Hammertime Updates

We’ve got some serious muscle power and fan favorites added to the Hammertime value guide. Surprising numbers were reached for the 1991 Audi 200 20V quattro at $7,500 – a bit higher than expected, but still a very reasonable price, and $15,600 for the Phoenix Yellow 2002 M3 6-speed – a lot of car for the money. Andrew’s 300d sold right where he expected at $47,400, and despite some potential needs, the 740i M-Sport Paul wrote up hammered just below $12,000. Then there were the AMGs – the big money went to the 300CE 3.4 AMG at $47,000, but the W201 in need of much work surprised with $11,000 worth of bids. With an Estate and a Rabbit L to add to the mix, it was an interesting update. Which was the one which surprised (or didn’t!) you? As usual, the original posts are linked below.

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1991 Audi 200 20V quattro – $7,500
1978 Volkswagen Rabbit L – $4,750
2002 BMW M3 – $15,600
1960 Mercedes-Benz 300d Adenauer – $47,400
1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Estate – $9,750
2001 BMW 740i M-Sport – $11,999
1990 Mercedes-Benz 300CE AMG 3.4 Widebody – $47,000
1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E AMG 6.0 – $11,099

Hammertime Updates

We’ve got a few more additions to the Hammertime resource guide this week. A few are question marks – there was a surprising $10,000 sale of the 1988 Audi 90 quattro, for example, but it remains to be seen if that car will reappear if the bid was a fake. Also listed as sold but were re-listed shortly after the end of the auction were the super low mile Euro-spec ’91 M5 at $35,000 and the 1996 Volkswagen Passat TDi that reached $4,600. We’ll keep an eye out to see if these cars actually sell the second time around, as the M5 has been listed with a Buy It Now for just under what the bidding reached.

There were some other surprises, though. The ’89 944 Turbo sold for just over $12,000 in spite of the 283,000 miles, and on the other end of the spectrum I was really shocked to see the ’78 Dasher Wagon reach $5,600. That’s really strong money for a B1, which typically are ignored by the entire market. Also drawing solid money were the S54 M Coupe and ’89 560SEC, while someone thought the 5-speed E32 was worth $1,200. As always, the listings are hyperlinked to our articles.

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1986 944 Turbo – $5,500
2002 BMW M Coupe – $38,000
1988 Audi 90 quattro – $10,000
1988 BMW 735i 5-speed project – $1,200
1989 Porsche 944 Turbo – $12,199
1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC – $13,800
1978 Volkswagen Dasher Wagon – $5,600


Hammertime Updates

A few more updates for Hammertime this week, including impressive prices for the low mileage Corrado SLC and an E320 Estate. There were a few oddball modded additions, too, with the ETA swapped 2002 and the turbocharged and turned up GTi VR6. Finally, a few classic 70s were added in, with the pretty 280SE 4.5 from 1973 and a neat and cheap ’71 Opel GT 1900. As usual, the listings below are hyperlinked to the original posts. Which was the deal which surprised you?

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1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC – $19,000
1976 2002 eta swap – $8,000
1973 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 – $9,850
1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Estate – $11,990
1998 Volkswagen GTi VR6 Turbo – $8,000
1971 Opel GT 1900 – $2,650


Porsche 944 Turbo Resources: Your Guide to 951 Information on the Web

The Porsche 944 Turbo, known internally at Porsche and amongst enthusiasts as the 951, is a performance bargain. Stunning examples can be had for the same kind of money as a well looked after BMW e36 M3’s. But suddenly I’m seeing prices lower than I’ve seen the past few years. Naturally it’s re-sparked my interest.

I have been a fan of the design and potential of the 944 series since high school. Stunning looks and genuinely German details combine with a perfectly balanced platform, 200+ hp, and final performance numbers that nearly rivaled even the mighty 911 Turbo of it’s day. Someone remind me again why I haven’t owned one of these?

For starters, they’re not exactly plentiful with only about 15,000 examples sold in the U.S. (though this could be good for U.S. investors willing to export as only 10,000 more were sold worldwide.) Couple that with the generous aftermarket offerings and the amazing potential for these cars to easily exceed 300whp with bolt on upgrades, and you may be hard pressed to find a well cared for example in the neighborhood. The easy numbers and low entry price have resulted in many cars falling into the hands of owners who weren’t prepared for the total price of ownership. And the market reflects it with a range of asking prices going as low as $6000ish for well used examples with high miles, to beyond $15k for low mileage and even more rare ‘S’ models with 247hp, upgraded suspension and other rarities standard. But somewhere in between lies a serious performance, racing pedigree’d, prestige bargain.

For what it’s worth, Excellence has updated values for the 944 Turbo in their April 2008 issue: 1986 models range from $7892 for a so-so car, to $12k for an excellent car. The last model year, 1989, as $11k – $16.9k.

Online Resources for Researching the 944 Turbo

Enthusiast Sites:

  • The 944 FAQ – A current and very comprehensive FAQ for the Porsche 924/944/968 series.
  • The Water Cooler – An enthusiast created one-stop-shop for everything 924/944/968.
  • Bill Underwood’s 944 World – A great enthusiast site with personal ownership experiences, buying guides, 944 FAQ, and even more links.

Other sites:

Porsche 944 Turbo Aftermarket Vendors

  • Lindsey Racing – Manufacturing proven and surprisingly affordable aftermarket products for the 944 Turbo and other Porsche models. They have a 270whp kit for under $1500!

Online Communities Supporting 944 Turbo Enthusiasts

  • Pelican Parts – This link should be listed in all the link categories shown here really. But I’m listing them here because not just because Pelican considered the best, but because of the community that has grown up with them as a result of their long standing online presence.
  • 944online.com Forums
  • Roadfly’s 944 Forum

Porsche 944 Turbo’s For Sale Right Now

In the cheap but has potential category, this 944 Turbo out of San Diego for $7200:

Porsche 944 Turbo White For Sale CaliforniaPorsche 944 Turbo Interior with Momo Steering WheelPorsche 944 Turbo Interior with BBS Rims

This car deserves a look due to it’s recent maintenance and spendy upgraded rim combination. If most everything else checks out with a few thousand required to make it right, could be a very good buy.

The next car has more reasonable mileage for an enthusiast who is looking for what appears to be a well looked after example:

Black 1986 944 Turbo on Autotrader for $13.5k:

If you’re new to the 944 Turbo, I hope this post was helpful. If you’re 951 experienced, please leave your comments below on how I could improve this post and your story with the car. And if you have a 944 Turbo for sale within a half day of zip code 97330, I’d love to examine your car in person for feature in it’s own post with a DSLR photos, interview and short video. Email me for details.