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1987 Porsche 944 Turbo

With E30 M3 prices staying sky high it’s time to look for a new German halo car to lust over. I’m going to throw out the often overlooked yet very similar Porsche 944 Turbo. Both the M3 and 944 Turbo were launched in the middle of 1980s and are front engine, rear wheel drive German sports cars that weigh in at less than 3,000 pounds. While the M3 has been described as a ballet slipper for its incredible handling and driver connection, the 944 is more of a soccer cleat. It wasn’t built so much for finesse but rather rugged sprints and the ability to pack a powerful punch.

Here we have a low mileage 951 that looks especially clean and sharp in black. With only 67,000 miles this is one of the lower mileage examples I’ve seen aside from the Turbo S models that tend to be garage queens. Luckily, there’s a stack of service records to go with it which should alleviate any pre-purchase stress.

Year: 1987
Model: 944 Turbo
Engine: 2.5 liter turbocharged inline four
Transmission: 5-Speed manual
Mileage: 67,650
Price: $12,000

1987 Porsche 944 Turbo on Rennlist

I took a job in Boston a year ago but left the 944 back in Cary, and I’ve finally decided that there’s no reasonable way to keep the 944 up here. I’ve never driven it in the salt, it’s stayed garaged, and I’d rather see it go to a new home rather than gather rust parked on the street here.

The car has 67k original miles, it’s rust-free, and the paint is overall very good for it’s age. The guys at European Performance (highly reviewed shop where I have my work done) tell me the engine pulls just as hard as the ones they remember when they were new 25 years ago. Less than 2k miles ago, this car had it’s major engine service items done. New kevlar belts rated to last 45k miles before service (I would still change them at 30k), new OEM rollers, new OEM water pump, and everything else that comes with the service. I have a receipt from European Performance for all of the work. It’s also had a recent tune-up for all of the fluids, ignition system, filters, vacuum hoses, gear oil etc. Clutch was done less than 20k ago, also has brand new master/slave cylinders. This car is ready to go for another 30k miles (have the timing tension checked every 15k though, plus synthetic oil changes). It never leaks any oil onto the garage floor. Also, it is completely stock except for replacing the stock center console (aka cassette holder) with one out of the 968 RS (not shown in interior photo). The sunroof, electric windows and pop-up headlights still work flawlessly, unlike many examples out there.

The car has a few faults. The AC no longer works, the brakes will need servicing soon, there’s a slight tear on the shift boot and the driver seat, the driver seat power height adjuster motor is burned out (the main adjusters are manual), the front end has some rock chips and speed bump scrape (visible in photos), the driver side rock guard is almost gone, and there are a few minor scratches. The stock head-unit got really confused by a burned CD and no longer works. Luckily, it’s a standard DINN unit and a new one can be picked up at any car stereo place. I would replace it myself, but I figured the buyer probably had their own taste in what they wanted in a head-unit. I’d replace a lot of this stuff (the brakes and shift boot specifically), but working full-time in Boston means that my time back in Raleigh is too limited to really get work done on the car.

Also, the Carfax report to save you some time:

The most expensive Porsche is a cheap Porsche. This one has a stack of service records, it’s been wrenched on by professionals, the miles are low, it’s been garaged all of it’s life, and it’s been loved.

Service records:
30k 1994 Feb – 30k service (with timing), brakes flushed fuses replaced
30k 1994 June – new starter, new heater valve,
33k 1996 May – air flow sensor replaced
37k 1997 June – cam covers resealed
40k 1999 July – entire clutch assembly replaced, cruise control repaired, front and rear brakes replaced.
52k 2004 Dec – Timing/balance belts replaced. Timing tensioner replaced. antifreeze, water flange outlet replaced
56k 2005 May – master/slave cylinders replaced, brakes flushed
59k 2007 July – new front/rear brake pads
64k 2009 January – master/slave cylinders replaced again
65k 2009 May – new fuel filter, new spark plugs, distributor, ignition wires
67k 2011 July – timing belt, water pump, front main seals, oil filter housing gaskets, balance belts, rollers, radiator fan switch, turbo boost valve

I lived in Boston for seven years and can confirm that it’s no place for a great condition 944 Turbo. To make things worse you could only really drive this beauty half the year. You can tell from the write up and service records that the owner not only took care of the car but actually really cared for it. This is the type of person you want to buy a car from. There are a few maintenance projects should you want to get this closer to excellent condition. I think $12,000 is a fair price for this 951. Seeing that it wasn’t snatched up right away makes me think it is more realistic that it will go for $11,000 but the owner obviously thinks it deservers top price given its condition and care.


