Low Mileage 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit L – REVISIT

We featured this 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit L at the end of last year, but it’s worth another look as you don’t see nice non-GTi Mk1s in such good nick. Offered at no reserve, this Rabbit has been well-cared for by a noted Volkswagen enthusiast and GCFSB follower. If you’ve been looking for a unique Mk1, time to get your bid in on this one.

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The below post originally appeared on our site December 13, 2014:

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One of a Kind 1976 VW Rabbit VR5 Swap


As far as powerplants go, VW has been experimenting throughout the years looking for the perfect mix of economy, and power, and in many cases has been successful. However in some cases, they mostly succeeded in creating an oddity…enter the VR5. The VR5 had a pretty healthy run in the Passat, Bora, and some Skoda models outside of the US market as an alternative the staple 1.8T.  But what is it really? Well, because of the very narrow angle of the “V” it can’t be considered a true V5 engine, as all cylinders share the same bank. The V5 is more closely aligned with Volkswagen’s legendary VR6, minus one cylinder, so technically is’s staggered 5, and has more in common with the inline-5s used in the Passat and Audi Quattros of the ’80s.

No matter how you classify it, it’s a pretty stout powerplant that sounds like a cross between an audi quattro, and a Corrado SLC. Producing 170 bhp this 20v version of the V5 engine would make a big heavy Passat, or MK4 Bora jump off the line,  swap it in to a light MK1 chassis, and now you have something a bit ridiculous. That is exactly what the seller of this Oceanic Blue Swallowtail Rabbit did, employing the age old hot rodders recipe (big engine in little car) creating something the world has never seen before, and likely won’t for a long time.


Year: 1976
Model: Rabbit
Engine: 2.3 VR5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 132,800 mi
Price: $8,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: One of a Kind 4 Door Oceanic Blue 20V VR5 Swallowtail on VW Vortex


I have an addiction to locating and building classic custom cars and trucks and it always seems I have about 30 potential project cars in mind at a time… but space and money aren’t there unfortunately.. I’d like to start the process of sourcing my next big project and I need the cash from this to invest in the base vehicle. I am NOT in the need to sell this in a fire sale fashion and I will ONLY sell it to a buyer that I feel will appreciate the car for what it is and take care of it.

For anyone that is unsure. The FULL build thread from start to finish can be seen here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea…n-blue-swallow.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything done to it. I’ll keep adding to the list as I think of things.. I forget half the work I put into these cars and it takes me driving them and thinking about it to remember.

1976 Ocean Bleu Swallowtail 4 door.
Hi option model with kneebar, all chrome exterior trim and passive restraint belts
Original Paint with some minor rust in exterior panels only (this is only visual stuff that isn’t structural)

Mechanical :

Worlds only running AND driving (one car just was started with one a couple weeks ago) V5 Mk1 and the only 20V V5 engine in the US (at least in a car)
Running the OEM Mk4 V5 wiring/injection with a sport tune by C2 Motorsports
Mk4 OEM Drive By Wire Throttle integrated into the OEM pedal cluster
VR6 Transmission rebuilt with a shorter 4 cylinder R&P
Clutch Cable Conversion using a mix of OEM parts and a custom cable mount on the transmission
BFI motor mounts in modified Eurowise VR6 engine mounts with a delrin rear trans mount and Eurowise axles
A/C, P/S, SAI, and all emissions stuff deleted
custom V5 header made from an OEM V5 manifold to a custom straight through2.25 exhaust system with a borla SS muffler.
custom 3″ core aluminum dual pass radiator
Custom aluminum intake tube with flipped C2 Motorsports aluminum MAF tube running into an OEM Mk1 Turbo Diesel intake box with K&N filter with drilled airbox
Original swallowtail diagnostic box has been converted to allow you to plug a flying lead in and scan the vehicle with VAG-COM
All new fuel lines, fuel tank, fuel pump, etc
new V5 specific parts: intake manifold and valve cover gaskets, crack pipe, thermo housing, water pump, exhaust manifold gasket, etc.

