2004 MINI Cooper S MC40

Almost five years on, every time I slip behind the wheel of my 2006 MINI Cooper S, it still puts a smile on my face. I remember the first time I drove one of these supercharged pocket rockets almost a decade ago. I thought to myself “someday, you’ll be mine.” After four years of running a 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230, I finally had enough of the 7-speed automatic AKA the gearbox with a personality disorder. I was lusting after something more fun, and with a manual gearbox. And seeing how much my father enjoyed his 2002 MINI Cooper, I went to work in search of a final year R53 Cooper S. It’s been a fairly trouble free ownership experience and I don’t see myself selling it anytime soon.

Two years before the R53 hardtop disappeared, MINI payed homage to their past with the Cooper S MC40. Dedicated to Mini’s historic win at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, this car was equipped with the Sport Package, driving lights, special interior trim, magnetic body decals and a numbered plaque with Paddy Hopkirk’s signature. One color was offered, Chili Red with a White roof. This MC40 for sale in Florida has just over 60,000 miles. Even with the limitless color and trim combinations MINI offers, this special edition is a good way to stand out from the crowd.

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2006 MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works GP

$_57 (1)

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a full decade since the first generation of the reborn MINI Cooper has passed. Four years ago I made the fateful choice to sell my 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sport for a low mileage 2006 Cooper S. I haven’t looked back. It’s been a fantastic ownership experience and a car that suits my needs quite well. I choose a 2006 Cooper S because it was the final year for the Brasilian sourced Tritec supercharged engine. The first time I got behind the wheel of an R53 Cooper S I was hooked. The engine was punchy, had torque in every gear and, oh, that whine from the blower under the bonnet. In an age where a lot of newer cars seem to just blend together, this little car had serious character.

For the R53’s final year, MINI would introduce a special run of 2000 Cooper S models, with the John Cooper Works package labeled the “GP.” This was a very focused, track ready beast built in Italy by Bertone, sans rear seat with some other weight savings measures and a higher output motor. The sole color choice was Thunder Blue with red door mirror caps, carbon fiber rear wing and unique four-spoke alloys. This Cooper S JCW GP for sale in Miami has done just over 40,000 miles and is ready to tackle any curve you could throw at it.

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2006 MINI Cooper S GP

Quintessentially British, the MINI has BMWs fingerprints all over it and thus, is a welcome addition in the usual GCFSB roundup. Yours truly is an R53 Cooper S owner. For four years, the car has had very few issues and has been a pleasantly fun and trusty motoring sidekick. I’ve never grown tired of driving it and the power delivery by the supercharger makes this 1.6 liter feel a lot mightier than its displacement would suggest. At the end of the R53 run, MINI unleashed a special version, the Cooper S GP. Only 2,000 examples were produced, which featured no rear seats, reduced sound deadening, optional A/C and a few other weight savings measures. One color was available, Thunder Blue with a Pure Silver roof with the serial number on the roof and dashboard. This particular GP for sale in Virginia is a low production number and was brought to our attention from our reader Walker.

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2004 Mini Cooper S MC40

By now, everyone is familiar with BMW’s revival of the Mini marque a little more than a decade ago. While they retained the bulldog stance of the traditional Mini, the new MINI was clearly a more grownup version of the car. It had gotten a bit bigger, put on a little weight, and added some strength (more power). But even in its larger form, the car has remained an absolute hoot to drive. Its short wheelbase allows it to transition easily through switchbacks and the steering has a nice weight to it that is uncommon in many FWD cars. It was that short wheelbase that made the original Mini a surprisingly successful rally car in the ’60s, winning the Monte Carlo rally three times from 1964-1967 (in 1966 the Mini won, but was disqualified). To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its original win, BMW produced the MC40, a limited production Cooper S that featured a variety of cosmetic additions in celebration of Mini’s racing history. The car we have here, located in Houston, is #336/1000 and has retained all of the various MC40 additions.


Year: 2004
Model: Cooper S MC40
Engine: 1.6 liter supercharged inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 85,403 mi
Price: Reserve auction (Buy It Now $9,900)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2004 Mini Cooper S MC40 on EBay

Totally unmolested MC40. #336 of 1000 produced to commemorate the 40th anniversary of MINI’s historic win at Monte Carlo. The MC40 package was a $7000 option that included….

Carbon Dash
Special 2 piece BBS alloys
Headlight washers
Driving Lights
Xenon Head lights
Special alloy shift knob
Commenorative badging including the licence plate 33 EJB
Plaque indicating number of car of the 1000 produced
One off red and black leather interior
Stability and traction control

Most of these cars have been chopped up, commemorative badging removed, etc as many do not realise the significance of the ocassion. This car was manufactured for North America only. This is an honest unmolested original with a few imperfections that I have not touched so the car can speak for itself. Very reluctant sale due to job change.


