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Very clean, higher-mileage E30 M3 on eBay

It’s been a while since I’ve written an E30 M3 up, but on a bike ride yesterday I revisited a local example that’s nicely lowered on larger-but-period-correct BBSs and it got my M3 appetite going again. This led me to an M3 that looks respectable inside and out despite pushing 170k miles. An absence of rust throughout and a clean exterior make it worth checking out for any potential M3 buyer.

The seller gave lots of descriptive pictures but pretty worthless words. The biggest question here is how much the 170k-miles S14 has left in it. In reality, it’s going to need a rebuild anywhere from a week after it’s bought to 30k miles- soon. And that’s my biggest problem with the $16k starting price. The exterior and underbody seem clean, which is great, but it’s got the classic driver’s bolster wear on ALL of the seats, meaning this M3 has carted 4 people around more than most and will need full reupholstering at some point too. Looking at $7k for the rebuild and at least $1k for the interior this car is already pushing $25k for a clean bill of health. Despite the demand for and collectibility of these cars, I still think that’s too much for a baseline E30 M3. I still see the market as being $15k-$20k for a well-sorted and clean M3; with this many miles, I just don’t see how the seller can expect more than $12k for this car. I guess that’s why he has zero bids with 2 days left.

Personal preference note: you’ll also have to spend money to replace those ill-fitting wheels.


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  1. racing
    racing January 30, 2011

    How much are you wanting for it if it is still for sale?

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