All original clear glass with NEW front windshield seal, and new chrome trim all around.
New thin chrome side trim
OEM Australian “Euro” small chrome bumpers
OEM early Post Golf Taillights
Chrome OEM Wiper arms
OEM front small duckbill
NEW full Klokkerholm floor pans and support rails welded in
Passenger frame rail notched and blended for OEM appearance
Early Chrome trim US spec Sidemarkers on all 4 corners

ALL NEW Copper/Nickel Brake lines (will outlast the life of the car)
new master cylinder
Converted to 9.4 vented GTI front brakes (new calipers and hoses)
new rear drums, shows, wheel cylinders and flex lines
new control arms with poly bushings
new rear beam bushings
new wheel bearings on all 4 corners
new ball joints and tie rods and tie rod boots (converted to later 19mm ball joints)
Early rebuildable front strut mounts with Audi 90 rubber mounts inside
Cheap-o front coilovers with UVAIR sleeve bags
custom rear airlift air struts
paddle valve air setup with controls in kneebar
new Viaiar Compresor and 3 gallon tank hidden in spare tire well
Air hose attachment for filling tires and running air tools attached to tank
Custom 2-piece 16″ OEM Porsche Fuchs 16×6 made to fit BBS Motorsport outer lips for customization with 20mm Raceland adapters
eurospec 165/40/16 Tires with one summer of driving on them

Rare Orange-Brown Interior with very nice diagonal stripe swallowtail door cards
Really nice original interior I sourced 2.5 full interiors to make this one nice one
NEW stockinteriors.com carpet in matching orange/brown color
golf ball shift knob
early eurospec super base model bakelite style swallowtail steering wheel (hard plastic real thin grip)
very nice (dare i say mint?) headliner
NOS base model swallowtail rear hatch prop rod (non hydraulic)
dash has some minor cracking but is in decent shape for its age
OEM silver gauge bezel with original (WORKING!) radio and dash speaker
Floor pans have been undercoated, seam sealed, and thermocoustic sound deadener pads put down under the carpet.
Heat and blower motor still work mint in the car!

Negatives/Things to mention:

The car was stored a good part of its life indoors when abandoned.. but it does have some rust in panels around the car. I have fixed ALL structural damage or rot on the car. Overall it is really solid since it was a car that was treated with a Rusty Jones type treatment for some of its life.

The drivers fender and A-Pillar have some small holes in them in the usual spot. I cleaned and rust proofed the windshield frame when I had the windshield to replace the seal a month ago the bottom of the drivers fender has a bit of rust.

The passenger fender at the bottom has rust where it bolts to the core support
Car is a true survivor and has dings and scrapes and minor dents around the car. View all pics in my build thread you can see every inch of it there.
I never got around to sourcing a Passat/Corrado g60 speedo cable to make the speedo work.. i just use my gps in my phone…
Recently I realized that the fuel level sender has cracked and isn’t sealing fumes from the tank out properly. A definite gas smell when you first drive the car.. I can fix before selling.. I drive the car A LOT so I may do it out of annoyance any day now…
rear window seal is original and cracked/split. It leaks into the trunk on heavy rains, but i keep it under a car cover most times.. just haven’t gotten around to it.. again I may do that soon if I get time..

I’m sure there are a lot more things I’ll add over the next days.. but I need to jog my memory (or just read the build thread). This car is VERY SPECIAL to me and it hurts me to think of selling it..

I’ll start the pricing as it sits with all mods and rare parts at: $8,000 OBO
If you begin to add up the basics of this car.. you’ll see that this price is definitely worth it.. figure a decent stock running/driving swallowtail with all the rare bits is worth 4-6K, the rare engine swap just to buy it and get it into the country would cost $2-4k
The wheels/tires- $2k+, all of the rare parts and new replacement parts, etc- $2k.. you get the idea. I’ll accept reasonable offers and I’ll consider working with someone by removing certain parts to get the price where they need.. but I won’t go crazy.