This isn’t a low mileage car, but at 85,000 miles it isn’t terribly high mileage either. MINIs have retained their value pretty well and an original version of a limited production car should do even better. For a driver who simply would like a fun car to drive, the MC40 additions shouldn’t be of much significance as they are principally cosmetic. With that said, presuming the car comes through with a good PPI, the Buy It Now of $9,900 is in the ballpark for MINI prices even for a buyer who cares little about the limited nature of this edition.


2006 MINI Cooper GP

This year, MINI unleashed the second generation John Cooper Works GP, which is a no-nonsense, limited edition, track ready version of their popular Cooper S. At over $40,000 including destination charges, you really have to want the fastest MINI on the block to justify the massive price differential over the regular S and Works model. The first generation GP was a tad bit cheaper, and now it’s possible to snag one for even less. This GP for sale in San Francisco is #850 and has covered a little over 80,000 miles.


Year: 2006
Model: Cooper S GP
Engine: 1.6 liter supercharged inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 83,321 mi
Price: No reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2006 MINI Cooper GP on eBay

Selling for no reserve. No mini-mum 🙂 floor amount. Final bid wins…

Rare 2006 Mini Cooper GP #850 with 83k miles. One owner. No accidents. Purchased new from Concord Bmw on 11/7/2006. Paid over 5k over MSRP at the time. All stock and original condition. Only 2000 cars were made worldwide and 415 units for US market. They are rare! It has 215HP and a top speed of 146mph. Only recently changed suspension last month to full Bilstein PSS9 adjustable suspension. Also last month installed 4 new Michelin Pilot Sport tires 215/40R18.

All services were performed at Mini Dealerships or independent mini specialist. Services are up to date. Just also installed new heater core. Paint is excellent condition. Interior is excellent. Non smoker and no pets. Drivers seat fabric shows some wear.

Car has very cold AC. Factory heated seats. Medium window tint on all windows. Bilstein PSS9 is fully adjustable. Settings are set in the middle for daily driving comfort. Easily adjustable without removal of any parts. I have stock suspension if buyer wants to have it back.

Car runs and drives amazing. People love this car and give me thumbs up all the time. Its very fast and very nimble especially with the Bilstein suspension. Never been tracked or raced.

Clean title in hand. Email for more info. Seller has right to cancel auction early.

Interesting facts
Assembled in Bertone, Italy from a “body-in-white” kit manufactured at the MINI plant in Oxford, England
The most powerful first generation production engine, with John Cooper Works upgrade, further boosted to approx 215hp / 180ftlb torque
Weight savings of almost 100lb by removing the rear seat and substituting aluminum rear control arms
Unique “Thunder Blue” body color, with silver roof and contrasting red mirror caps
Unique aero kit, including carbon fiber rear “wing” spoiler and underbody panelling for improved aerodynamics
Unique 18″ lightweight wheels
Unique “anthracite” speedometer & rev counter dial


As an R53 Cooper S owner, I’m not thrilled at the lineup expansion towards cars like the Countryman cute ute. But, similar to Porsche, if it maintains the brand’s future viability, I guess I’ll have to put up with it. For me, I’ll stick with the original and variations thereof, like the GP. Of all the R53 Cooper S models, the GP is the most prized, due mainly to its rarity. Only 2,000 were produced. If this car had 50,000 miles or under, you’d be looking at strong money, say around $20,000 to $25,000. Closing in on 100,000, I’d suspect this one will bring a little bit of a premium over clean, plain wrapper R53s, say around $15,000 to $17,000.


2006 MINI Cooper S Dinan

A little more than two years on, I’m still enamored with my 2006 MINI Cooper S. I was lucky to stumble upon my Astro Black (dark metallic blue) R53 at a used car lot outside of Philadelphia with a scant 33,000 miles on the clock. I am just about to turn 45,000 miles, because I take public transport to work, using the car simply on weekends and road trips. Every time I get behind the wheel, this car puts a smile on my face in every gear.

Since 2006, the MINI lineup has grown a lot larger, much to some purists’ chagrin. Like the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne, I understand cars like the MINI Countryman and Paceman have their time and place, but for me, only a Cooper will do. We haven’t featured an R53 in a while here on GCFSB, but this Cooper S for sale in Florida has some nice Dinan upgrades and is making the right noises.

Year: 2006
Model: Cooper S Dinan
Engine: 1.6 liter supercharged inline four
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 72,000
Price: $14,900

2006 MINI Cooper S Dinan on BMW CCA Classifieds

Stunning example of the last year supercharged R53. Fully optioned: Cold weather pkg, Premium pkg, Sport pkg, limited slip differential, HK sound plus more. 206 HP Dinan S2/S3 upgrades, too numerous to list. Outstanding condition. Second owner, have owned for six years. CA car since new, no accidents or repaint. Never raced, tracked or abused. Complete documented maintenance records. Email for full fact sheet. See 36 photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24088817@N08/sets/72157632842957629/

When I bought my Cooper S in early 2011, I paid just a hair over $15,000. My car is a base Cooper S without the Sport Package or Premium Package, but it does have the Cold Weather Package. The mileage on my car is still much lower than this example, but in all honesty, this souped up Cooper S certainly looks just as mint as mine. I’d say this car’s extra features and power are evened out by the lower mileage on my car. So after two years then, we’re just about even when it comes to depreciation? Probably not. But at this asking price, we’re not that far off. I’m guessing this car would probably shift for somewhere between $13,500 to $14,500.


