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Clean Alpineweiss E30 M3 for sale

Today we have a very clean 1990 M3, dressed in the German national racing color of white. Lowered and placed on the great OEM+ upgrade of 17″ style 5s, I love E30s in this look; close to stock but with a little extra love. There aren’t a lot of details on the car, and its 190k miles could require a rebuild soon. Beyond the gorgeous exterior, the engine bay looks clean through and through and the grey interior, while not the prettiest of colors, looks to be recently redone and in great condition. Starting just under $17k with a Buy-It-Now of $17,650, the seller has a strong idea of what he thinks this car is worth.

1990 BMW E30 M3 for sale on eBay

An unfortunate lack of information:

You are looking a legend. This is a beautiful a beautiful repsentattion of a classic. This car has all the standard equpment that you would expect for this car. To say this car has been taken car of is an understatement. This car has every reciept and even has the orignal window sticker. The extras on this car really show the care and attention to detail that was spent on this car.

Here is a list of the extras on this car. Ireland engineering lowering race springs and strut stress bar. Style 5 17″ wheels wrapped yokohama S line tires. Morsco wires. Hella H4 euro headlights. Kenwood in dash CD.

IF you are looking for an E30 M3 this is one that you should not miss out on. This is an amazing car in amazing condition. There are two dents on the car but that is it. This car is impressive.

This car IS impressive looking. I was trying to come up with an explanation as to why the high mileage would make the price too high, but I don’t think I can. The interior and exterior are too clean, and if the engine has been cared for it could go a bit longer before an overhaul. With a rebuilt engine, this could easily be a $25k car, making this a pretty fair price provided there aren’t too many hiding gremlins.


Exceptional and Optimistic E30 M3 for sale

Pretty much every post about the E30 M3 references the continual rise of the market, usually while hoping to find an exception. Well, today’s M3 is exceptional but in quality, not price. Moderate modifications like Evo II front and rear spoilers, BBS RN wheels, and suspension complement just 80k miles covered. This is about as clean as modified M3s come, and as such it comes with a ludicrously high cost. Despite the well-rounded near-perfection, $29k feels about $5,000 too high. I guess when you’re already in the clouds, it’s a little hard to get your bearings.

1990 BMW E30 M3 for sale on Craigslist Bay Area

From the dealer (located painfully close to me):

Clean title, VIN: wbsak031xlae33936. Stock number 28398.Mileage 80,200.
Superb example finished in brilliantrot red over tan and black interior. ONLY 80,000 Miles on this rust-free nicely-modded example!
Options on this car include: Die Weithje mirrors [rumored to be one of only 500 sets made], Recaro SRD sport seats, BBS 17″ x 8″ RN wheels, Eibach Pro kit competition springs, Supersprint DTM-style rear muffler, Bilstein sport shocks, Eibach adjustable sway bars front and rear, single wiper kit, Evo II lightweight flywheel, aluminum control arm bushings, Alpine stereo with XM receiver AND MANY MORE EXTRAS!

Unless you’re going for the 100% stock look, this is about as good as the E30 M3 gets. It’s up to the buyer to decide how much you’d be willing to part with for the collector BMW that will attract oglers on the street as well as at shows.


Reasonably-priced E30 M3 for sale

The original M3’s prices have become depressingly high. To find an example worth owning, most of the time you’re looking at close to $20k. The ones that are “reasonable,” that is, $15k or less, are usually high-mileage, engine-swapped, or greatly flawed. Today’s example in Colorado is a cheerful reminder that every once in a while you can get what you want without selling an organ. It’s been well cared-for by essentially two owners, with the seller being the third who went from an E39 M5 to this and realized it’s not the right car for him. He’s honest with the few cosmetic defects, but overall it looks brilliant from a 1998 Cinnabar repaint. The interior is original and thus shows slightly more wear, but the driver’s seat bolsters are surprisingly decent. Having just crossed 100k miles, this is a perfect mix between low-mileage and driver. With a Buy-It-Now of $15k and a reserve below that, this is the best bang-for-the-buck E30 M3 I’ve seen in a long time.

1998 BMW M3 for sale on eBay

A thorough description reinforces the quality of the car and honesty of the seller:

Up for sale is my 1988 Cinnabar Red M3 (10/87 Build Date), excellently maintained and kept as close to stock as possible.