Having followed this build from the start, I can say that I’m sad to see the car go. I know the heart and soul it takes to build a car like this, from conception, to sourcing the parts, and all of the nights and weekends spent making it a reality, this is something you don’t do for the money. With all of those things considered, I’m surprised at the asking price. A swallowtail MK1 alone is a pretty rare and sought after car, throw in the rare parts and mods, and this car could fetch $8,000 with the stock engine. Now we’re adding in an uncommon engine and all of the engineering time and money to make it work, that bumps up the value significantly. All in, I’d consider this to be a $10,000 car all day long, making this a virtual bargain for the MK1 enthusiast that wants something no one else has.


1988 BMW M5

Concerned about the seemingly irrational behavior of the stock market? “M” might stand for Macy’s on Wall Street, but for us petrolheads it means but one thing: Motorsport. The original E30 M3 has sounded the horn for a bull market of early M cars, an effect that is trickling down to its contemporaries, the E24 M6 and this car, the E28 M5. One of GCFSB’s own, Nate, got in on what seems like the ground floor of early M5 fun almost two years ago. But each time an E28 M5 comes up for sale, the price seems to edge up a bit. Now here comes this minter for sale in California pushing $20,000 with 132k miles. Are the days of the affordable, original M5 over?

Year: 1988
Model: M5
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 132,800 mi
Price: $19,999.95 Buy It Now


Selling my family owned since 1991 E28 BMW M5. It is in great condition and has always been cherished. It is mostly stock with only a dinan chip and upgraded stereo (original included). The car has brand new E28 M5 16″ wheels purchased from BMW and I just repainted the hood. The car has no scratches or dents. It was stored in a garage in California all its life and has never seen rain. My uncle kept this car up very well. I have a stack of service records since 1991. It has cold AC and everything works. The body is as straight as an arrow and there have been no accidents that I am aware of.

My uncle was sick for a while and it was not driven much in the last few years. I just paid to have a full tune up done, new clutch, rebuilt transmission, new wires, spark plugs. There are a few minor issues: 1. The trunk shocks need to be changed, the trunk wont stay up on a hill. 2. It may need a starter soon. 3. The front power seat moves foward slow. Please text me with any questions, 858-7O7-549Five. I am an expert on shipping cars and work in logistics. I will ship worldwide once payment in US $ clears.

The asking price for this M5 – let’s just call it $20,000 – is about at the top end of what a mint M5 will bring. If this car had under 100,000 miles, preferably something closer to 75k, I could maybe see it. This car has a few issues to be ironed out and with this kind of mileage, you may be looking at a top end rebuild at some point in the near future. Cosmetically, it looks like there is little to fault, but mechanically, a few things may need doing. It will be interesting to see if someone bites at this price.


Shark Week: 1984 BMW 628CSi

Never available in North America the 628 CSI was the entry level 6 series, featuring the fuel injected 2.8 borrowed from the 5 series.  With a touch less power than the 630 that it replaced the 628 was certainly no M6, but as far a german touring coupes go, these were right near the top of the mark for the buyer that didn’t necessarily want all of the flash and drama of the M6 (yes those people exist).

This barely used example for sale in Germany is a flash back to what it was like to be cruising in style in 1984.

Year: 1984
Model: 628CSi
Engine: 2.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 75,800 km (~ 47,099 mi)
Price: €15,990 (~ $21,199 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1984 BMW 628CSi on Mobile.de

One owner, 70,800km, automatic transmission, air conditioning, electric sunroof. Electric driver’s seat, electric rear windows, on-board computer, electric mirrors, chrome trim, cloth seats, leather sports steering wheel, alloy wheels, power steering, central locking, electric windows – front, ABS

As far as tidy classic german cars go, this is right on point.  For a car that is just a shade under 30 years old to have beautiful shining paint, a rip/crack free interior, and all working electrics, is a true testament to not only the way it was cared for, but the way it was built.  All that said, I just don’t see the $21,199 in this car.  Are there E24s fetching this kind of money, absolutely, but those cars are the top of the range cars, not the entry level models.  That is because as time passes, it’s the top range cars like the M6, and 635CSI that will appreciate the most as collector models.  Bottom line, this car is cool, and very clean, but a $12,000 – $13,000 car at best.


