1990 E30 Cabrio with M3 body

We’ve discussed the merits of E30 Cabriolets made to look like M3s before. As I touched on last time, I prefer to approach reproductions like this from a more objective, ignorance-is-bliss angle than I do with most classic cars. For starters, hacking up a standard E30 convertible is no bad thing in my book. I don’t know how many were produced, but I’m sure there are enough to play with without offending the BMW provenance gods. So when I see a project like this, I try to push my preconceptions about E30 M3s out of my brain and open my eyes to a fantastic-looking convertible. Today’s is not gifted with the S50 of the last one but the stock-and-sturdy M20 2.5l. A great swap would put this on a different level, but for now I just can’t stop looking at the damn thing. Objectively, it is one beautiful little convertible.

1990 BMW 325i Cabriolet with M3 body for sale on eBay

Let me start by saying that I’ve owned and built quite a number of BMW e30 convertibles (check my gallery above). This particular example offered for sale in this Ebay listing has to be one of the best out of them all. This is a very clean, meticulously maintained, restored and tastefully modified e30! It was owned by a female owner who took care and maintained this convertible religiously! The car is very tight, free of any interior or exterior shakes/noises. This is rare for e30 convertibles, with the top closed the car feels almost like a coupe but to truly experience it, put the top down and enjoy this topless beauty!

NO RUST ! NO DINGS ! NO DAMAGE ! I have original maintenance receipts for this car, it was always maintained by the BMW dealer!

This e30 convertible should have no problems passing California smog test as there were no aftermarket modifications to the engine, intake or exhaust! Everything works ! I have all books and manuals for this automobile !

ICE COLD A/C works on all settings !

Body: Complete e30 M3 conversion including Front Bumper (Euro Evo III style – no side markers, Custom Shave, Brake Vents, Porsche Rennline Tow hook, Evo II front lip, Evo III style hood seals), e30 M3 front fenders, e30 M3 side skirts, e30 M3 rear bumper (Euro Evo III style – no side markers), F/G e30 M3 rear quarter panels, BMW e30 325iS coupe trunk. Custom Silver metallic paint job – only the best materials were used – primer, paint, clear. Brand New Smoked Euro style smiley Headlights with city lights, Brand New Euro front grills ! Front turn signal indicators and rear taillights have been re-cleared and look new ! Convertible top was replaced some time ago, the top does not leak, rear window is clear ! This convertible looks amazing in person!

Interior: Sport leather interior in excellent condition – no rips or damage, heated front seats, re-covered in new leather rear seat. ZHP shift Knob, Motorsport new leather shift boot. Premium Sound system, Brand New Sony CD/iPod/Iphone player with external plug for connection and removable face. New OEM Amplifier (replaced by the dealer), Avital alarm system with 2 remote controls and LED scanner (you can lock/unlock the doors remotely). Excellent dashboard, Excellent carpet, original BMW mats!

Engine/Suspension/Brakes: The engine has always been maintained (receipts available)! Full tune-up including the Timing belt, Water Pump, tensioner, spark plugs, wires, gaskets, seals and water hoses has been done. Rare BMW Motorsport valve covered (black powder coated) Brand New brakes all around ! (New rotors, pads, sensors, brake fluid flush). Brand New steering rack with warranty ! New Battery ! Recent maintenance included: new idle control valve, valve cover gasket, new rear wheel bearings, new front control arms, off-set bushings. New Bilstein sport shocks and Eibach lowering springs! Exhaust has been replaced ! 5 speed swap with brand new clutch, rear main seal, bearing and clutch slave cylinder ! Everything is in excellent condition! 17″x 8″ BBS RC090 style 5s wheels, powdercoated black, new bolts, new tires, new Carbon Fiber BBS center caps!

There’s no overdone show-car interior or ICE, just a sexy convertible that would be a blast for some coastal top-down days. I covet those BBSes, but get that tow-hook outta here. Swapping out the M20 would surely make it even more fun, but that can be your addition to this project. I’d just make sure there was zero reference of ///M on the car at all and enjoy the car for the what it is.

Starting at $7k, it’s hard to tell what builders want to get out of their projects. The kit definitely makes it worth more than a standard E30 cabriolet, but I still can’t see it going over $10k.


