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2004 BMW M3 Individual with 31,000 Miles

I’ve been on a bit of a tear recently regarding rarity. There seem to be far too many unusual color combinations that were seldom ordered and sellers pick that “1 of x” point as their badge of honor regarding the specialness of the car. Okay, so some of those combinations are pretty neat, and indeed some of the cars are quite rare – like last week’s Pre-Production Evergreen and Kayalami M Roadster. It was a car custom ordered to someone’s taste from the available options, and as a result it’s neat as an oddity but not the most attractive color combination. I understand the point – if I was going to go buy a brand new car from any manufacturer, I’d want to assure that my example of a mass produced car was just a bit different than what everyone else had. What better way than to custom-order a color out of specification, such as today’s 2004 E46 M3 finished in Dakar Yellow by BMW Individual:


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2000 BMW M Roadster with 38,000 Miles

We’ve been sitting here at GCFSB in half wonder and half horror, watching the E30 market explode. It probably shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise; the E30 has always enjoyed a loyal following, it’s a smart looking design with an enthusiastic aftermarket, sourcing replacement parts is easy and the performance is quite good. But the days of owning the best of the bunch – the E30 M3 – have slipped through the fingers of most who didn’t jump on the bandwagon early. So what’s an enthusiast to do? Well, truth be told there are plenty of desirable options, some with some real long-term potential as collectable. One of the most affordable right now is the first generation M Roadster; offering the stellar S52 engine in a fun to drive platform, a good example can be had for well under $20,000, such as today’s low mile Dakar Yellow example:

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