Motorsport Mondays: 2000 BMW 328Ci S54 Swap

I’ve recently been undergoing a bit of an exetential crisis about the status of my track car for the last 16 years – my Audi Coupe GT. True, it’s an impressive car on track – especially considering it shouldn’t be an impressive car on track. But the reality is that it’s now a 28 year old car that I’ve had to extensively modify to make it reasonable as a track car. When I was at the track, I jumped into a friend’s S2000; with only minor modifications, out of the box the way the car went through turns was so pleasing and fun, it made me wonder why I’m continuing to do things the hard way. Now, honestly as fun as the S2000 was, it’s not really my cup of tea and I don’t think I’d buy one. But, I could definitely be convinced that a BMW 3 series – a perennial track favorite – and today’s example is a pretty compelling package:

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