1981 BMW 320i Callaway

This one is up in my neck of the woods and it looks like a real nice example.

Year: 1981
Model: 320i Callaway
Engine: 2.0 inline four turbo
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 73,835
Price: $16,491

1981 BMW 320i Callaway at Geneva Foreign & Sports1981 BMW 320i Callaway

The Callaway isn’t really a name most folks associate with BMW, but apparently Mr. Callaway himself drove a trusty 320i and thus his fledgling company developed a turbo system for the car.

The seller dealer doesn’t provide too much information, but does suggest that less than 100 of these were built. Some searching around shows up several other examples that have sold in the past few years, but none look as nice as this one here.

The car has covered 74,000 miles. Stock the four cylinder was putting out 125 horsepower, with the turbo setup like this maybe we are looking at 175.

There are supportive looking seats and bigger Compomotive rims for spirited driving. The car also has some accents that show someone has done some work, a Neuspeed strut bar, Alpina steering wheel, Momo shift knob, and Bosal Brospeed chrome exhaust for instance.

I wish the car was in Euro trim, with the smaller bumpers, but it still is a good looker.

With the dealer asking $16,500 you are paying a lot for that Turbo and Callaway badges, but at least unlike some rides you get an actual working boost gauge and turbo to back up the stickers. The dealer suggests, perhaps half jokingly, that this would make a good track car, someone spending that much for an E21 in this setup, probably is more likely to take it to car shows and play up its rarity. If it is a track car that is wanted money would be better spent on a shell and a true for the track engine.

This will turn heads at a few car shows.

1981 BMW 320i Callaway at Geneva Foreign & Sports



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  1. I believe the US spec 320i could barely muster 100hp in stock form so 175hp would be a lot of fun. I think the price is decent. The car appears to be in great shape, is a proper Callaway car, has some tasteful updates and I love the fact that the radio is sitting the right way on the dash, I never liked the upward facing units on the “regular” E21s we got.

  2. This is very nice. I would like it.

    However I would rish to rather find a M30 based E21 like a Hartge model if at all possible.

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