2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

I’ll admit, I’m one of those Porsche 911 fanatics. I’ve never owned one, but certainly plan to before I leave this earth. The new for 2012 911 is still growing on me. I think it looks a bit more sleek from the front angle and the 7-speed manual gearbox is certainly unique. But I think the rear end is a bit too busy with the Porsche script and all of the ones I’ve seen in person have the PDK gearbox. I know, before everyone says it, I know this gearbox is more efficient and faster off the line, but I’m still one of those die hard enthusiasts that prefers to swap cogs myself in a sports car. This 911 Carrera S Cabriolet for sale in Ohio has the PDK but I am smitten with the color combination, even if the interior could be considered a bit outlandish with all that red.

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet on JamesList

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S, 2,100 original miles. Perfect, one owner car, Agate Gray Metallic over Carrera Red, PDK transmission, Premium Package Plus, Carbon fiber steering wheel, carbon trim Deviating stitching (cream) throughout AMAZING color combination! We’ve seen our share of 911s in all sorts of colors, but this one really stands out. The way the Agate Metallic integrates with the Carrera Red interior and top is simply classic. That those finishes are draped over a gorgeous new 991 doesn’t hurt, either! You COULD have a new 991 S cab for around $109,000, but you could have this one, loaded with options, for just a few dollars more. Power Steering Plus, Premium Package Plus with 14 way heated and cooled seats, 20 inch wheels, sport exhaust, extended leather and deviating stitching as far as the eye can see. This car is optioned very, very well.

I think the seller has a point in this advertisement. What’s another $15,000 to $20,000 in options when you are spending six figures anyway? This 911 is well equipped, but it also has me longing for Porsche to make a more simple version for the more serious enthusiast. But, being Porsche, I bet they would charge more for less. Still, I am loving the combination of Agate Gray with the red canvas top and red leather. It makes me think that the new 911 is about as close to a timeless machine that is made currently.


1996 BMW 328i Convertible

While the E36 BMW M3 certainly moved the sport compact sedan game forward, there were plenty of other great machines within this 3 series generation that rarely get their due respect. The venerable E30 convertible soldiered on until 1993, when its replacement arrived. Offered in 318i and 325i trim, the E36 convertible was an instant hit and offered an optional hardtop for those colder climates. Initially offered as a 318i (1.9 liter, 138 hp) or the 325i (2.5 liter, 189 hp), the six cylinder variant was upgraded for 1996 to a 2.8 liter engine. This larger six produced only one additional horsepower but packed a bit more torque – 210 lb. ft. versus 181 for the 325i. These days, used E36 convertibles are plentiful and can be had on the cheap. The problem is most are automatic (I prefer three pedals) and most are clapped out, high mileage examples with a multitude of problems.

This 328i convertible for sale in Tennessee, though, has but 53,000 miles on the clock, has obviously been cared for and most importantly, has the 5-speed manual gearbox.

1996 BMW 328i Convertible on eBay

Up for sale is my 5 speed, Calypso Red 1996 BMW 328ic convertible (with both soft & hardtop). It only has 53,442 original miles on it! As you can see from the pics, it’s in excellent shape. The paint is beautiful, the interior is immaculate! The car has never been in an accident and has been babied it’s entire life. Everything is original in the car with the exception of professionally tinted windows (which are needed here in the South). The paint is in fantastic shape. Still very deep and glossy.

The black leather interior all original and beautiful too. There are no holes, cracks, tears etc in any of the leather. The carpet shows no signs of wear at all. The A/C blows very cold and all electronics work (with the exception of the power convertible top). The original owner paid $2295 for the painted hard top, and I believe kept it on the car the entire time. The power top does not work for some reason. The motor looks fine (and brand new). It could be the power top switch or even a fuse. I have not had time to have it checked out. I travel 4 weeks a month now and use a rental car when I’m not flying, so I have no need for a personal car any longer. Here is your chance to own a car with only 53K original miles, that listed new for $47,545, for just a fraction of the price. Furthermore, it’s one of the most beautiful, sought after BMWs of all time! Please look at my feedback score and bid with confidence. I have worked hard to keep a 100% satisfaction with eBay! The car is listed locally, and I reserve the right to end the auction early. Thanks for looking.

Please look at the pics that shows a copy of the car’s original sticker for all options. Here is a break down of upgrade options on this car:

Base Car: $41,330
Sports Pkg: $1275
Heated Seats & Mirrors: $500
Hardtop: $2295
All Season Traction (ASC+T): $1100
Metallic Paint: $475

Most six-cylinder E36 convertibles in mint condition can be had these days for between $7,000 to $12,000. At around $10,000 with a few days left in the auction, we’re right about on the money. While this isn’t the most sporting of 3 series, the manual gearbox makes for a more involved drive, especially on those pleasant spring days or during the early fall, when you are enjoying an unobstructed view of the scenery that comes with top down motoring.