The Details:

100.8K Miles, 2 owner
Clean Title
Original Drivetrain
Jim Conforti Chip (OEM included as well)
New Control Arms @98K
New Tie Rod Ends @98K
New OEM Clutch, Pressure Plate, Guibo, Center Bearing (+ Flywheel Resurfacing, Transmission Seals) @98K
New High-Flow Catalytic Converter @99K
New Muffler (OEM) @99K
New EBC Brake Rotors (Slotted and Drilled) @98K
New EBC Brake Pads @98K
Stainless Steel Brake Lines @98K
New Timing Chain @80K
New E36 M3 Chain Tensioner @80K
Newer Plugs @80K
Recent Valve Adjustment @100K
Synthetic Oil Regularly, most recently at @100K
Euro Airbox w/K&N Filter (Stock Airbox comes with)
E36 M3 ‘Lightweight’ Wheels w/Nitto Tires (Matching set of 5 wheels/tires). Spacers (H&R, I believe) are obviously included.
Euro Front Grill
Euro Headlights
Short Shifter (1987 635Csi Shifter)
Aftermarket JVC CD Player (comes with OEM Stereo as well)

Overall: 8/10. Paint (9/10): The car was repainted to show quality status in 1998, as the original owner had a dog that was allowed to jump up on the car when the owner returned home, leaving some scratches on the driver’s door. The car has been garage kept since that time, and the paint is extremely glossy and in good shape for 13 years old. There is a couple of very minor rock chips on the front leading edge of the bumper, one spot on the top of the driver’s fender and a set of small scratches on the Driver’s rear quarter panel, right next to the trunk lip. There is also a crack in the paint on the Passenger’s Front Fender (More on this below), as well as some cracking and chipping paint off the rear spoiler. Rust (8/10): There is NO rust on the underside of this car, anywhere, including the rear quarters and battery tray. I inspected it on a lift and could not find a single spot of rust. This car simply was not driven in rain or snow, and the factory undercoating is complete and intact. In fact, most of the connectors/bolts, etc do not have any corrosion or dirt built up on them. There is very minor rust in the usual location under the front of the windshield. I have photographed this area so you can see the extent of it, but there appears to be 4 sections with minor rust, all fairly small. They are firm to the touch, so these are not ‘softspots’. Metalwork (7/10): The car was in a minor incident with a deer in the mid 2000’s. The driver’s front fender, header panel and hood were replaced with BMW R-DOT parts, and painted to match the show quality paint. The Passenger fender and front bumper were saved and were both not repainted, but neither is perfect- the fender was tweaked minorly and the paint then cracked on the lip between the fender and the M3 Flare. The gap does not look perfect on the fender to the hood. Rather then replacing a correct VIN tagged part, it was left on- a good body man could tweak it back, or it could be replaced with a new fender. The front Bumper hangs down just slightly on the Pax side, and I believe it could be brought up by adjusting the brackets. There is also a scrape on the Pax underside of the bumper. Additionally, the car was caught out in a small hailstorm- very common in Colorado. There are approximately 3-4 small dents in the roof, and a few on the hood. Other then these two issues, the body is in fantastic shape, with no door dents or other problems. It’s one of the nicest E30M3 Exteriors I’ve seen- and I was looking for a while. I have photographed all of the VIN tags as well.

Overall: 9/10. Dash is in mint condition and not cracked. It is covered by a dashmat, and the car was not left out in the sun often. There are no odors or stains anywhere in the car. Door cards are in excellent shape with no broken pieces. The carpet is worn next to the Clutch petal, but is otherwise covered in New BMW Floor Mats. All interior lights and gauges work, including the OBC. Heat and A/C work perfectly. The leather is in excellent condition; the only wear is on the Driver’s bolster and back (where your back touches, not the rear part of the seat). It is not torn or damaged, but should be recovered if you want to bring this car back to show status. The Passenger Seat looks in great shape, and the rear seat looks to have almost no use. The only flaws related to seating, is that the rear driver’s seat bottom stitching is starting to come loose- approx ¾” have worked its way undone. The only major flaw is that the vinyl on the rear speaker tray has curled and lifted off the panel. It’s hard to properly photograph, but I tried to document it. The shift knob has minor wear on the bottom. The car includes the original owners manual, binder, accessories guide, etc!