1981 Volkswagen Polo


Stemming from the Audi 50 and built to be an ultra compact economy car, the VW Polo fits that bill perfectly. The only thing smaller than the size of the car is the displacement of the engine, a 0.9 liter carbed four cylinder. While it was an economy car at heart, VW used the Polo as a test bed for many of the technologies that made their way in to later cars, like the supercharged G40 which later grew in to the G60 found in the Golf Special, Rallye Golf, and stateside, the Corrado G60.

The Polo was never sold here in the states, but a few enthusiasts have brought them here, and every so often they pop up for sale. This clean low mile example for sale in York, Pennsylvania will insure that you stand out at the local VW show.


Year: 1981
Model: Polo
Engine: 0.9 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 57,000 km (35,418 mi)
Price: $6,500

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1981 Volkswagen Polo on VW Vortex


That time of year. Getting the urge to move onto something else. I have owned this car since 2007. It is a ton of fun and gets lots of looks, even from people that have no idea what it is. I am really looking for a fun car I can take the whole family in if I want.

1981 VW Polo imported from Germany.

0.9L 4cyl w/ 4spd transmission

Runs great, always starts reliably. Even after being in storage all winter. It does need a new heater core. It is currently out and the lines are looped. These do not require you to pull the dash, it is accessed under the rain tray. The body has some rust issues and shoddy repairs. All in all not bad, but is a 32 year old body. Interior only has one problem area on the driver side seat bolster. I have spare material that you could repair it with if desired.

It is lowered on a cup kit of some sort and has Borbet Type C 14″ wheels on it. Also have the stock steelies for it. I have a spare motor as well. A 1.3L with a VWMS manifold and twin weber carbs.

$6,500 OBO would consider trades for a E36 M3  Located in York, PA.


As painfully slow as these cars are, they are a hoot to drive. Just allow plenty of time to merge on the highway, or any road for that matter. In reality though, you don’t buy a car like this for speed, it’s all about the rarity and the cool factor.  Having seen this car in person, I can tell you, it draws a crowd, and sparks conversations. The cool factor alone is worth its weight in gold, couple that with a legal Pennsylvania registration, and you have a pretty good deal at $6,500. Let’s face it, you couldn’t import this car for near that price.


1998 RUF Turbo R (993TT)


One of the premier names in Porsche tuning, Ruf Automobile GmbH is a German automobile manufacturer. that specializes in specialty builds based on Porsche chassis. Founded in the late 1930’s as a repair shop, it wasn’t until 1977 that Ruf debuted their first full production car based on a 930 Porsche. What really put Ruf on the map was the creation of the CTR in 1987 which set the record as the world’s fastest production car at the time. Since then, Ruf has become the most renound names in the automotive tuning market with such hits ar the CTR2, CTR3, and RGT-8 all of which produce number that put most supercars to shame.

With such a stellar resume, it’s no wonder the seller of this stunning 993TT turned to Ruf to build his dream car.


Year: 1998
Model: RUF Turbo R
Engine: 3.6 liter twin turbo flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 35,000 mi
Price: $110,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1998 RUF Turbo R on thesamba.com


1998 RUF Turbo R (993TT)

This is my own personal car (I am not a dealer, not that dealers are bad) and I am an avid adult car enthusiast, this is my second Porsche and I am a PCA member…