1993 Mercedes-Benz 300CE Cabriolet

After a production hiatus from the early 1970s on, Mercedes-Benz tried its hand once again at a four place convertible with the introduction of the E class cabriolet in 1991. When the 300CE cabriolet arrived in the US, it cost a staggering $76,500 in 1993 money. For this, you got a 24 valve, 217 horsepower inline six cylinder mill mated to a four speed automatic transmission and an innovative roll bar that consisted of two headrests that extended out at .03 seconds in the event of a roll over. There when you need them, hidden when you don’t. This 1993 300CE represents the first year this open top E class went on sale in the US and has a distinctly nautical feel about it in white with a blue canvas convertible top.

1993 Mercedes-Benz 300CE Cabriolet on eBay

1993 Mercedes 300CE with only actual 52800 actual miles. This car has been very well cared for. Everything works as it should. There are no dents or dings. It just finished a 1500 mile trip with no problems whatsoever. These cars are very rare and finding one in this condition is
very hard to do. You can fly into OKC and we will pick you up and you can drive it home. It gets a lot of attention and is very fun to drive.

While some may prefer the later model W124 with its flush mounted grill and updated headlamps, I don’t particularly mind the earlier look of this 1993 model. Present day, these W124 cabriolets bring strong money. You’ll have no trouble finding a good example of a 300CE/E320 with under 50,000 miles in good condition, but be prepared to shell out good money for one. Anywhere between $17,000 to $25,000 will net you a very clean driver with mileage anywhere from 40,000 to 70,000 on average. Anything with under 40,000 miles in museum quality condition may run you close to the $30,000 mark. Asking prices over $30,000 can be considered a bit over the top. This 300CE, then, is priced very nicely for someone to enjoy what was the rebirth of four place open roofed motoring for Mercedes-Benz.


Theme Week: 1998 Audi Cabriolet

The Audi Cabriolet was a rather unremarkable vehicle in the history of Audi, but nonetheless one worth highlighting. Seemingly as generic as its name implies, the Cabriolet was based on the B3 chassis, which was introduced in 1987 and featured design language that would carry Audi into the next century. Sold in some markets until 2000, this 1998 example represents the last year the Cabriolet was sold new in the US market. With its 172 horsepower, 2.7 liter V6 engine mated to a four speed automatic, it never set the world on fire with performance, but it struck a restrained, handsome pose. Even though Princess Diana sported one for a while in the 1990s, few people stateside took notice of Audi’s open roofed offering, opting for more exciting versions from companies like Saab and BMW at the time. As a result, these open roofed Audis can be had for not much cash, this example for sale in Long Island being one of them.

1998 Audi Cabriolet on eBay

1998 Audi Cabriolet VIN# WAUAA88G4WN001789 Black/Tan. This a very rare super clean Audi Cabriolet with only 86k original miles. The car runs, drives and looks great. Plus it has a Power Soft Top, Leather, Wood Trim, Premium Package and more. And we just serviced (for over $1,300) the car so it’s ready to go for the summer!

I have a soft spot for the Audi Cabriolet, which most likely comes from my attraction to obscure automobiles. Most of these Cabriolets have been driven hard or scrapped by now, so it’s nice to see a clean one like this surface. While it’s missing the Audi badge on the trunk, everything else looks pretty tidy. I’d say almost $6,000 is pushing it in terms of value. About $1,000 to $1,500 less would be just about right.


1990 Porsche 944 Cabriolet

The last 944 we featured sold almost as fast as I posted it. No surprise, given that car’s pedigree and price. Enthusiasts seem to be waking up to the fact that the 944 is a great way of easing into the realm of Porsche ownership. One of our readers, Paul, mentioned he was on the hunt for a red 944 Cabriolet and coincidentally, I stumbled across one this evening. This is possibly one of the lowest mileage examples you’ll ever find. I was always a bigger fan of the hardtop, but this cabriolet in red with a pristine black leather interior and the all important 5-speed manual gearbox is a stunning example of a uncommon al fresco Porsche motoring.