10/10. The drivetrain is flawless, and impeccably maintained at no expense spared. Any leaking seal, was replaced (car does not leak a drop of anything). Any worn part, was replaced (As evidenced by the list above). Minor upgrades to the brakes were done when the original parts wore out. The car has never been tracked, and drives extremely tight. The engine/trans/rear end is all original, and I included a photo of the VIN tag on the engine. Synthetic oil has been run since 1997, and Redline products in the Transmission and Differential. The Gear box has no slop.

The Foglights do not light. I have not checked the fuses or Relay yet.
The Park Brake Dash Light works (and lights up when the car is started), but does not work when the parking brake engages. The sensor appears to be broken.

The Story:
I purchased this car a couple of months ago from the second owner, a 30+ year BMW Mechanic whom was relocating and selling his entire collection of cars he’s amassed over the years. He has owned it since 1997, after purchasing it from the original owner who purchased it new in 1987 from Murray BMW here in Denver. In his 13 years of ownership, he only put 25K miles on it, while maintaining it using all of his expertise. This was a replacement for my E39 M5 (I’ve owned two E39 M5’s, and an E38) that I recently sold to find an E30M3. However, after a couple of months of ownership, I realize it’s not exactly what I’m looking for the type of driving that I do, and it’s in too nice of a shape (and too original!) to want to start modifying. I’d rather pass it on to an enthusiast, and start with something less pristine. Note: AutoCheck report, which shows a mileage discrepancy around 1995/1996, with a ‘Not Actual Mile’ title issued at 92xxx Miles, then the purchase by the previous owner and then a clean ‘True Mile Title’ issued with 78,xxx Miles, which is what I hold. At a certain point Colorado does stop recording mileage on titles, but this doesn’t explain the numbers above. The price has been adjusted accordingly. That said, it appears the car either has 100K, or 114K miles on it, though it looks much cleaner and feels like a car with less.

The E36 M3 wheels are not my cup of tea (they remind me too much of the Franken-M3), they don’t look bad and are an easy change. Beyond that, this is a buyer’s M3 the likes of which, in this market, we can’t bet on ever seeing again.


Gorgeous 1989 E30 M3 Cabriolet Replica w/ S50

Like many enthusiasts, I’ve spent most of my life believing that convertibles are exclusively for hairdressers, midlife-crisisers, and the ignorant. Why would you sacrifice structural rigidity for some sunshine and windblown hair? Well, some seat time in a Z8 and a Miata (polar opposites as they may be) opened my mind about the open-top. If I could only have one car, it would never be a convertible, but if I could have a few, it might be ok to eschew lateral stiffness for some old-fashioned fun.

Case in point, today’s E30 M3 Cabriolet replica. Quick disclaimer: yes it’s a replica, but read the ad or check out the 48 page forum thread; it’s an extremely well done replica. No, it won’t be the track day star that an M3 coupe would be, but can you imagine how much fun it would be to bomb up a winding highway in this thing on a sunny day?

1989 E30 M3 Cabriolet Replica w/ S50

A most thorough from the creator/seller:

Up for an auction is my 1989 BMW M3 cabriolet replica. This is not like those look-a-like M3 replicas that you have seen on eBay or around. This project took me about 1.5 years to complete with “ABSOLUTLY NO-SHORTCUT OR EXPENSE SPARED ” approach. You have to see my car in person to appreciate the work I put into it. I spent about $50000 on this project.

The donor vehicle:
1989 BMW 325ic in Alpine White II/black leather interior, w/ only 87k miles.

Unlike most people who start such projects using a banged up or salvage donor, I wanted to do this project the right way. My idea of right way was to use a clean E30 325i convertible as a donor, so there would be no issue of body panels not lining up.

This 325ic was never involved in any accidents. The paint was original and all VIN# stickers were present (on the doors, fenders, quarter panels, hood and the trunk) before the start of the project. The car was so clean and nice that I really had a hard time to give the go ahead to the body shop. After all, it was a very nice and clean 325ic that is hard to find in that condition.

The Facility:
As I mentioned above, I wanted to do this project the right way and the right way always cost more. The body and paintwork was done at BMW Authorized Collision Center. In fact, the work was done just like factory and the BMW representative had to sign off on the work. They even ordered the original door jam VIN sticker from the factory and reattached it to the door jam.
The body shop guy who did the work had over 20 years of experience of working on BMW cars, especially the older BMWs such as E30.

The Parts:
Again, unlike the other E30 M3 cabrio projects, I decided to use brand new original European E30 M3 cabrio parts, except for the hood, the interior, the headlights, the suspension (US m3 suspension was used) and some other minor parts.