1998 Porsche 993 RUF Turbo R Conversion…On record at RUF Germany and have RUF Receipts/Paperwork…
Clean Title (in hand)
Exterior – White
Interior – Two tone Navy Blue/Black with Carbon Fiber accents. The blue is truly navy (so darker tone but in pics do to lighting can look purple-ish but it is NOT, it is dark navy)
Miles Total – 35,500 on car, with roughly 15K range on RUF Turbo R package engine installed at time of conversion…
I bought the car in summer 2012 from a Porsche PCA Member who was the second owner and has owned the car since July 2000; first leasing through his business and then buying out the lease. (I am the third owner.)
RUF Turbo R conversion done in April 2001, car at the time had roughly 21,000 miles. This was a new engine sent from Germany from RUF with RUF techs to do the conversion. This engine now has about 15K miles on it bringing total 35,500…. Conversion Documented and on Record at RUF Germany; I have paperwork.
Prior owner added many upgrades and available to talk by phone if needed with serious buyer; Bilstien PSS9 Adjustable coil overs, stainless fabspeed exhaust  – car sounds amazing… see links to vids below, check valve kit, serpentine belt upgrade, 993 to power 996 seat conversion with white painted seat backs, also many genuine RUF parts…

*RUF front bumper/facia
*RUF rear bumper/facia
*RUF steering wheel w/airbag
*RUF stainless exhaust tips
*RUF badging front and rear

The car has Rain gutters shaved (this is a big job), prior owner also added Porsche TURBO S Ducts (the look amazing) and the Gemballa side skirts…….
When I bought the car I immediately wanted to go through it top to bottom, so we removed engine just to address light oil damp on timing chain covers etc (normal stuff with these cars)..check turbos etc…(again normal issues with these cars after 15 years). We had the Turbo’s fully rebuilt by one of the best shops in the country (have receipts), we replaced cylinder head #2 (all with Porsche OEM part(s)), did upper seals, new seals on all timing chain covers, replaced flywheel and clutch, new engine mounts, new Turbo hoses, and more… detailed engine ticket/receipts in the $25,000.00+ range (Done by TOP notch local shop www dot eurotechracecars.com) I also went through the chassis/car replacing stereo (ipod, hands free, etc)+ new speakers, adding RS Leather door panels, hardwired V1 up by rear view mirror, all new Carbon Fiber Dash+CF Ruf ebrake lever+ have carbon fiber RUF logo sills not yet installed (all CF made in Germany by Marcus Buhler, many know him on RL, his CF is top shelf). We also did steering rod boots and some other things…. I added more RUF parts as well noted below… I have detailed receipts of all work done. I also added…
* RUF Euro gauges (done by Palo Alto Speedometer)
* RUF shifter
* RUF pedal kit,
* RUF 19 wheels powder coat black (matte)
* RUF Carbon Fiber e-brake (custom)
* RUF Carbon Fiber sills (custom not yet installed)

I had calipers (These are Porsche Big Red Turbo Brakes) removed tuned and professionally painted yellow and added RUF script, replaced brake lines, some faded trim pieces replaced on car, a malfunctioning rear view mirror control replaced, removed stock CD changer and factory amp etc.. (have stock parts and door panels etc) All this work and parts was over $15,000.00.
We finally sent the ECU to RUF for a go through as wasn’t reading in DME, and decided to buy a new RUF TURBO R/Porsche ECU all again documented with RUF and have receipts…

This was a near open check book full top to bottom sorting of a very unique and rare Porsche RUF automobile. Very few RUF Turbo R conversions in existence in the states and even less as a 1998, white in color, with so many RUF parts, low miles (only 35.5K on car and not even 16K on RUF engine) + rear wheel drive! Many unique upgrades from S Turbo ducts, rain gutters removed etc….
*Original Porsche turbo books, binder, tools, Full organized folder of receipts and documentation included…
*Clean title and in hand
*Autocheck report clean
*Carfax shows Minor accident in 2006 < I have original police report that says what happened and will provide… minor. Flat tire caused wheel to come off rim and brush along car next to it. The car had some paint scrapes on one side and dented rear fender, needed a new wheel etc… no dents filled, body shop replaced rear fender with OEM Porsche fender and painted… I talked to shop that did the work and they confirmed the same and again the police report that outlines what happened (which I have)….full disclosure seller here.
(prior owner also available to speak with as noted prior)

…. Car comes with two sets of keys, I have many parts left over like the original door panels, I have a TON of pics of engine work in progress, I have a big piece of matching blue leather hide, car cover, and even a rear TURBO 993TT wing as the car now has a Porsche oem TURBO S wing…. I was going to swap the S wing out for the base 993TT wing but haven’t yet…(just my preference)

open to answer any questions.
.. … my mechanic thinks I should keep after all this work.

