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1973 BMW 3.0 CSL looking fine in silver

What an outstanding looking car. The BMW 3.0 CSL is a fantastic looker. The M Division set the tone for all future M cars with this and they sure started out on the right foot. When I think about the racing versions of this era CSL it conjures up the big bat wings and the pounding sound from the 400 horsepower six. There are still several genuine CSL race cars that make appearances at vintage festivals and they are a sight to behold.

This is not a racing model so you don’t have the huge horsepower engine, but you do have a car that weighs significantly under 3000 pounds with a plenty powerful engine. This car has the aerodynamic parts, wing and air dam, that really make the E9 look more purposeful over the standard chrome front bumper.

The seller lists the car as “basically a barn find” saying it sat for 20 years and then was restored in 2008. The mileage is listed as 5,359, which I suspect is since the restoration. With a car this valuable I’d want to know a bit more about the history and previous ownership. The car has a salvage title because of an accident. Which appears to have been fixed well. Normally just body damage on a single quarter panel isn’t going to get a car a salvage title, but who knows. I’d want to take a good look under the car to be sure there isn’t any weakened metal.

This car has had a 5-speed fitted for extra driver entertainment. The interior looks as spectacular as the outside. The cockpit with the clear VDO gauges is a classic look.

The underside looks like it has hardly seen anything, but clear dry asphalt.

Because of the modifications, restoration, accident, etc. this is not going to be a museum car. It is still a valuable and rare car, but one you don’t have to be quite as worried about driving around fearful of every pebble that comes your way.
The silver color has to be a selling point, German cars look great in silver. This one sure is pretty. Bidding is already getting close to $50,000. You can learn more about the E9 CSL and check out the owner registry at the BMW M Registry website.



  1. bob
    bob May 28, 2010

    Yawn…just another damn CSL. Got anything else today? Only kidding. It looks Great. Something about shooting a car in front of Jed Clampetts mansion that makes it seem so perfect. Personally, my dream car has no historic special status (CSL), only pure rust free metal from the driest part of Arizona, no, maybe the Atacama dessert would be preferable. Add to this a perfect dash and glass. It seems there is enough BMW mechanical bits floating around to put together the perfect recipe for the rest. Curious to see where this auction ends up, and what otrher cars get flushed out if the economy in California takes a further dip. I’d love a test drive in that one.

  2. sofaman
    sofaman May 28, 2010

    I sort of like the fact it’s not perfect. That way, there would be no guilt for actually putting some serious miles on it. Beautiful car. The list of Ferraris I would choose over that CSL is quite short.

  3. Evan
    Evan June 2, 2010

    Sold at $52,600. I dare say that in a few more years that will be considered a deal of a price.

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