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1987 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Valve

Another Mercedes Cosworth special is up for sale. This black one has 79,089 miles and looks good.
This one has all original body panels and paint, but also has a lot of aftermarket additions. The seller also says they have all the original parts that were removed to make the performance updates possible.
Some of the upgrades to note are the Remus exhaust and the H&R suspension setup. Also some cosmetic upgrades to spruce up the look. The seller includes a ton of photos and a video of his car.
The dog leg shifter shows the signs of lots of fun use it surley is a blast to row through the gears on this car. As the seller notes it is too bad about the cupholders being drilled into the doors, but that is not really a huge deal. The seller clearly shows all the little scuffs and dings, which aren’t major at all. It is very satisfying to see such a complete honest advertisement that appears to leave no stone uncovered. It would be nice to try and get a set of fog lights that fit a little more flush than the ones that have been added, but again if these are the only two things detrimental to the car then a new buyer will be thrilled. You can see that the hood insulation has been pulled off. It is not uncommon on Benzs for that stuff to degrade and get pulled. It actually can make the engine run cooler with it gone. The hood could use some high temp matte black paint on the underside to clean it up. With the 190E hood being able to open 90 degrees it should be no problem to paint without having to remove.
I suspect the reserve is quite high for this auction it will be interesting to see how the pricing compares to a similar era BMW E30 M3. These are great cars and this one looks to be a well represented driver.



  1. bob
    bob May 28, 2010

    I have a friend with a somewhat loose 190 2.6. Just wondering if anybody knows what these 2.3’s run like? Are they a blast running through the gears? Do they have taught M3 like handling?

  2. Paul
    Paul May 29, 2010

    There were a number of reviews that compared the E30 M3 and the 190 2.3-16 back in the day. I think the bottomline is the M3 was deemed superior. Having said that, the 2.3-16 is under appreciated and, as a result, much more affordable than a comparable M3 which is worth approx. twice as much.

  3. Evan
    Evan June 2, 2010

    Bidding ended at $10,237 reserve not met, pretty amazing as an E30 M3 in that shape would bring more bids despite the cars being so similar.

  4. Youngtimers TV
    Youngtimers TV June 29, 2010

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