NOTE – Fresh inspection sticker from Porsche Dealer (Inskip Porsche Warwick RI) just added a few weeks back….only person that touched the car at dealer is a 25 year air cooled tech that has worked on other RUF cars… also available if needed to talk with serious buyer…

Car could use some paint touch ups mainly around Gambella side skirts to be perfect, these were added over 10 years ago etc.. can send pics to interested buyers.

Why selling? I am into this car for much more then I have ever imagined… I was planning to keep the car for ever so the work that was done got done right but simply exceeded budget. That said, I can pay my bills, and far from a car poor guy here, not forced to sell but choosing to sell… Just have family and son in private schools and I keep my toy budget to a certain $ cap… and this has gone past that point….. it happens!

I wrote the above the way I like to see adds with as much data as possible. Any questions PM me directly… car can be seen in Newport RI… I am hoping to get better pics done soon… but for now hope these are OK..




WOW is an understatement with this car, not only is fast, but I could literally stare at it for hours….it’s that beautiful. These days, the 993 Turbo models, because of raw power,and status as the final air-cooled 911 Turbo cars are commanding a massive premium. Couple that with the extensive list of modifications, Ruf records and paperwork, and suddenly the $110,000 asking price starts to seem reasonable. While this car is out of most hobbyist leagues, it’s nice to know that cars like this are out there. I’d be happy with a poster of it on my bedroom wall, as that’s about as close as I’ll ever get.


1971 Volkswagen T2 Single Cab

What was once a cult vehicle, often cast aside due to the sheer awkwardness of them, the T2 single and double cabs are coming in to the mainstream with a vengance.

With the high production and import numbers of the Volkswagen beetle, one would expect these things to be everywhere…right? Wrong. The reason lies in the ’60s with the Johnson administration. In retaliation for a tax on frozen chickens (yes frozen chickens) implemented by the German government, the US came up with a tax of their own. In an effort to harm the German economy and just plain get even, there was a 25% tax placed on all German trucks imported in to the US. By 1971 VW had decided to stop importing commercial vehicles into USA, and now here we are with some pretty rare trucks. Canada continued to import them but with the US dealerships unable to sell them and rising inflation in the ’70s, Canadian dealers soon gave up as well, making VW trucks a rare sight on North American soil.

In recent years these trucks have been commanding serious money. Blame it on Barret Jackson, or blame it on American Pickers. Either way these rare birds are no longer the hidden gem among the VW enthusiast community; rather they are high dollar auction bait.

Year: 1971
Model: T2 Single Cab
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 66,000 mi
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1971 Volkswagen T2 Single Cab on eBay

Beautiful 1971 Single Cab. I had “Moose” for about a year or so. When I got him he needed some metal and body work. I had the metal work done by one person, then had a local company sand blast the entire pick-up (including treasure chest). I then had it painted green and white by a local painter. The interior seats and door panels are new. The windshield is new with seal. The back window also has a new seal which the glass company reversed but it is totally functional. It has good older tires and new hubcaps. Last week I had the transmission rebuilt and a tune up, valves adjusted, points. plugs and oil. It shifts well but you have to get used to the 1st and 2nd gear as the shifting mechanism is slightly off. You will have no problems once you drive it for a while. The motor compression was strong on all 4 cylinders.

The dash is presentable with several age cracks. The treasure chest is also painted green. The body is in great shape. There are some waves in the gates as the prior owner used it to transport wood. There is a slight oil leak like most of the VWs I’ve owned. The driver side turn signal bulb holder needs to be replaced but the signal works. Wiper, horn, turn signals and lights work. One reverse and another light may be out. Steering is good as are the shocks. I have new rubber seals for the front doors which the new owner can install. Headliner is in good condition with some scrapes and small tears. Passenger mirror cracked. Missing VW emblem. Not sure where it is and if I find it  will be put on. I have an original owners manual and all records will go with Moose.

