I see E30 M3s such as this with immaculate paint jobs, engine compartments worth eating off of, and the steep price tag that goes with it.  They’re so far out of the price range, so nice, and too far to access that I don’t have to worry about losing control and stealing it.  Distance isn’t an option here, though, as this car is for sale exactly halfway between home and work and right on my route.  So… close…

97k mile E30 M3 for sale on Burlingame Craigslist

Recent maintenance from the seller:

Complete proffesional respray using Glasurit paint. All windows and seals where removed and the trunk, spoiler, hood, rockers and bumpers where painted individually. I have previous photos to prove that there where no previous damages and no fillers (bondo) applied. Cost is 9k)
Installed new original BMW radiator
Installed new original fuel injectors
Replaced oil preasure switch
Replaced springs with H&R lowering springs (original are included)
Car runs strong
Engine bay is very clean with no sign of leaks
Tires have less than 5k miles

Newly serviced

Total synthetic motor oil
New oil filter
New OEM Bosch spark plugs
New OEM BMW ignition wires
New OEM cap and rotors
New OEM air and fuel filter
BMW coolant

This is a beautiful M3.  Diamondschwartz isn’t my favorite, but for a car in this condition, it will do, especially being such a beautiful new paint job.  Finding an M3 under 100k miles these days is the holy grail, and this is a nice medium between never-driven time capsule and well-maintained and well-used 80s delight.  He’s obviously put some serious time and money into making this car as good as it can be.  $23k is on the high end of M3s that have actually been driven, but the more I look at it and the thoroughness of the maintenance, the more it seems like a fair price.  I wish it were less, and I wish it were further away so that I didn’t have to ponder the consequences of felony grand theft auto.


Clean, bargain E30 M3 for sale

I’ll acknowledge right off the bat this is toeing the line of “Budget Week.”  This is a gorgeous E30 M3, restored almost entirely save the engine, which has covered an impressive (read: scary) 194k miles.  It’s starting on eBay at $10k with a Buy-It-Now of $12k, so I’m fudging the math and saying it’s within our “budget” guidelines.  I believe my E30 M3 obsession has been made clear by now, so I’ll just get to the juicy bits on this beautifully redone Alpineweiss example.

From the seller:

This car was originally Purchased in Texas and spent most of its life there. In 2005 the car went through a fairly complete restoration. New Paint (Original Alpine White with the addition of a Pearl Additive), New Carpet, Seats recovered (Not-Leather), Dash Cover, all new suspension items. The Engine was not rebuilt. They did replace the basic tune-up items and I replaced all the coolant lines and thermostat last year. There was over $17,000.00 spent on the restoration. (The Reserve is below this number) I have all the receipts from the owner at that time.
The car is not perfect but is in really nice condition. It does have an oil leak and power steering leak that I have not investigated the origin. Please feel free to send someone to inspect the car before you bid.

Sounds like a respectably honest description. The car is truly gorgeous inside and out. I love vintage German cars in white, significant as it was the national racing color. The redone black interior is especially inviting. The high-mileage engine will certainly need some sort of remedy, be it rebuild or replacement. Either way, in the E30 M3 market, a car with as many beautiful features as this is a steal at $12k or less. Any M3 with 1xx,000 miles is going to require engine work soon enough, and few look this good or are this cheap. It’s more than worth it, and even more than usual with E30s, I wish I had that cash saved up!

Entry-level E30 M3 for sale

A year and a half ago, it seemed like the E30 M3 market ceiling knew no limit, and they were on pace to quickly remove any hope for an affordable entry into the joys and mythology of the homologated, inaugural M3.  As with the rest of the world, there’s been an economic reality-check, and E30s have come down slightly.  Still expensive for 20+ year old BMWs, but at the least the market’s trajectory seems to have plateaued a little.  This example is up on eBay with no reserve, so it could be picked off for a nice price ($7300 at time of writing).  The trade-off for the nice price is its condition.  Far from perfect, there are some rust spots, interior, and engine work that need to be tended to before this is a clean M3, but in my view, the E30 M3 is a car you get in however you can.

Yeah, it needs work.  Quite a bit of work.  But looking at those fenders, that front airdam, and those wheels, I don’t care.  The E30 market has been so high because these cars are so damn special, and that includes the ones that need some TLC.  The rapper Too Short said “Get in where you fit in,” and if you can get into the E30 M3 Club under $10k, you should.

E30 M3 Turbo on eBay

At first I was excited about this post, but quickly I felt a small pang in my heart.  I love E30 M3s, as I know many of us do, and I’ve seen people do some amazing modifications to them.  So I’m posting this turbo-S52’d example because it’s impressive and interesting, but something inside says it’s a little bit wrong.  Removing the S14 is a contentious issue among E30-lovers, so that hobbles the car from the get-go.  Turbocharging is awesome  in nearly all applications; but isn’t the only homologated M3 all about directness and uninhibited, naturally-aspirated glory?  Then I think the final unsettling lemon-on-top is the exterior, namely the color and wheels.  Alas, it’s an impressive exercise in E30 tuning, so I think it’s worth sharing.

I don’t hate this car, and it’s still hovering around $10k, so it’s not like it’s horribly overpriced.  It’s just built based on different values and assertions than I hold with regards to what makes the E30 M3 so special.  To each their own, and someone will love this.  It’s just not me.


28k Miles BMW e30 M3 For Sale in Alpine White

This has only been listed for a couple days and the bidding is already over $26,000 with 7 days remaining. Hold on, this one is reaching high!

1988 BMW e30 M3 For Sale on eBay

quote from the seller’s listing:

Possibly the finest BMW E30 M3 Coupe in North America! One owner, 28,385 original miles, garaged, no winters, no rain. Completely stock, no modifications what so ever. The undercarriage is pristine. We are a 30 year BMW specialist representing the owner who is reluctantly selling this vehicle due to health issues.

The Alpine White on Tan leather looks very good and a nice break from the black or cardinal red interiors that white cars often came with. I’m a little surprised at how much this one is currently going for and will be eager to see where it finishes!


High mileage 1989 BMW E30 M3

What do you think, is 172,000 miles too much for you on an M3? The seller and 3rd owner makes it sound pretty good. It has a respray and a new hood and fender. It is kind of hard to tell how good of a paint job or repair this is without seeing the car in person.
The seller does mention the dreaded rust word, but says it is a very minor sport caused by an improper windshield replacement. The current windshield also needs replacement because of a crack.
Looks like it is going to need some work to spruce it up, but if it can be had cheap enough there may be room to make the needed repairs. As is, put some new tires on it and see how far it drives.
Buy-it-now is $13,800.


1988 E30 M3 for sale on eBay

The holy grail.  As far as epic German cars go, few exceed the desirability of the E30 M3.  If you need to know why, please ask, but I’m guessing most of the readers here need no further introduction to my favorite car, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking for now.

I’ve seen this exact M3 on eBay before, and while it’s not some racer/tuner/showcar, I like it a lot (perhaps because it seems like such a driver).  M3s look good in any color, but I like them in the classic German racing white.  146k miles is ok but not great, as I’ve heard E30 M3s with more than 100k are asking for some serious service.  This one looks well taken care of though, with a lot of thorough mechanical attention and upgrades.  Apparently it needs a cat before it’s CA legal, but if you’re in a state with less stringent emissions standards (read: all of them), leaving the header-back exhaust is probably a good and loud option.  Of note is the price:  people go on and on about E30 M3s going for $20k and up, but perhaps this $12.5k Buy-It-Now represents a softening in the market.  Soft or not, these cars are established collectors items and this is a killer deal on the best car ever.