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1977 Mercedes-Benz 240D with 52,000 original miles

If there was a top ten list of legendary Mercedes-Benz models, you would most certainly find the W123 series sedans, wagons and coupes on this list. Introduced as a replacement for the W114/W115 “strict acht” or “stroke eight” series, the W123 lived on until 1985 and the introduction of the new E class series. The W123 series is renowned for its relative simplicity, reliability and as a result, is a popular means of transport in developing nations to this day. Purchasing one of these cars with triple digit mileage is something that should not be shied away from, however, clean, lower mileage examples are becoming more and more scarce. There are still some out there, though, like this very original first year example in a rare shade of green.

The seller states:

1977 Mercedes Benz 240D with under 52,000 original miles. I just got this from the original owners’ daughter. I have service records for the past 7 years to verify mileage and maintenance. Everything works (yes, even the air conditioning). Car is in great condition. Runs, shifts, stops great. No abnormal diesel tailpipe smoking. Color is Kaledonien Grun, or Caledonia Green, DB867 color code. You will not find a cleaner, more solid, lower mileage 240D period. Tires are new.

The 122 pictures speak for themselves at

I’m a sucker for rare colors and can’t remember the last time I saw any Mercedes in this hue. I think it fits the car well. There is about five days left and the car has not met a reserve. I would assume the seller is looking to get closer to the $10,000 mark, but he might be trying to hold out for more than that. In this era of ever increasing fuel costs, the 240D enables its owner to conserve resources while being classy. And with low mileage like this, the 240D stands ready and willing to motor on for decades to come.



  1. Evan
    Evan May 9, 2011

    Love the license plate with that color.

  2. AlwaysFixing
    AlwaysFixing May 9, 2011

    Great looking car! $10k seems like a fair deal for everyone involved.

  3. Bob
    Bob May 9, 2011

    If ever there was a car you buy and have it last for the rest of your life, this is it.

  4. Larry
    Larry May 10, 2011

    Love the car – even with that “love it or hate it” color (I don’t particularly love it, but it has a period-correct feel to it).

    What offends me is the Sony stereo! They couldn’t find a replacement Blaupunkt unit?!?

  5. Wes
    Wes May 10, 2011

    Love it.

  6. Larry
    Larry May 10, 2011

    Give the seller credit for the numerous detailed photos in the link, highlighting all the pros and cons of the car. Impressive.

  7. Larry
    Larry May 13, 2011

    Seller just added a “buy it now” price of $8K (bidding is up to $6100 with a little over a day left).

  8. Larry
    Larry May 15, 2011

    This car sold for the Buy It Now of $8000

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