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1998 M3 Sedan, Dakar Yellow, 59k miles

Similar to the 1997 M3 sedan that Nate sourced a few days ago, here’s a clean, low mileage 1998 M3 sedan over at the BMW Car Club of America marketplace. It’s a rather rare shade – Dakar Yellow. Fear not, enthusiasts, this one has a proper 5 speed manual gearbox.

1998 BMW M3 sedan

The seller’s description:

heated manual seats, a few tasteful mods, all maintenance up-to-date, owned since 6/01, garage kept, superb condition, extremely clean.

Like Nate, I love these cars. Having driven a few E36 M3 coupes and sedans in my day, I can say that it is by far one of my favorites, provided the example comes with three pedals. I was never enamored with the E46 and E90 series M3s, but this kind of reflects my thoughts on most of the BMW lineup as of late. With all the electronic wizardry and added weight, these newer M models have kind of lost the plot. While they are undoubtedly excellent machines, the E36 embodies everything that was right about the old BMW. Crisp lines, legendary powerplants and God’s own handling.



  1. Nate
    Nate January 15, 2010

    Right on, Paul. This thing is hot. I’ve never actually seen a sedan in Dakar. I kinda like it though. I do think that spoilers on this car totally ruin the lines though. The way the lines come together naturally on the rear is one of my favorite parts, and a spoiler totally detracts from that.

    And while I love me some E36 M3, I can’t help but think $17k is way overpriced. The Astoril Blue my friend has (with only 45k miles) that I mentioned blue books around $13k, not including Dinan. 17 is too many.

  2. Paul
    Paul January 15, 2010

    Yeah, not a fan of the spoiler either. If I could find a clean one in the right color, I think this may be my next ride.

  3. Jim
    Jim January 15, 2010

    Not a fan of the car period, the sequential gear box LOL. The real M3 is the e30. All the ones after that were not hand built and were developed by the marketing department not the original M division.

  4. Alan
    Alan January 19, 2010

    Nice Car, I love Dakar Sedans, They are rare, but I’ve seen them come up for sale every few months.

    17k is a LOT of money for that car. It *might* be worth 15k to the right buyer, but the owner better have a big stack of maintenance receipts to get that kind of loot for it.

  5. eric
    eric March 21, 2010

    willyou consider selling it ? i am from socal.

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