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Unblemished 1993 Audi S4 for sale

I’m still learning my early-90s Audi history, so a little review:

Right after sudden-acceleration problems in the 80s, and right before the A-nomenclature transitioned Audi into the modern era, there was a weird middle ground.  The 100 begat the S4, which became the A6, which gave birth to the S6.  The Ur-S4 was a good-looking German sedan, bridging the gap between Audi’s square years and the first A4s and 6s.  One great thing about the original S4 is its use of a turbocharged 2.2l inline-5, an engine configuration that is pretty much synonymous with Classic Audi to me (and a great inclusion on the new TT-RS).  In the S4 the engine produced 230 hp, a pretty healthy amount for the time  considering the contemporary and venerable E36 M3 had just 10 more.  All in all, a pretty great way to start the S-sedan lineage.

Today we have an Ur-S4 nearly as beautiful as the day it rolled off the lot.  It’s covered a moderate 100k miles and comes with the manual transmission.  The bonus part of the 5-speed is the automatically-biasing Torsen differential it came with, while autos came with transfer boxes.  It’s looking fine on chunky 5-spokes and sprayed in that trademark Audi Pearl White.

There’s plenty of (deserved) pessimism when it comes to maintenance on older Audis, though I don’t know much about the 2.2l’s reputation in that regard (if you do, please share in the comments!).  Regardless, 101,000 miles is attractively low on a 17 year-old car, moreso when you see how well this car has been taken care of.  The interior is shockingly nice, and who knew they were doing carbon fiber trim in the early 90s?  It looks great, especially with the white leather, but makes the old-school Audi steering wheel a bit anachronistic.  The engine compartment also looks very clean and ready to rumble.  So we’ve got a gorgeous, clean and quick mid-size luxury car including the magic words “turbo” and “manual” with no reserve and currently under $5k?  Yes please.



  1. Bob
    Bob June 21, 2010

    I followed one of those on a racetrack , with a few passengers in the back seat . They are fast and smooth. Looks like a great deal. Supposedly there is 400 HP easily available with tuning and bolt ons.

  2. Paanta
    Paanta June 21, 2010

    Bulletproof. The 20v I5 turbo drivetrain is awesome. My dad had one and it went to 225k before he sold it. Original head gasket and clutch were still in it! The electrical system was the “fun” part.

  3. Evan
    Evan June 21, 2010

    Original clutch on a 225k mile S4 and original head gasket on a turbo? I’d say that has more to do with the driver and to some extent the Audi engineering, but still impressive regardless.

  4. Nate
    Nate June 21, 2010

    Whoa! At 1 hr left it was at $5800 with 13 bids. An hour later, 21 bids and sold at $7800. Sounds like a crazy bidding war, but I bet someone is stoked.

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