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1960 Audi Auto Union 1000Sp

My knowledge of Audis has a pretty large gap between Auto Union racers and the late 70s, so I claim no expertise on this find, but I know it’s cool.  Who knew cars could have Four Rings AND finned fenders!?  The Auto Union 1000 was made from 1957 to 1963 with 1,000cc two-stroke engines.  The 1000Sp was the 2+2 variation with sporting pretensions, made as a coupe until 1962 when a convertible was made available too.  This is a pretty cool car as it was the last generation of Audi/Auto Union cars before VW took ownership.

Some background from the seller:

A rare find indeed! This 1960 Auto Union 1000Sp was found in the hills of California. The body panels are straight and 95% of the car is present. There are two separate 3 cylinder, two stroke motors that go with the car, along with all of the parts for under the hood. There is a third aluminum head and a “one-off” custom intake that I was told was to use three Suzuki motorcycle carbs on it. The frame and suspension of the car appear solid and straight. The rear seat area of the floor has rust through as does the entire trunk pan area. Serious attention will be needed in these areas. There is one dent at the seam of the front fender and drivers door, easily repairable. The car currently has the trans-axle in it, however the motor and accessory parts are out of the car and boxed up. The interior parts and pieces are present but also will require much attention. The gauge cluster is present and in good condition. Speedometer is in MPH.

This is a full restoration car, but a good solid start to a rare German automobile. Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase this unique exotic sports car. It is both concourse and historic race eligible following restoration. A truly rare barn find in good condition ready to finish to your liking.

Obviously a work-intensive project, it seems to be rusty but pretty complete.  Current bid is $3,500 with 5 days left, so if you have a penchant for obscure post-war German oddities, this could be your chance!



  1. bob
    bob March 20, 2010

    Very cool find. My VR6 would be a nice motor to drop in. Let Chip Foose have a go. This is a great site and I am looking forward to seeing what is new everyday. One day, I’m gonna buy something and send you guys a reward!

  2. Chris Nielsen
    Chris Nielsen September 1, 2010

    Hi all you 1000 SP fans, my Cousin and I bought the car above and have started restoration. I hope that any of you that have knowledge of where to find parts for the DKW 1000 SP, either car or engine parts, will get in touch with me. Also would like to find a mechanic that knows the 3=6 engine, as we intend to rebuild both engines and would really appreciate any source knowledge that you may have. I intend on giving you updates as the restoration progress goes on. Thanks in advavce for your input, and I welcome your e-mails at any time! Sincerely, Chris

  3. David
    David November 3, 2010

    Hey Chris, this is really cool. Did you have any issues with the purchase? How did you make sure you got the audi as described in the ad?

  4. Chris
    Chris December 1, 2010

    David, No, there were no issues with the purchase of the 1000 SP, the previous owner was very honest in describing the cars condition, and we checked the car out physically before we gave him the final payment. Progress is, Body is off, and is on a rotisserary, and is going through a ground up restoration…….thanks for your interest, if anyone wants to contact me, please feel free……Thanks, Chris

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