For example, I could have used the US M3 coupe fenders but these fenders are not a direct fit and they have to be modified. Or I could have used US M3 coupe bumpers but I choose to use brand new original European M3 bumpers because I didn’t want to bondo the side turn signal holes that are not in the Euro bumpers.

I also used the pictures and measurements from an original E30 M3 cabriolet that belonged to one of the forum members to replicate the door panels, consoles and the seats.

Bodywork: (everything were new unless stated otherwise)
E30 M3 cabriolet fenders, doors, quarter panels, bumpers (front bumper is from Euro Evo M3), side skirts, door sills, emergency brake lever, Euro grills, under carriage plastic covers (used from US M3 since they are NLA), etc.

US E30 M3 5 log suspension parts, modified by ground control into coil over with 450lbs front spring, 900Lbs rear springs, Koni adjustable shocks, Racing Dynamics Strut tower brace, cross brace, E36 M3 steering rack, front camber plates with the rear camber/toe adjustment. The handling is unbelievable! Even though I used 900 lbs springs in the back, the car is not bumpy. The handling is very tight and the car sticks to the road better than new BMWs.

Drive train and exhaust system.
US M3 S50 OBD-I engine with approx. 75K miles, E30 M3 drive shaft, new E34 M5 clutch, Dinan E36 M3 lightened flywheel, 3:25 LSD differential, new Z3 M coupe differential cover, new E36 M3 exhaust from Rouge Engineering with OEM E36 M3 catalytic converter (passes CA smog with no problem!). The motor swap was done properly and I had it certified by the State Of California inspection facility. The car can be taken to any smog facility and get it smoged because it has the state certification sticker in the door jam.

Sound System:
Alpine component speakers, Clarion FZ709 button-less touch sensitive head unit (for clean look) with bluetooth audio streaming, ipod/iphone connection, Sound Stream 5 channel amplifier and 2 x JL Audio subwoofer.

All leather interior, including the seats, consoles, door panels with shift knob. New OEM heated seats heating elements.

New AC compressor, custom AC hoses, custom made pedals, US M3 instrument panel with the original odometer swapped into it (the mileage is original), new OEM Evo M3 steering wheel, custom painted E39 BBS wheels with chrome rivets, German computer and overhead panel. High end Cliford Alarm system with windows modules (one touch up and down), tilt and proximity sensor.

Things that need attention: ( I have been very busy lately, otherwise I would have taken care of these minor issues. I may still take care of them if I get the chance around my busy schedule)

-The ground control suspension is known for squeaks and suspension noises so there are some noises from the suspension at low speeds.
-Instrument panel backlight comes and goes. It sometimes needs couple of tap to make it illuminate
-There is a rattle in the right door
-The top is original BMW top and in very good condition except for the rear windows that needs to be replaced. I have always driven the car with top down so it never bothered me but it is a reletively sheap fix since the rear window is zippered into the top so it is not that hard to replace it.

Apparently I’m not alone in thinking this car is pretty kickass, as 19 bidders have driven the price up to $27k with over 6 days left. It is without question the best-looking 3-series convertible I’ve ever seen, has been done beyond properly, and has less than 100k miles. I’d have to be a much richer man to think of dropping $30-40k here, but if I were adding a convertible to the stable, it’d be hard to think of a better choice than this one.


Restomod 1988 BMW E30 M3 S50 B32

Here we have a one of a kind restored M3. This Aston Martin green gem has had a complete overhaul. While the cosmetic touches, such as the paint and smoked lights on the outside and the custom work on the interior, make this a real looker, it is what is under the hood that makes this extra special. This car has the special S50 B32 inline six out of the Euro spec E36 M3. That engine comes mated to the six speed also from the E36.

While the car was stripped down to a shell a cage was welded in place, which may help with stiffness, but this car looks way too nice to take to the track. It is so fresh right now that is at that point where it is scary to drive because you know it is going to pick up that first stone chip at any moment.

Clearly a car that will be fantastic to drive and one that has been built up right. No hodge podge aftermarket parts bucket here. The seller won’t let this one go cheap. Currently bidding is over $20,000 with the reserve not met. The car is listed as having 40,000 miles, but it isn’t clear if that is on the engine or the chassis or how many miles have been covered since the conversion.

The seller offers many pictures of the build in the auction.