Moose is a great vehicle with a large bed and easy fold down gates. If you do not want attention this vehicle is not for you. Usually asked about it every time I park somewhere. Thumbs up are common as well. I was going to use Moose for my antique and collectible business but find it too nice for that, hence the sale.

Will not disclose reserve, NOT interested in trades, no BIN. Good luck!!!!!

Restorations of these trucks are becoming more common than ever. I would like to think that it’s for the love of the vehicle and not the dollar signs, but who are we kidding here? Given the condition that this truck started in, I would definitely want to go over the restoration with a fine tooth comb (and a paint thickness meter) because while it looks good in pictures, the true test of the restoration will be in the details. Judging by the description, the seller may not be the guy to give the details on the resto, so further investigation will be needed to get the real story. Either way this nice looking example of a rare bird should go in the $8,000 to $10,000 range.


2003 BMW M5


After a three year hiatus, the sport sedan market forced BMWs hand at putting out the E39 M5…and for that we thank you. Thought by many to be one of the greatest saloon cars ever produced, I’m inclined to agree. With the sound of a muscle car, handling of a Porsche, and the acceleration of a bullet, the M5 just plain did everything right. You may be thinking, how can thes cars still he so revered almost a decade later? The answer to that is an easy one…simplicity.

No, I’m not stuttering, it’s the simplicity of the E39 that makes it such a great car, allow me to explain. With each successive generation of M5, BMW is adding more and more personalization, technology, and gadgetry in order to tailor the car to the driver. However, in many ways these systems, and iDrive menus do the exact opposite, creating a buffer between the driver and the car. The E39 had two settings, M, and not M, that’s it. The beauty in this is, like previous M generations, you drove the car as it was…and isn’t that 99% of the fun?

This stunning one owner M5 for sale in New York is a great way to get back to basics.

Year: 2003
Model: M5
Engine: 4.9 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 85,937 miles
Price: $18,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS: One Owner 2003 BMW M5 on BMW CCA Classifieds


I am the original owner of the vehicle and have the window sticker and all service records since new. The car is completely stock with no after-market modifications. Other than tires and replacement batteries, all service, maintenance and repairs have been performed by authorized BMW dealers (BMW of Greenwich Ct and BMW of Ridgefield CT). Oil and fluid changes as well as other maintenance items were performed under “Old School” guidelines more frequently than that prescribed by BMW. The “Service Engine Soon” light is currently illuminated. According to BMW of Ridgefield, the fault code is for carbon build up in the secondary air system. Although the car has some minor dings, blemishes and a crack in the chin spoiler, it has never had any paintwork (other than minor touch ups) or been in accident. The interior is in immaculate condition. Non-Smoker. Clean vehicle history report. Features include :Wide-screen MKIV DVD Navigation System with updated DVD Navigation Disc, 60/40 Split Fold Rear Seat with Ski Bag,  Park Distance Control, Heated Front Seats, Alcantara Headliner, Homelink Universal Garage Door Opener, Xenon Headlamps with Angel Eyes, Power Sliding Moon-roof.


Finished in Silver over black, this meticulously maintained M5 is one of the nicest examples I’ve seen in a while. In true bimmer enthusiast fashion, this car was meticulously kept, and maintained over it’s 10 year life. Having only traveled 85K miles, this car still has a ton of life left in it. With an asking price of $18,900 this car is priced right where it should be, and well below other examples I’ve seen with similar history. I’m guessing that to the right buyer, the seller would let this beauty go for a song in the $17,500 area, and that’s a car well bought.


1977 Audi 50 GLS

Every now and then you come across a car that commands your attention. For most it’s a Ferrari 458 or a Bentley. For VW/Audi enthusiasts, it’s a rare and clean Audi like this 1977 Audi 50 for sale on Long Island, NY.

