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1968 BMW 2000CA

The BMW 2000CS, part of the New Class at BMW, was the start of something big. This would be a car that would kick off a tradition of touring coupes whose DNA is still in the lineup to this day. When it was introduced, BMW was a bit down on its luck financially, but by the time Karmann stopped producing these coupes in 1969, the lineup was expanding and the company would be on their way towards sales successes in both the 1970s and 1980. Power came from the M10 2.0 liter four cylinder with either a single (2000C) or double (2000CS) carburetor set up. This 2000CA for sale about 30 miles southwest of Stuttgart is equipped with a 3-speed automatic and the single carb setup. It’s not a barn stormer, but it’s certainly a looker.


Year: 1968
Model: 2000CA
Engine: 2.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 6,900 km (~ 66,426(?) miles)
Price: €19,900 (~ $26,584 USD)


The BMW 2000C (with automatic transmission called CA) justified the BMW design language with the characteristic kinked C-pillar. This sporty coupe was manufactured by Karmann in Osnabrück. We have here a very interesting specimen of this series become rare: the floor assembly and the engine room are located on a towering, unwelded original condition. The original spot welds are clearly visible, which is a real rarity in old BMW coupes. This suggests a generally low mileage for expert care and always dry garage.

The equipment is completely charming: the coveted electric sunroof is available as well as four electric windows. Wood and leather underline the upper class claim this rare coupe with a starting place you should be safe on every rally. The five-digit odometer shows 06,900 km. The actual mileage is not traceable. Given the condition the total mileage is expected to be at probably only 106.900 km.

It is possible to get this rare BMW Coupe from us with a detailed status and valuation reports known from the classic car magazine “market” vintage expert Dipl.-Ing. Peter Deuschle, H-plates and new MOT.

At the time it was introduced, the fared in headlamps were certainly a departure from many vehicles on the road at the time. It’s also interesting that this car replaced the 3200CS coupe, which was the last of the body on frame, pushrod V8 vehicles that BMW would produce. This car was certainly down market a bit from the 3200CS, but more advanced and in keeping with the changing times. We would not see another V8 coupe in the lineup until the 840Ci in the 1990s.

The E9 that replaced the 2000S/CS have been bringing strong money these days, but those cars offer more power with their six cylinder engines and a bit more modern touches. Nevertheless, this is still a valuable coupe for the right collector. At a touch over $25,000, this is a lot of classic BMW for the money, but I’d suspect the automatic transmission would hold it back value wise for certain buyers. At this price, other attractive BMW coupes like the E24 M6 and 2002tii are also within reach. But these New Class coupes are rather more uncommon. Just under 12,000 were produced and fewer survive today, especially in this condition. If you want a BMW that is a bit more unique, this is a solid choice.


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  1. Harrison
    Harrison June 23, 2013

    Beautiful car. Too bad on the transmission.

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