1990 Porsche 944 Cabriolet on AutoTrader

If you’re looking for a time-machine 944 Cab to drive and enjoy, this is your car. I am the second owner and it’s my fourth 944. I’ve only owned the car for a short time – the original owner had it until the end of February 2012. There’s no such thing as a perfect used car (run screaming from anyone who says their used car is perfect), but this car looks and performs just as one would expect of a lovingly owned 22 year old Porsche with 12k miles. The body is straight as a pin, the paint looks fantastic, the CarFax and AutoCheck are clean, and I can find no evidence of paintwork.

I just performed a timing belt service on the car and installed a new Porsche battery, the Dunlop tires have so few miles that they still have the factory paint in the tread grooves. It’s bone stock – no mods. Cosmetically, it has a handful of tiny chips, there’s some light scuffing at the bottom of the front bumper cover, and some stitching on the passenger seat has unraveled in the place it always does on 944s. A couple of the wheels have some light curb rash on the lip. The top looks and functions just as it should. I love the car, but bought it on a whim (how often do you get the chance to buy a 12k mile 944?). The problem is I also have a 1988 Carrera 3.2, a Rover, and a 2011 Z4 competing for garage space and I can’t be a proper steward for all of them at once. I have the manuals, records of the major services, a gaggle of keys, boot cover, wheel lock key, a Porsche indoor cover, and both the top wrenches. I’m happy to email the AutoCheck, CarFax, and records of the major services on request. Title is clean, lien free, and in-hand.

The owner has provided quite a comprehensive review of his car. Anyone who points out something as small as minor curb rash is certainly paying full time and attention to the details. Hagerty is listing values of good to excellent 944 Cabriolets from $17,000 to $26,000. It’s rare that any 944 commands over $20,000 these days, but this is no ordinary 944. If the owner is willing to deal and a bit could be knocked off the asking price, this could be a practical classic worth having.


1995 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

The last air-cooled 911, known internally as the 993, is revered amongst the Porsche faithful. This generation had its run while the sun was setting on the front engined Porsche 968 and 928 and the mid-engined Boxster was being introduced. A variety of improvements were made over the previous generation, the 964, most notably a new look, accentuated by headlights slanted at a steeper angle for better aerodynamics and a sleeker rear end. Underneath was a new multi-arm suspension in the rear. Along with a wider track, handling was greatly improved. The 3.6 liter flat six cylinder engine now produced 270 horsepower and was mated to either a 6-speed manual or 4-speed Tiptronic transmission.

Just in time for summer, our reader Joshua forwarded us his Aventurine Green 993 Cabriolet for sale via a broker in the San Francisco Bay Area.

1995 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

I am the second owner and have all records from new. Just before putting the car up for sale the brakes – genuine Porsche pads and rotors – have been replaced front and rear as well as the steering rack. A lightweight flywheel and new clutch were installed about 10k ago, along with rebuilt top end and new pistons and cylinders (due to oil loss from bad valve guides). 60k service items taken care of at time of motor work. About 15k on new Bilstein shocks and euro Porsche sport springs and sway bars. Car is well cared for, with attention to detail, such as worn carpet replaced and recent engine lid shocks. Top shows some wear, but is water tight.

The 993 is one of the most highly prized 911s these days, no doubt in part to the lukewarm reception its successor, the 996, received upon its arrival in 1998. Like the BMW M Roadster we featured last week, this color combination may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the deep blue green accented by red leather does it for me. I find that most manufacturers these days lack imagination and nerve to offer much of anything outside of the usual silver, black and white. This two owner 911 is presented well, has reasonable mileage and had attention paid in the servicing department. A 993 Cabrio in good nick with 50,000 to 75,000 miles can pull anywhere from the high $20,000 range and reach close to $40,000, give or take. With two owners and 56,000 miles, the asking price of $33,900 seems to be right in the sweet spot of reasonable offers. Like earlier 911s such as the SC and 3.2, I’d say a 993 like this is a good way to get into a future classic that may have a shot at seeing meaningful appreciation.


1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet

Following on to the E320 Estate we featured not long ago, here’s that car’s open roofed sibling, the E320 Cabriolet. With exception of the 500E/E500 which was sold from 1992-1994 in the US, this particular W124 variant is the Mercedes that holds its value best of that mid 1990s era. Even comparable SLs have a hard time bringing the same kind of numbers. This particular car for sale in Georgia is unreal. It appears to have been stashed away in a collection, racking up just under 6,000 miles. While it’s fairly easy to find these cars with around 20,000 to 30,000 miles, I’ve seen very few under the 10,000 mark. This, then, is quite the unique opportunity.