Low-mile, 2-owner perfect 1990 E30 M3

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like reiterating my unhealthy coveting of M3s. After posting a 530ix wagon with an auto, a car about as far from my bread-and-butter desires, I guess it’s a good time to get back to the basics.

This M3 is about as perfect an example as I’ve seen in a long time, and may just be as clean as you could find anywhere these days. With a low 73k miles and modifications limited to easily-reversible basics like great Racing Dynamics wheels and strut brace. The rest is beautiful, original, and untouched; this car has been doted upon in a good way. An inspiring rarity in the M3 market.

Similarly refreshing is an informative but concise description from the seller:

Up for bid is my 1990 BMW M3 E30. I’ve owned the car for approximately nine years and I’m only the second owner. I’ve enjoyed driving it from car show to car show as weather permitted during the summers. I have swapped out a couple items but I still have all the original equipment excluding the original wheels. The spare wheel and tire is original and has never been on the ground. I’ve added a front shock tower brace (Racing Dynamics bolt-in) I’ve changed the shifter knob and changed the headlights to european ellipsoid. The engine and suspension are in perfect running condition NEVER touched still in factory configuration! I have the original shift knob and headlights that will go with the car. The car spends it’s winter’s in heated storage.

Buy-it-Now is $21.5k, which seems fair considering the rare condition of this most desirable M car out there. All us E30 fanboys, this is the one we wish we could nab.


Classic car roulette? Sleeping BMW E30 M3 with no reserve

I’m not quite sure this car falls into the full on project car roulette category, but there is enough sketch to raise my eyebrow. However depending on where bidding ends up there could be a decent upside. It has been parked, sleeping (or is it hibernating in Canada?) for eight years.

This 1990 BMW M3 showed up with a sparse description on eBay with no reserve and a low for an M3 opening bid. The car is in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, the seller is in Taiwan.
The car is a Canadian model with 120,000 kilometers, 74,500 miles.
The seller is clearly motivated to sell the ride and seems responsive to the questions he’s been asked. He has owned the car for 18 years.

The sketchy factor comes into play when you see that the car has been parked since 2002 and that despite “new battery, spark plugs and etc last week. The engine started but car runs rough.” Apparently whatever falls under “etc.” did not fix the rough running. After letting a car sit for this long the problem could be as simple as bad gas or water in the tank or rust that clogged the fuel filter. The seller isn’t clear as to whether it ran rough before it was parked. [DANGER]

The original paint looks decent in the photos, but the seller says “needs work to make it shine again.” A good rubbing compound and a proper buff out could do wonders if it is just cloudy from sitting or even age crazing, however later in the responses to questions the seller says it needs new paint. The car also was broken into through the driver’s window and had the radio stolen.

There are only 4 small pictures included with the ad, and the hood isn’t even closed all the way on the only exterior shot that would show front panel alignment.

Hopefully this really is a case of an honest enthusiast who loved the car and wanted to keep it, but just can’t and needs a hurried sale. Our experience with minimalist, vague, seems too inexpensive, used car offerings does make it a necessity to be particularly skeptical thanks to a few shady folks. Honest or not expect to spend some time on this ride to get it sorted, I wouldn’t want to fly in and drive this find home. Who knows what the salty sea air of BC has done to the brakes.

The M3 comes with original rims as well as the 17″ Racing Dynamics wheels it currently sits on.

The bidding is up to $10,000. With the Canadian dollar strong against its American counterpart now, shopping up north isn’t inherently thought of as bargain hunting as it once was, but perhaps this is a deal in the making. If two folks feel they both have to spin the roulette wheel on this one I could see the bid price getting dangerously high for what may turn out to be trouble. On the other hand… wishful thinking doesn’t make this one out to be a basketcase like other beaten and customized into an inch of their life E30s we’ve seen. If you buy this let us know how it turns out.


Very clean, higher-mileage E30 M3 on eBay

It’s been a while since I’ve written an E30 M3 up, but on a bike ride yesterday I revisited a local example that’s nicely lowered on larger-but-period-correct BBSs and it got my M3 appetite going again. This led me to an M3 that looks respectable inside and out despite pushing 170k miles. An absence of rust throughout and a clean exterior make it worth checking out for any potential M3 buyer.