1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG “Mallet” Wagon – REVISIT

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG Mallet Wagon – REVISIT

Another revisit for us. This happens with really conspicuous cars, particularly ones that just don’t seem to find owners who want to hold on to a car for the long haul. We first posted about this car back in 2008 and it is now up on eBay again for sale by We Be Autos.

The car didn’t sell at $48k and then again at $38k, garnering bids only up to $20k back then. It is now up with a buy-it-now price of $29,995.

The car has 77,800 miles on it and has taken on the Mallet moniker in homage to the AMG Hammer name. The seller says there is $40,000 in receipts, which are worth checking out to see how recent the “mechanical restoration” work was done.

Very cool car, that would have been one of the most awesome things on the road when new. I appreciate all the photos of the car, but wish they weren’t all taken in a dimly lit Mad Max style warehouse.

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG Mallet Wagon – REVISIT

The seller has posted a video of the car:

The below post originally appeared on our site July 29, 2008:

Bring a Trailer has been on fire recently with their finds, but this one really rang my bell. A W124 wagon project car done up like an AMG Hammer of the period.

1988 W124 AMG Wagon For Sale1988 W124 AMG Wagon For Sale

I love everything about this car. A monster 6L motor, all black on black color scheme, classic late 80′s styling with AMG monoblocks, light colored wood interior, etc, etc… It’s a cherry ride. But honestly, unless this car is a documented AMG one-off, I’d be very curious to see who’d justify the $48k buy-it-now. It’s an incredible car, but c’mon… I hope the seller and community rise to the occasion to prove it authenticity because it’s a fantastic car.


1988 BMW 750il with an Astonishing 11K Miles

This V12 equipped BMW e32 has been in a private collection nearly it’s entire life. The original wheels and tires were even removed and plastic wrapped to preserve them. The seller speculates this might be the best original e32 in existence and he’s probably right.

I remember my wife and I coming very close to buying a 750il of the same generation over 10 years ago. It was a very impressive drive for sure. While of course it’s huge with the extended wheelbase, driving it didn’t feel like yacht. It’s a BMW after all and a really fine piece of engineering being the then flagship model. And that V12 is very deceiving. Incredibly smooth and builds speed with real authority.

1988 BMW 750il with 11k miles on eBay

The sellers’s account says it all:

1988 BMW 750il V12. 11K Miles. Loaded, CD, Phone, Limited Slip. Cirrus Blue. Dealership collection history since new. Driven from 88-89 for 7K miles, then put into the collection housed in a climate controlled multi million dollar facility. This is quite possibly the finest V12 E32 on earth. I dare say it is. As new in every manner, fully functional in every manner and absolutely as perfect as a car even 1 week old could ever be. All original other than the addition of the very rare, expensive and highly sought after OEM BMW BBS Style 5 Staggered 18″ wheels and Bilstein Sport Shocks. This OEM wheel setup on the car now looks incredible and drives even better. With this setup, this is the best overall driving sedan I have driven in my life and I have to say possibly the best looking too. 88 7 Series Dish wheels and OEM Pirelli 7000 tires perfect too now plastic bagged.

The 1988 BMW E32 was considered quite a marvel when it came out. It was the sedan of all sedans, but at the same time became to be known as kind of a lemon in its day. A very over engineered car that boasted things never seen before on any automobile. Hi powered V12 with dual Electronic throttles synchronized by a computer and dozens of other things that put this over $70,000.00 when it came out in 88. This car set the standard for high end sedans at the time and really in terms of build quality combined with engineering may be a near close rival the the finest sedan of all times, the 96-99 V12 Mercedes S600 W140. However, this came first and set the bar! Raved or loathed, the 750il was a marvel and when fully understood by those that work on them, not a lemon at all. I think it took the mechanics about 5 years after this cars release to catch up to how it worked, thus creating lots of the issues these cars had. Working on E23s and E32s, I can say that the E23 had more inherent issues vs an E32 even being 1/2 as complex. I can also tell you that the BMW and Benz V12s from 88-99 are GOOD engines. Mclaren used them in their famous supercars. This era V12 is actually better than some of the later V12s that both BMW and especially Mercedes built after.

The $36,200 buy-it-now price is very high as expected, but considering what this car cost new, and the fact that it practically is brand new, half price doesn’t sound so bad!


