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Tag: V10 Porsche

2004 Porsche Carrera GT

Has it really been nearly 20 years since the Carrera GT was introduced? How is that even possible? Yet it’s true – the Carrera GT design stydy debuted some 22 years ago in 2000, and it was the dream car of many. Just 1,270 were built when they finally got around to making it a road-legal version in 2004, 644 of which came to the US, and all had a mid-mounted 5.7-liter V10 chucking out 600 horsepower and propelling the lightweight chassis to at-the-time unreal speeds. They’re still fast today, even though 600 horsepower seems quaint when you can get 110% of that amount in a Cadillac.

The Carrera GT could be had at launch for around half a million dollars, but these never depreciated at all – quite the opposite. Their limited nature and the aura of their mythology means these have steadily increased in value. It’s not unusual for them to hit triple or quadruple their original sticker price – a far cry from where the contemporaneous McLaren SLR is selling today. Today we’ve got a black first model year to consider that is priced right at the top of the market:

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