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The Real Deal: 1989 Ruf CTR Yellow Bird

We have featured several Ruf tribute cars over the years.  Even several Ruf built cars that have been tuned in the states.  What we have here is the only lightweight Ruf built CTR imported to the states.  Weighing about as much as a Miata this CTR packs 525 horsepower which carries this rocket to a top speed of 217 miles per hour.

If that sounds like a street legal race car it is, complete with a cage and all the trappings of racecardom.

Read on…

1989 Ruf CTR Yellow Bird:

Not sure what you could say about this car that we have not read over the past 23 years but here you go –

“The ONE OWNER car you see here is 1 of only 6 Aluminum LIGHTWEIGHT Street/Track RUF CTR YellowBirds created!  22 additional all steel versions were built.  Tipping the scales at just 2,520 lbs., you are looking at the LIGHTEST CTR on the planet!  This is the ONLY RUF CTR YellowBird created for importation into the United States.  It was the recent cover feature of “9” Magazine.  The car is exquisite in every way and in top mechanical and cosmetic condition. It has been maintained by the professional team of Porsche experts at the 901 shop.  This car is truly one of a kind and is being offered for sale to the discerning Porsche Collector for the very first time!”

That’s right, 1 of 6 aluminum CTR cars ever created.  The BTR will cars fetch anywhere between $60-$75k.  While the $279k asking price is steep, cars like this are hard to price.  My guess is this one will come down in price until it finds a buyer, maybe somewhere in the $175k-$200k range.  That person will have to be a collector as this car will never see a day of track time or a run to Walmart.  Iconic cars like this will always be in demand and deserve an owner that will ensure they are cared for in such a way to preserve their history.



  1. Greg
    Greg January 19, 2012

    This car will pull over $200k IMO as long as it is fully documented and has never been in a crash. Let me know where I can buy any real CTR for $60-75k, I’ll buy it and double my money…

  2. Aaron
    Aaron January 19, 2012

    You and me both Greg, I fat fingered that. Fixed now, thank you.

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