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1957 BMW 507 for sale

I first became aware of the BMW 507 when the style-aping (in a good way) Z8 came out around the turn of the millennium.  It was formative in my growth as an enthusiast and helped me transition from a juvenile “only-new-cars-are-cool” attitude and move towards really appreciating classic cars.  It’s not surprising the 507 was a catalyst; with proportions shared with all great roadsters and lines rivaling the greatest from any of those other European countries, it has a solid place in the automotive hall of fame.

Despite greatness, the 507 is one of the lesser-known classics, mainly due to its extreme rarity.  Only 253 were built, and the ad provides an interesting comparison to the M-B 300SL, of which over 10 times that amount were built.  And how many of those do you see around?  The small production run was due to the inadvertent doubling of the price target once it came out, and the 507s propensity for high prices continues as the eBay listing is currently over $500k with the reserve unmet.

Soak those lines in for a minute with special attention to the center hood strake, the rear fenders, and what may be the best kidney grill ever.  And now some info from the seller:

This particular car is a Series II car with front disc brakes. It was previously part of the Imperial Palace, where it was represented as one of the two ex-Elvis Presley 507s, though in reality, this is actually one serial number after his red car. The current owner purchased it from Imperial Palace about 15 years ago, and had a comprehensive mechanical freshening performed at a cost of about $20,000. Included in this work was rebuilt rear axle, new clutch and slave cylinder, repainted dashboard, remove and repair instruments as necessary, rebuilt water pump, recored radiator and heater core, new hoses, disassemble distributor and set timing, adjust valves, detail engine and engine compartment, new brake seals, cylinders, rebuild master cylinder and brake booster, fit new shocks, new tires, and fabricate new exhaust system. Most recently, the car was serviced in July of 2009 to include rebuilding the carburetors, new spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, fuel filter, some suspension bushings, and resealing the rear axle. The car drives and performs marvelously at this time, reflecting the careful mechanical sorting that it has received.

Cosmetically, the car is in nice shape, with a well-kept older restoration. The paintwork was executed to high standards and is holding up well, though close inspection reveals a few stress cracks and a few square inches of bubbling on the left rocker behind the door. The fit and gaps are good throughout. The chrome is in nice shape with minimal pitting and a few scratches. The headlamps are excellent Carello items, while the rear lights are a bit faded and cracked.

The interior has a nice even patina and is very evocative. The instruments and dashboard are in very good shape. The knobs and switches are original and are in nice shape considering this. The upholstery and carpets are very nice throughout, though the driver’s floor mat has some discoloration. The door panels are also in nice shape, and the car is fitted with safety belts.

The trunk and engine compartment are both tidy, and representative of an older restoration. An alternator has been fitted to improve the functionality of the charging system. The car is an absolutely fantastic driving example. The engine makes good power and wonderful noise,the suspension and chassis are coherent and capable, the brakes are outstanding, and the transmission is excellent. The driving position is good, and the car would be supremely enjoyable for long distance touring.

This is an exceptionally rare opportunity to acquire a BMW 507. A true legend, the 507 is much rarer than the 300SL (of which over 3000 were built), and is a wonderfully stylish car that epitomizes the idea of “cool”. A desirable Series II car with disc front brakes, this particular car is mechanically outstanding, making it an excellent event car that will be welcome wherever it goes. Cosmetically, it is attractive and makes a strong impression, but it is not perfect, which makes it an ideal car to use and enjoy. It comes with service records for the current ownership period, indicating the extensive mechanical freshening that the car has received.

Rare, gorgeous, and flying lower on the radar than many superclassics, this is a beautiful example that will provide immediate distinction to the buyer’s collection. If I were curating for some Silicon Valley collector (the only way I can see getting near the 507), I would strongly recommend this black on red beauty.



  1. wade coleman
    wade coleman June 22, 2010


    I will like to know if the car you displayed on the internet
    is still available for sale .
    Please do get back with the price and recent pictures as well .

    Kind regards,

  2. Nate
    Nate June 22, 2010

    Hi Wade. We do not sell the cars, we only provide access to and editorial on the listings. The car is for sale on eBay, and the auction will go until 3:47pm pacific time today. The price and pictures can be found there and there alone, but if you’re interested you can contact the seller through eBay.

  3. Don Eilenberger
    Don Eilenberger June 22, 2010

    Hi Nate..

    I suspect “Wade” would happily be paying with a certified check if this was a sale site. His message just has that sort of scammy smell to it.

    Love the car – but was shocked to see the super high-quality (not) “Optimus” – aka Radio Shack radio someone dumped in the car. It deserves a Becker Europa at a minimum.. 🙂

  4. Nate
    Nate June 22, 2010

    Ha, I got that feeling too, but figured I’d be civil juuuust in case.

    Agreed, the stereo is way out of place. Silly for a $x00,000 car.

  5. Evan
    Evan June 22, 2010

    Amazing that no one has pulled that radio out. If this isn’t on consignment the dealer should have yanked that thing out first thing. At least put in a Becker or Blaupunkt. That has to be one of the strangest things I’ve seen on this blog.

  6. Bob Salter
    Bob Salter June 23, 2010

    It needs an LS1. Perfect swap candidate. I agree the radio is a head scratcher. That probably knocked $28,000 off the sale price. Very, very elegant car. I wish they still made it.

  7. Nathan Mcleod
    Nathan Mcleod January 4, 2011

    Hey do you know how much the car went for? I know I can’t afford it… at all but still am curious.

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