Site Updates and new “SOLD” Category

Good morning GCFSB fans!

Some astute readers may have noticed a change to the page yesterday. We introduced a new “SOLD” category with a link directly to all the cars that have recently sold in the header:

Each listing should contain an update with what we found was the sold price highlighted and hyperlinked to the auction/sale format. This was done because it’s frankly difficult to stay on top of updating all of the cars that sell to the archives. The archives will remain, but this allows us to update you with what has recently sold in real time. It also allows us to easily make adjustments if the buyer falls through and the car is relisted; something that was not as easy with the last format. We do our best to keep on top of these sales, but if you note that a car sold before we do (or if it is relisted!), please feel free to chime in on the comments section of each post. We love to hear from you and your opinions on the cars, whether you think we’re right or wrong!

As always, thank you for following our site and we look forward to the next ‘find’!


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  1. How about including the VIN in your blog entries?

    I bet some buyers out there would appreciate being able to discover what has been written about a vehicle they are considering.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, @ace10. We’ve thought about it previously and I’ll bring it back up to the round table. Thanks for following!

  3. Yeah, VIN on the blog listings would be nice for previous sale listings going forward if not too difficult.

  4. Happy October! We’re taking your advice and adding the VINs in the listings!

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