1967 Amphicar

Here’s one you don’t see everyday. The Amphicar was the first mass produced amphibious vehicle, manufactured by the Quandt Group in Lübeck and also outside of Berlin. Built around a Triumph sourced four cylinder engine pumping out about 38 horsepower, this car could achieve 7 knots in the water and 70 mph on land. Described as original, this particular example appears to have been well cared for, especially considering a vehicle like this has to deal with not only road, but marine conditions.

The seller states:

The is an outstanding example of an original unmolested late model Amphicar. This is one of their last examples manafactured and has both the bilge blower and interlock bilge switch. This requires that the bilge blows for 60 seconds before the igniton will start. It has other safety features only produced on the last models: no glare dash and Spark arrestor on carberator . It also has the manual bilge blower and on board bilge pump.

This is a very low mile Amphicar and appears to have mostly original paint. The interior is in like new condition retaining original top, floor mat and trim. The car has had a recent tune up and performs remarkably well. The Amphicar is the only production vehicle ever produced to operate on land and in water. It met both Coast guard requirements and DOT regulations at time of importation. It is truly remarkable to find a vehicle in this condition. There are a few scratches which have been touched up but it would be travesty to redo a vehicle in this condition.

The original jack and owners manual–although a bit tattered–and original tool kit come inside. Based on the recent auction results, it appears the the collector world has once again put the Amphicar in its proper place. The interior of the engine compartment–as the pictures show– has the original cosmoline in tack and there is no evidence of any corrosion or damage from battery leakage.In the original battery old down is still in place. This in itself is quite a rarity.

The buy it now price of $49,995 isn’t for the faint of heart, but Amphicars have been bringing big dollars, especially at venues such as Barrett-Jackson, where one example sold a few years ago for over $100,000. Granted, the economy has softened the market for collector cars, but a showing at auction like that proves these unique cars have a following.


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  1. I had the pleasure of riding in one of these last summer on both land and water. The latter is a unique experience; watching the water rise over the fenders causes one’s mind to scream “No! No! No!”, but it proved to be moderately competent in calm, protected waters. I can’t imagine wanting to own one, but it’s definitely a “try before you die” car.

  2. Neat car, but I prefer the VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen. Replica body’s are now available, and with the a donor Beetle chassis, I’m sure one could build a very unique vehicle.

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