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Is this for real? 145 mile Mercedes 190E 2.5-16v Evolution II

You know I’m not a fan of the low mile garage queens that don’t ever get used for fear of wrecking their investment value. That is what we have here though.
How you could possibly have a genuine Mercedes Evo II parked in your garage and not ever drive it is just beyond me.
I’m a bit skeptical of this add, the pictures aren’t great and neither is the info in the advertisement. With a weak ad like this the seller is likely to attract tire kickers. What we can gather from the ad is that apparently this seller has this #422 of 502 ever built Benz tucked away in Swansea UK, where it has been parked since it was new. It has never been registered for road use. The seller mentions that as the second owner he only recently had the pre-delivery inspection completed when he had some of the belts and fluids replaced.
The Evo-II is one of the gems of the Mercedes fan. That incredibly rare, unobtainable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that everyone dreamed about. At a cost new in 1990 of $80,000 I guess the $150,000 current ask price shows the car has appreciated. The AMG and Cosworth worked over 2.5 liter 4 cylinder 16 valve engine is good for 232 horsepower. The car came with an amazing body kit with air dams, fender flares, and an outrageous rear wing that most will never believe is factory and that boy racer types probably think is great. The car also comes with the now iconic and oft reproduced 17″ Evo-II rims.
This is an amazing car with world beater race heritage, taking it to BMW in the DTM series. You rarely see a genuine one of these on the market. It is the type of historic car you would expect someone like Jay Leno to purchase for their collection. It is an awful lot of money to spend on a car that you won’t drive because of the low mileage. Maybe we’ll see it for sale in a few years with several thousand miles on the clock.



  1. chanifin
    chanifin June 23, 2010

    Another good example of why mothballingnew cars as an investment is a bad idea. A 90,000 yield over 20 years is like getting 5% a year and at the end you have a car that isn’t good for much of anything other than an item of curiosity.

  2. Bob
    Bob June 25, 2010

    That car will depreciate at $10,000 per 1000 miles till it stabilises at $35k.

  3. Jim P
    Jim P June 25, 2010

    Chan your math is wrong and you didnt consider the cost to carry that money at the risk free rate out the 20 years plus the cost of inflation. That car as an investment was a HUGE loser. You would have made more buying US Gov E bonds

  4. chanifin
    chanifin June 25, 2010

    @Jim P

    I totally agree 🙂 I was being extremely generous. Probably any real investment would have been better. Buy em and Drive em.

  5. sofaman
    sofaman June 25, 2010

    There’s a famous car collector on whose sig reads:

    Not putting miles on your Ferrari is like not having sex with your girlfriend so she’ll be more valuable to her next boyfriend.

  6. Evan
    Evan June 25, 2010

    @sofaman And we have a winner of this thread.

  7. Evan
    Evan July 11, 2010

    No takers on this at $150,000.

  8. ASG
    ASG July 14, 2010

    I was thinkin of buyin this car, its amazing, however i wouldent just let it stay there i want 2 buy it so all my freinds can see how fst of a car mecedes made 20 years ago

  9. Evan
    Evan July 14, 2010

    @ASG If you want to show your friends how fast an old Mercedes can be find a 300SEL 6.3. At twice the age of the Evo and for much less. It might not keep up on the twisties with the Evo, but it would smoke it off the line on the straights.

  10. chanifin
    chanifin July 14, 2010

    Or the 94′ E500 listed on the board. A much better choice than this.

  11. ASG
    ASG July 14, 2010

    I might have to consider this, its a tough decision to make the thing is i saw a mercedes 190 evo 2 in mercedes enthusiasts magazine about a year ago it that 1 then sold for £20,000 ( $30,000)
    I saw it 6 month’s later with 45,000 miles on sale for £40,000 ( $60,000)
    this year it is on sale againn with 70,000 miles on the clock yet the price is still £40,000 ( $60,000)
    I was just thinknin that looking at those prices and as this one comes with a 3 year warenty, i wouldent lose much money,

    I have a bog standered mercedes 190e on my drive in england, my tru dream was to replace the engine with a 6.3 amg new c-class engine, however am finding it hard to find people to do it for me.

    I am hopeing to move to america (LA) within the next few years if i dont find any1 here i shall start looking over there , would any1 know where i could get this done because that would be alot cheaper than the £100,000 ($150,000) I would spend on this cr as I have alredy got the engine ?

  12. Evan
    Evan July 14, 2010

    Jay Leno had AMG stuff a new 6.3 engine into an old 300SEL 6.3.

    The amount of electronics on a new Benz engine really make swaps tough. You’d have better luck building up one of the Cosworth engines. Almost anything big you stuffed in a 190E would upset the weight balance. I’ve seen one with a engine out of a C36 that had a turbo that was pretty slick though.

  13. ASG
    ASG July 15, 2010

    I understand what you mean , in regards to the weight balance, as a year ago i took the car to the garage with a lambo engine to replace the one in it already, the garage then told me that it was 1 to big, 2 to heavy, yet i still have the lambo engine, i am thinkin of puting it in to a 69′ camero convertable?

    but back to th point of the 190e’s and the cosworth engines, i find that the maximum BHP i can get from building one up is around 400, I require something with more power?

    Thanks for all your help, I really do apriciate the advice

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