1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet on eBay

A 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet with only 5k miles. This beautiful E320 is Imperial Red over Parchment hides. This hand crafted W124 Mercedes is in museum collector condition. The paint is perfect, no chips or scratches and all original. The wheels are perfect and have never been repaired or painted. The interior is flawless with no wear. The tires are completely brand new including the spare. The spare was replaced with a new tire as well due to time. All the service is up to date including a brand new battery. This stunning cabriolet is a one owner vehicle and was purchased new on September 6, 1995 by the original owner and then later transferred ownership to his spouse. All paperwork including original MSO from 1995 comes with the vehicle. It is mechanically sound and would be great for a collection or daily driver. This E320 is the finest example of all original E320 we have ever seen.

This car transports me right back to 1995. The engine bay is spotless, there is no visible wear on the seats or leather wrapped steering wheel and the paint has such depth it looks like you could dive right in. While nothing substitutes for inspecting a car in person, this E320 appears to be the nicest example I’ve seen since I was back in high school and these things were still rolling out of the factory. The price, however, almost made me shed a tear. The best E320 Cabriolet these days may sell in the low $30,000 territory. Cresting $40,000 is pushing the envelope. Or is it? Personally, if I was in the position to do so and could grab this car for around $35,000, I’d pull the trigger. Why? Consider the current E Class Cabriolet. While it may come with a warranty and be more advanced technically speaking, it starts at over $57,000. And honestly, for that money, it can’t match the timelessness and old school quality of the 1995 model.


I’ve Got The Itch: 1996 Porsche 993 Cabriolet For Sale

I have had this thing going on in the back of my head, my wife calls it “the voices.”  Well they have been strong and they want another Porsche.  I am guessing it is a 993, preferably a soft top, you know because Oregonians get so much sun.  Something a little like this…

1996 Porsche 993 Cabriolet:

From the seller –

“Stunning 1996 993 Convertible Low miles, Rebuilt Engine less than 1K miles ago, Rare Color combo.

Very nice paint and super clean Chestnut Brown Interior.

Beautiful 1996 Porsche 993 911 C2 Convertible. Polar Silver metallic with Chestnut Brown leather interior. Only 77,XXX original miles. 6 Speed manual transmission, AC with climate control, keyless entry, 18 turbo Chrome twists wheels, cruise control Porsche, 6-CD changer aluminum gauges star shield on hood supple leather seats. Includes Manuals, Receipts and service records, Original Tool wrap, Air Pump and chestnut brown Convertible to Cover.

Engine was rebuilt less than 1K miles ago, Runs excellent, Fresh brakes and Clutch.
Rebuilt included, all new bearings, full head job including guides, chains, rails, ect.

$37,000 obo

911, 930, 993 trades welcomed.”

Neat car, I love the interior but this is coming from someone that owned a SLK with a similar color treatment.  It looks to be in wonderful condition and will treat the new owner very well.

The question I have is, why did the motor go at 76k miles?  I know it is a Porsche and there really is no rhyme or reason to these sorts of things.  But the fallacy is that the air cooled motors are more reliable than those new fangled water cooled engines.

Guess not!

All things being equal I would rather have a rebuilt motor than one in questionable shape I suppose.  At $37k it is no bargain but it is one of the last of the air cooled 911’s with a rebuilt motor, in a rare color combination, in very nice shape.

This does nothing to calm the voices.


1991 Porsche 944S2 Cabriolet

Even though they were somewhat derided by Porsche purists at the time, the 944 and 968 are getting a second look these days, no thanks in part to the fact you now have Porsche SUVs and sedans roaming the planet. One of the rarer versions of the 944 was the S2 Cabriolet, which was sold only in 1990 and 1991. The S2 version of the 944 brought a revised engine and gearbox, along with subtle styling updates. These 944 Cabriolets are a great way to enjoy open air Porsche motoring on a budget.

1991 Porsche 944S2 Cabriolet on eBay

1991 Porsche 944 S2. Fresh service, new timing belt, new water pump. Electric top. Low miles, 90% remaining on tires. Great first Porsche!

The ad’s description is rather sparse, but from the looks of things, this appears to be a rather honest, unmolested 944 Cabriolet. From the clean interior, original Blaupunkt radio and tidy engine bay, this car is making the right noises for me. I’ve always wanted a 944 or 968, but to be honest, I’ve always had my sights set on the hardtop. This car is making me rethink that preference.