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How low would you go? Bargain-ready 1988 BMW M3

I rarely consider myself old enough to say “back in the day…!”, but I’ve been watching E30 M3 prices for over a decade and can sadly say that I’ve seen prices for decent ones nearly double. Well, it must be Memory Monday because there’s an M3 for sale starting at $8,000. It’s reasonably clean and well-maintained, but even the most well-maintained car get a little rough around the edges after a quarter million miles. I can’t say how much work is in there before it’s 100%. It could live a little longer, or it could be time for a rebuild ASAP. Either way, it’s important to keep these things on the road, and I think someone could get a start on this one for significantly less than the normal price of entry.

From the seller:

She has had a good run but it is time for her to move to a new home. I have owned her since 1999 or so. I am the third owner. I bought her with about 89k miles on her. I have a complete history to include the dock inspection but I do not have the window sticker. I have receipt for parts purchases and a composition book listing her history of service and repairs. All maintenance since I have owned her has been done by me. She was in two accidents:

· 2000 (or so) – Rear ended by a Corolla and pushed into a Supra. No major damage. Complete front bumper replaced and rear bumper repainted. All bumper shocks were replaced. At that time I also had the mirrors and rockers re-sprayed because when I bought the car it had the notorious red faded paint on those plastic parts.
· 2001 (or so) – Backed into by a hit and run driver while parked on the street in DC. Damage was scratch on the hood and the passenger front fender dented just where it curves to meet the front grill. The fender was replaced because the dent was on a crease and the hood was re-painted.


· Bilstein Sport Shocks w/Ground control coil-over conversion. OE front spring perches were never removed in the event I want to go back to stock springs. Rear springs are now 6” not the 5” that came originally with the kit.
· RD rear shock tower tie bar.
· BMP front Shock tower brace.
· Eclipse head unit with stock BMW amp and speakers. The original head unit comes with the car.
· OZ Mito 17 by 8.5, 13mm offset wheels ( 215/40s front & 235/40s rear – Yokohama S.Drive) . Wheels purchased from Mr. BBS. Still in good shape to be 10s a re-polish and centers re-sprayed or powder coated.
· Front aggregate guard. E30 Motor Werks Severe Duty Skid Plate. Installed after a lower pan pucker… just enough to leak oil when car was not running. Yes, the lower pan was replaced.
· Raven (Dimoff) track exhaust w/DTM tips… Loud!
· Will Chu – FG brake ducts
· HID low beams
· French (Yellow) high beams
· Sport EVO grills (Kopi)
· Smoked front signal lenses (not painted)
· Rear fog bulbs wired as additional brake lights.
· Delrin shift knob
· Short shift BavAuto
· Battery cut-off switch. Mounted on battery cover.
· Remote jump cable connection with large AMP connector with matching 12 foot heavy gauge jumper cables.
· Conforti chip
· Etc…

Current state:

· Back in November I think I burned a valve on cylinder #4. Compression numbers were 195, 200, 150 and gauge flutter… I have not opened the engine. She still will run but sounds like a flat-four with exhaust.
· A/C stopped working just at the end of the summer. I never diagnosed it. I know the compressor needs the mounting bushings which I have.
· There is a little rush on the cowl near the wipers. I also know there is some in the front jack pad region and rear of the rear wheel houses.
· Sunroof was replaced with a painted unit form Vintage Sport Racing.
· She has her second rear wing. The clear just cracked dead center…
· Both mirrors have seen better days. They could stand a repaint. Again clear coat issues.
· Interior is in great shape. The driver seat has the most wear on that outer bottom bolster.

The bidding hasn’t kicked in yet, but starting at $8,000 for the M, the myth, the legend sounds like we’re partying before the new millennium.



  1. Jim Post
    Jim Post April 12, 2011

    It needs a rebuild right now, you’re not going anywhere on that motor.

  2. Larry
    Larry April 15, 2011

    With only a few hours left, the seller lowered his reserve to $1 over the current bid of $8100. Apparently, if you want it, go get it…the seller wants it sold!

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