1974 Carrera RS for sale in Sacramento

1974 Carrera RS for sale in Sacramento

Yesterday we looked at 1974 914 with the 911SC 3.0 motor in it. Today, we look at a 1974 911 with the 911SC 3.0 motor in it. Despite the same year and motor swap, this 911 RS strikes a completely different chord than the 914. The 914 was a mellow monster, with its unique shape and clean but subtle black theme. This 911 is about as loud as you can get. Velocity Yellow paint, 930 turbo flares, ducktail spoiler, and late-model Turbo Twist wheels scream that this is fast, mean, and unmistakably Porsche.

I prefer the black Fuchs and the long exhaust pipes seem like they’ll break off on a steep driveway, but this is a gorgeous car.  It’s obviously not a real RS (my 70s 911 variant knowledge is a work in progress so please feel free to help me out in the comments), but it’s a great conversion that looks the part inside and out and I’m sure is a blast to drive.


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  1. Nice looking car appears to be well done, its screaming for a set of Fuchs, those modern wheels kill it.

    Price is pretty steep but he’s got more money than that into it

  2. My thoughts exactly. Luckily, the black Fuchs in one of the pictures are included. Sell of the Turbos and offset a small fraction of the price…

  3. Is the item still available for sales?

  4. Great blog!!!! You alway discover some great cars and the commentary is usual spot on!

  5. Thanks for the kudos Don!


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