The seller gave lots of descriptive pictures but pretty worthless words. The biggest question here is how much the 170k-miles S14 has left in it. In reality, it’s going to need a rebuild anywhere from a week after it’s bought to 30k miles- soon. And that’s my biggest problem with the $16k starting price. The exterior and underbody seem clean, which is great, but it’s got the classic driver’s bolster wear on ALL of the seats, meaning this M3 has carted 4 people around more than most and will need full reupholstering at some point too. Looking at $7k for the rebuild and at least $1k for the interior this car is already pushing $25k for a clean bill of health. Despite the demand for and collectibility of these cars, I still think that’s too much for a baseline E30 M3. I still see the market as being $15k-$20k for a well-sorted and clean M3; with this many miles, I just don’t see how the seller can expect more than $12k for this car. I guess that’s why he has zero bids with 2 days left.

Personal preference note: you’ll also have to spend money to replace those ill-fitting wheels.


Sub-100k mile, no-reserve E30 M3 for sale

Among a strong pack of E30s on eBay at the moment, this one sticks out with its low mileage and no-reserve sale. Left in Nevada by an Aussie who never got around to exporting it (thankfully leaving 1 more available in the US!), it has been sitting in storage for 4 months and he needs to get rid of it. Looks like maintenance has been kept up with, though he mentions some rust spots in the trunk that are hopefully just surface and easily taken care of. Sub-100k mile examples are increasingly rare, and with no minimum cost, this could be a great opportunity.

It’s currently just past $10k, but with 5 days left I’d expect it to get a lot closer to $17-$20k being well taken care of, clean, and low miles. At $15k this would be a very solid deal. I know beggers shouldn’t be choosers, and I’m certainly the former, but my ideal E30 would carry a slightly different aesthetic; the grey on grey on grey is a bit boring for this homologated pocket rocket, and my least favorite E36 wheels are no better here. A wheel change would make this much more amenable to me and help mitigate the boring color choices. I guess most importantly, the clean exterior and nicely redone leather should be appreciated, and this M3 with plenty of life left in it should be snatched up and enjoyed.


Clean, heavily modified E30 M3

When I first saw this listing, I thought “here we go again,” yet another over-done, over the top M3. While the performance mods are certainly on the wilder end of the spectrum, further inspection showed an M3 that has tasteful aesthetics hiding a monster of an engine build. The builder seems to know his Bimmers with some previous features in Performance BMW magazine, so this engine-swap and turbo scares me a lot less than most.

document.write(”);1988 BMW M3 with turbo’d M52 for sale on eBay

The rundown:

The car is an 88 E30 M3 Alpine/Black with 139k on it. I got the car last year and since then have done some extensive modifications to the car.
M52 with Arp’s and .140MLS, the head has been ported/polished with a 3 angle valve job S52 cams. Precision Billet PT76GTS turbo, custom top-mount tubular manifold, Precision wastegate, 3″ intercooler, Walbro 255 in-tank feeding a Bosch 044, 3″ Downpipe to 4″exhaust. The car is running on Megasquirt 2V3 and gets 20+MPG on the highway and made 450WHP on a mustang dyno.

1996 ZF with Clutchmasters FX800 twin disc clutch with UUC Red mounts.

The whole suspension has been redone with new aluminum control arms, poly trailing arm/subframe bushings, Suspension Techniques swaybars, Ground Control coilovers with Bilstein shocks- spring rates are 650F 550R. Brakes are cross drilled with Hawk pads and stainless lines.

Fikse FM10 17×8 front and 17×9.5 rear with 265’s in back and wheel studs.

Sport Evo suede steering wheel, UUC weighted shift knob, Pioneer cd player that controls and charges your Iphone.

The car has a respray with minor chipping on the wheel wells from rolling the fenders, I would rate the paint 7/10. When the engine swap was done the engine bay was slightly shaved and repainted. The car has smoked ellipsoids with candy red tail-lights.

Overall it is a turnkey 450hp turn-key car that i would not hesitate to daily drive. If I decided to keep the car a new paint job would make the car 100%.

This is one of many BMW’s I have built, with my last being featured in Performance BMW magazine. That car was an E30 M3 with turbo E34 M5 engine that made 600WHP and was daily driven.

I love 80s BMWs in white on black wheels, and these Fikses look great. The buy-it-now of $25k seems about right for a premium, well-sorted E30 conversion, getting in it around $20k would be a great deal. Any engine swap in an E30 M3 is sacrilege to many, but at least it’s been done right and the beautiful lines have been left to do their thing without garish colors, giant wheels, or an overzealous wing. I dig it.