Near-perfect 1984 VW GTI for sale

Today’s gorgeous black Mk1 GTI comes to market after just 2 owners. The first, a VW/Porsche mechanic, had it for two decades before selling it to the current seller, who’s had it since 2006 and has taken extremely good care of it. With 304,000 miles on the chassis, it’s been around the block a few times, but got a rebuilt engine 120,000 miles ago and the interior has been very well maintained. This is how Mk1 GTIs should look.

1984 Volkswagen GTI for sale on eBay

The seller’s nice and thorough description:

Thank you for looking at my 1984 VW Rabbit GTI, I think you will be hard pressed to find a nicer one than this one. I looked for years to find a GTI in this kind of condition. I am the second owner of the car and have owned the car since 2006, I looked for three years to find the right one having one New in 1984 when I was in High school. I purchased the car from the original owner In Mountain View California. The car is complete with all factory paperwork including the original window sticker that is now laminated for its protection ( sold at Boardwalk VW Red wood city Ca. ), original yellow purchase agreement from the dealership, All factory books and manuals including the book small world by Volkswagen in 1984 that are very rare. This GTI is so clean that VW used it in 2004 for their postcards and I do have some copies that go with it. I have three sets of keys. It has been an excellent car in every way and the only reason that I am selling the car is because of a motorcycle accident my left ankle hurts when I drive a manual transmission for too long of a time. These are getting harder to find in this type of condition. Exterior: Original paint with the acceptation of the hood that was repainted due to some stone chips, the paint all around the car is deep and has no blems, very small clear coat peeling at top of the roof near rain gutter on drivers side but very , very minimal. There is no rust anywhere this car has always been in California and still retains its original Blue California License plates. Original Windshield has been changed due to stone and sand chips but all other glass is factory original in excellent shape. All factory stickers are in place along the driver and passenger door jams, under the hood, also dealer stickers for the upgraded AC system. The car sits on its original 14 inch wheels with new Michelin tires, I put European bumpers on the car for a cleaner look, also upgraded the headlights to European brighter lights. There is a light tint to the windows. This car has never been in any accidents and is the original sheet metal , the doors, hood and trunk shut and align perfect. Interior: The interior is the blue and red stripe that is like new with the acception of the driver side lower fabric that has a small about the size of a pencil eraser it never got any bigger so I did not change it, but I do have a larger piece of the original material if you decide you want to. I had new carpet laid down in a Mercedes material because I had the carpet taken out when a Dyna Matted the complete interior, floors, Headliner and doors, if you have never had a smaller car like the Rabbit they can be A little noisy the dyna mat reduced the noise in the Cabin by 40% it is like riding in a Mercedes for sound quality. Two sets of floor mats one in blue carpet and a set of weathertech rubber mats for the rainy season. I also put a new suede headliner in the car. The seats are not broken down and still are very firm even on the side bolsters. I upgraded the sound system to a high end Head unit that has CD, AM/FM/ I pod and XM radio, the dash and rear speakers were replaced and an extra set of door speakers installed, also a large amplifier and 8 in subwoofer that unplugs is in the rear cargo area, I have another set of door panels that are stock to replace the ones in the car now that have the larger speakers in them. I also have a blue tooth Parrot hands free kit installed that will match up to your cell phone that works well, There is a period UNGO box theft detection system in the glove box, it lights up but I never used it. The upgraded MOMO leather and suede steering wheel and hub with matching shift knob I do have the stock steering wheel that will go with the car , also after market Hella air horns. The car has factory AC that has been converted and blows ICE Cold, the front vent windows open that is an option on these a in 84. Cruise control does work. MOTOR AND SUSPENSION: The car is 100% stock with the acceptation of a stainless exhaust and ABA headers that are California legal, the car shows 304,000 miles on the chassis, the motor has been rebuilt at 180,00. The compression is excellent right now and the car runs outstanding I would not hesitate to drive it across the country. The car has had major routine service since it was new, the original owner of the car was a Master Porsche and VW mechanic and owner of a German car repair facility and kept excellent care of the car prior to my purchase, all miles are Highway miles. There are no leaks the car does drip, burn oil or have any out of the ordinary strange noises. I recently replaced the clutch and there is less than 4000 miles on it. I also replaced the brakes with a drilled rotor and upgraded pads, also stainless steel brake lines. The suspension is Koni shocks, there are Neuspeed upper strut tie bar, lower tie bar, front and rear sway bars, and a rear upper strut tie bar, the car is tight and handles very well. The transmission and syncros are excellent, I get 26MPG in the car. I have a Current Clear California Title in hand and a clean Car fax.