2004 MINI Cooper S MC40

Part of the allure of the MINI is the level to which one can personalize their car to stand out from the crowd. From roof graphics to wheels, the possibilities for kitting your car out are endless. Along with accessories, MINI has been known for the special edition versions. Variants such as the Park Lane, Mayfair and Mary Quandt editions were offered on the original Mini, and we have seen versions such as the Sidewalk and Camden with the new MINIs. To celebrate Mini’s 40th Anniversary of winning the Monte Carlo Rally, the MC40 was released. A limited run of 1,000 vehicles, this edition came in red with a white roof over red and black leather and finished the look with rally lights, 17″ anthracite finished wheels and magnetic graphics that included a 33-EJB number plate on the bonnet and “37” decals on the doors. This particular example also has the British flag roof graphic and tinted windows.

2004 MINI Cooper S MC40 on eBay

I have my Mini Cooper “S” MC40 PKG for sale that i have owned since 2006 and i am the second owner. The car has always been garaged and driven just 6 K miles since i bought it . It has all factory services done and was just in for a oil service and all checked out just fine. The Car is number 56/1000 being a special limited addition MC40 package to commemorate teh 40th anniversary of mini winning the monte carlo. The car has R90 wheels , two tone leather seats, carbon fiber , Cooper works interior package sport suspension, cooper works cold air box and engine cover,Mini Rally lights, union jack roof decal, windows just tinted and new tired V12’s just 1000 K miles ago at a cost of 1250$. This car smells new and looks new as teh paint shines, i have all original book and papers plus all service records , also have the mini number “34” car magnetic door decals. Truely a rare mini combo that has been taken care of and lightly driven and ready to have fun. If you want more info on the MC40 package you can go to www.mc40.com to read all about the car and the package.

The sellers buy it now price is rather realistic, as most Cooper S models of this year, with around this kind of mileage, are bringing anywhere from $10,000 to $13,000 these days. For comparison I paid $15,000 for my 2006 Cooper S with 33,000 miles on the clock one year ago. I’ve only put 6,000 miles on the car last year, but I could see my car pulling maybe and extra $1,000 to $2,000 versus this example. Limited editions will always garner a little bit more cash and these MC40s are a neat throwback to the event which solidified the Mini’s place in competition history.


2006 MINI Cooper S JCW

Over the past six months, I’ve been enjoying my time with my 2006 MINI Cooper S. For me, living in an urban area, it is a perfect combination of size, performance and economy. However, owning a car like this always makes one wonder if it’s worth turning up the performance a notch or two. In it’s last year, MINI decided to breathe on the original R53 Cooper S and turn it into a quasi track special.

The Cooper S GP was assembled by Bertone in Italy and was unique in that the rear seat was removed, less sound deadening was included and air condition was optional. These features, along with others, saved about 80 pounds over the standard Cooper S. Reworked suspension, upgraded brakes and the John Cooper Works engine enhancement package were also part of the GP package. With a limited run of 2000 built and 415 brought to the US, it is one of the rarest MINI Coopers of the new generation to hit the streets. Here’s one for sale in Nashville at a reasonable price.

2006 MINI Cooper S JCW on eBay

The seller states:

2006 MINI Cooper Hardtop S w/JCW GP Kit (#515 of 2000). The rarest and fasted factory MINI Cooper ever made. This is number 515 of 2000 made for the world. Only 415 were brought into the USA and they do not change hands very often! Only 44,000 miles, nearly new Yokohama Parada tires indicate this was a very well cared for GP! These cars had all of the John Cooper Works mods including upgraded brakes, shocks, springs, swaybars, intake modifications and a full JCW exhaust.

This car also has an ALTA oil catch can to prevent any oil from entering the intercooler and FORGE fluid canisters. All of these parts made 218 HP and the most powerful R53 MINI Cooper made! The seats have been covered for most of their life, we removed them to make the car factory correct but will be included in the sale. The previous owner even added an extra GP correct wheel and tire to make the car capable of doing daily driver duty. Factory Limited Slip diff and heated front seats. Don’t miss out, these DO NOT come up for sale very often!

These GPs don’t come up for sale very often, and the asking price is about as low as I’ve seen one advertised for. It appears well cared for considering the mileage is slightly higher than what one would normally see on a collectable vehicle. My one gripe is the non-stock gearshift knob. It looks way too high and the red boot is a little garish. A suede shifter boot would look a lot better on a car like this. It may be a little wild for some in appearance, but this is a car whose classic status is already assured and would be great for the odd track day or two.