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1982 Mercedes-Benz 380SEC Euro-Spec

While I can’t say that I’m much of a fan of current Mercedes-Benz products, driving down the road the other day I stumbled across a European specification 500SEC. Now, W126s amazingly aren’t an uncommon sight by me, perhaps a testament to their build quality and enduring appeal. But that big coupe that I saw just stood out – it was as if 18-odd feet of 1985 had been transported back in time. Unlike many of the beaten and tired looking SELs that clatter along the street, a subtle V8 burble crept from under the hood of this pristine time capsule. It was shiny and looked near new and was a reminder of days gone by. Is the W126 Coupe the best looking Mercedes-Benz? Not by a long shot, at least to me. But the package which is the SEC may be one of the best, balancing comfort, style, speed and dependability with affordability. Add the Euro-spec items to that list, and the package is a home run:

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