This car is a very clean, well taken care of GTI; in fact, it’s just about everything you’d want in a Mk1 GTI. Accordingly, it’s probably worth it’s $6k starting price, but the $10.5k Buy-it-Now has to be just a wishing point for a seller who doesn’t want to let his car go easily. In my eyes, 5-digit prices are reserved for low-mile, concourse VWs. Despite the quality of this example and the increasing desirability of these awesome GTIs, no 300k-mile GTI is going to sell for 10 grand.


1981 BMW e21 Euro-Spec 323i Black on houndstooth

We had this car posted up on the site back in June, but it is back, still with the same owner.

It’s probably no secret by now that I’m 80′s fanboy and modified e21′s are a perfect fit in my mind, especially when restored to this degree. This car is so period correct in terms of upgrades and modifications, and being a Euro-spec 6 cylinder model it really stand out.

1981 BMW e21 323i Euro For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

You are bidding on an extremely rare 1981 323i Euro. Very well documented, still retains much of the original paperwork when brought to the US including the EPA approvals and original German owners manuals. As we continue through the description and pics , you are seeing the results of over $15000 in restoration costs and while not factory stock, I think you’ll agree, this is one unique “ultimate driving machine”. The Euro model E21s differ quite a bit from the American spec versions: Larger, more powerful 6 Cylinder engine, fixed rear quarter windows, better suspension, slim bumpers, no side markers, different parking lights, better headlights, etc…) I’ve tried to cover as many particulars as I can in the following description but I’m sure I’ve neglected something so feel free to call.

Exterior: Vehicle was originally Brazil Brown, very high quality repaint with attention to detail. Current color is Cosmos Schwarz (Cosmos Black Metallic) . It would be very difficult upon inspection to determine that this was not the original color, vehicle was completely disassembled prior to paint.
* New OEM weather strip throughout
* New OEM rear quarter windows
* New OEM front windshield, Euro market green tinted glass
* New OEM front and rear bumper rub strips
* New OEM E30 style spoiler
* New Alpina style 15×6 wheels with Kumho Ecsta SX tires all around
* European H4/H1 Hella headlights

I’ve also included Euro style license plates, front and rear to help with the authentic look All exterior trim has received a “shadow-line” treatment as well, accented by professionally installed 30% window tint all around.

Mechanical: Stock European M20 2.3 liter 6 cylinder
* True Euro engine, no catalytic converters or unnecessary smog. All EPA/DOT paperwork included.
* All new vacuum lines, hoses and new air boot.
* New fuel lines and filters
* Bav Auto 8mm high temp plug wires
* New distributor cap and rotor
* Timing belt and water pump within the last 20000 miles
* 3.64 limited slip diff with redline fluids.
* New OEM BMW dual exhaust from manifold back.
* New axles and CV boots
* Front and rear Bilstein sports, front and rear H&R lowering springs
* K/MAC adjusted camber and caster plates
* All new bushings including front and rear sway bar bushings
* New tie rods and tie rods ends
* New steering knuckle and rag joint
* New calipers and vented rotors
* Korman Automotive rear strut-brace with integrated trunk-mount battery relocation

How cool is that interior? And the shadowline style trim? This car is very close to what I would build if I had a budget and talent for such things. Makes me feel like I’m 17 again and reading early European Car magazines!


Note from Evan:
Dan and I both found this car and double posted, my comments are:
For those looking for something a little more wild than this fairly stock black beauty check out the 323i widebody posted and for sale on the site right now.

This car looks very nice.
All Euro with H4 head lights, better breathing M20 2.3 liter motor.
This 323i is just begging for someone to complete the murdered out look, give it some black rims and smoke those tail lights and orange corners. It has newer Cosmos Schwarz paint, that looks like a quality job, the original color was brown.
The lines are just classic, the little touches like the dual exhaust and the little trunk lip spoiler are perfect and it comes with a proper manual transmission. The houndstooth interior looks fantastic, it even carries through into the trunk and looks good.. The seller has $15000 in receipts an documents.

The car presents very well for the mileage. This looks like a real nice find.

Bidding is up to $6,300 with the reserve not met. Pretty healthy pricing for an 80s vehicle with 100,000 miles that, while special, wasn’t exactly top of the range when new. It is unclear what the seller is looking for price-wise, don’t expect this one to go cheap. I imagine it will attract the eyes of a few Bimmer fans. It has my attention.

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