1981 BMW Alpina B7 – REVISIT

With all of the BMWs flying around here this week, and an Alpina B6 earlier this week, I did some digging and came across this amazing 1981 Alpina B7 that Dan featured back in June. Sadly it hasn’t found the right home. With a slightly lowered price, here’s hoping this beauty can move on to a good home.

Year: 1981
Model: Alpina B7
Engine: 3.0 inline six turbocharged
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: ???
Price: $26,500

1981 BMW Alpina B7 turbo sedan on Craigslist Portland – REVISIT

Below is the original feature from June 2012

Now here is a rare bird, a true E12 Alpina B7 Turbo. The E12 5-series pre-dated the more common E28 5-series and has always been under his younger brother’s shadow. Maybe it was the fact that when the E12 530i was first offered in the US it featured thermal reactors and the most dismal fuel economy outside a big-block powered 1-ton pickup. They started off slow here on our shores, but if you have never seen an E12 M535i… Google that if you want to see an amazing car that started M sedan history. Even cooler than an M535i is what Alpina was doing to the cars with the rare B7. They made 300hp and had the suspension and brake mods to go with them. If you can remember in 1981 a Porsche 911SC made 180hp and the Chevrolet Corvette made just 190hp, so imagine a 4-door sedan with a turbocharged 300hp inline 6!

1981 BMW Alpina B7 on Portland Craigslist for $28,500

1981 Alpina B7 turbo sedan. Authentic Alpina car from Germany, rare and original numbers matching car. One of 209 E12 Chassis Based 5 series Sedans B7 and B7S’s built between 1978-1982 with 300 hp turbocharged engine. Car is Sapphire blue metallic. Interior is black with Scheel seats upholstered in Alpina cloth. No sunroof. Close ratio dog leg 5 speed transmission, limited slip differential (2.93 gears) with oil cooler. Auxiliary gas tank in trunk, Alpina Auxiliary turbo gauges, along with Alpina standard instrument cluster gauges and adjustable boost knob between front seats. Alpina steering wheel and shift knob. Car is fitted with Alpina staggered 16″ wheels and full Alpina suspension. Car in very good condition cosmetically and mechanically. Local Sale preferred as car may not meet smog laws in many states. Car was registered previously in California and still has CARB sticker in door jamb but I cannot assist a buyer in California to make this car legal there again.

It is really difficult to put a price tag on a car like this, Alpina built just 209 B7 and B7S cars and very few of them reached our shores. How many are still left? The owner is knowledgeable and is aware of what he has. The market for 4-door collectibles has always been much softer than 2-doors but if you want to own a very rare and unusual piece of BMW history, what is the price? I hope a fellow enthusiast decides this is a keeper and if we’re lucky they will take it to the Legends of the Autobahn event in Carmel, it would be perfect there!

– Nathan from Columbia Valley Luxury Cars

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  1. I bought a car from the seller of this Alpina. You can be sure it is exactly as described. Honest and incredibly knowledgeable about his cars.

  2. Hello mister i’am verry interesting for your
    Car BMW alpina B7 turbo E12 please can you give me your phone number please .
    Thank you .

  3. Laughing out LOUD: The Alpina popped up on the German “MOBILE.DE” website for now – hard to believe: 45.000 EURO = 60.000 US$ ……This is more than ridiculous…Do you think we are stupid? Well, who knows…. Good luck: This is what you need!

  4. Reminder for all interested / fans: To own an Alpina is an expensive experiment (even though a true beauty and fascinating):
    especially the older turbos:
    – rear axle/limited slip differential (oil-cooled) not available anymore or for not less than 1800 US$
    – turbo charger not available anymore or for not less than 2000 US$
    – exhaust (has to be handmade/rebuild: thats probably the reason for the NOT ORIGINAL one, which is used here)
    surprise, surprise… or just be prepared

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