The Audi 50 was Audi’s ultra economy car offered as a three door hatchback with a 1.3l inline 4 that produced 59 bhp. Not exactly a hot hatch, but then again that was not the intention of this car. Rarely seen stateside, the Audi 50 was popular in Europe, both because its bang for the buck. In typical VW fashion, the VW version (Polo) and Audi badged 50 models were sold side by side for 3 years until 1978. As is typical for the economy class of cars, the less expensive VW Polo outsold the Audi 50, ultimately resulting in the 50’s demise. After the death of the 50 Audi changed their focus to the higher market car that they are known for today.

Year: 1977
Model: 50 GLS
Engine: 1.3L inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 111,000 km (70K miles)
Price: $15,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1977 Audi 50 on vwvortex.com

I have the ONLY Audi 50 in North America (predecessor to the mk1 vw polo) and there are few survivors across the pond, I did a ground up resto on it… entire shell in, out and bay was taken to bare metal and resprayed porsche albertblau, seats taken down to the skeleton and rebuilt, 1.3L single carb OG motor refurbished and tuned (odometer stopped at 111,000 kilometers (around 70K OG miles) but I can assure you it cant be much more, 4 speed manual shifts mint, new glass, carpet, nardi wheel that matched OG dash grain, fully fabbed suspension, airlift v2 air ride system, all metal trim and bumpers hand polished and the list goes on. Sitting on custom 3 piece forged rotiform 4 spoke TMB’s (only set ever made) in 14×7 all around with staggered lips (2″ + 3″)

Inside, outside, underneath, this car is newwwww, doorcards and dash are like new etc.

I have an insane amount of original parts at well as the original wheels, filters, brake parts and tune up kit for when they need to be replaced etc.

I’m asking $15,000 (I have roughly $25,000 into the car + 100’s of man hours + its rarity = yes I’m firm at 15)

I may consider a partial trade + cash on your end depending on what you have BUT YOU CAN PM ME THOSE OFFERS… PLZ DON’T GO POSTING PICS IN THIS THREAD.

Here’s a video my friend just shot of the car… http://vimeo.com/68075319

The direction the seller took with this car is definitely cool. The air suspension and one-off wheels just add more uniqueness to this already rare car.  The seller claims that this car is the only  Audi 50 in the states, however, that really shouldn’t be a selling point unless that claim can be substantiated.  As we all know, there are all sorts of crazy hoarders out there with their own stashes of rare cars that never see the light of day.  That being said, you’ll be hard pressed to find one of these, especially one this cool.

With a pricetag of $15,000 this car will certainly need the right buyer, there’s no doubt that the seller has that (and more) in this car, however, the audience is extermely narrow of this car. In looking at the car, and the mods, I’d be inclined to do a bit of negotiating. If this could be had for about $13,000, I’d say it’s a deal for the guy or gal that has to have what noone else has.


GCFSB Exclusive: 2002 BMW M3


On a daily basis the staff at GCFSB scours online ads looking for rare, obscure and cool German cars for sale. While the Internet is a great resource for searching the globe for these rides, more often than not the real gems can’t be found online; rather, they come about by networking and word of mouth. Enter this beautiful E46 M3.

Here in New England, there is a great network of German car enthusiasts like the seller of this beauty. Bought a few years ago as a toy, this impecably maintained Steel Grey over red leather E46 M3 is too great a car not to feature here.


Year: 2002
Model: M3
Engine: 3.2 liter inline six
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 46,000 miles
Price: $25,500

Email for details: irsmith667@me.com


2002 M3 46,xxx miles, Steel Grey metallic, Imola Red Napa leather interior, Harmon/Kardon sound, 6-speed manual, clear bra, window tintz, black grilles, st coilovers, Turner Motorsport spacers f&r, aftermarket stainless muffler section, afe stage2 intake, recent service includes alignment, valve cover gasket, plugs, valve adjustment, fresh oil change with castrol tws 0w60 (M oil)


Enthusiast owned, meticulously maintained and with only 46K miles on the clock, this is the sort of car that would make a great weekend warrior for the M3 fan. With most E46s turning 100K miles and either abused or modified, this tastefully modified example would be a great addition to the right stable. While the asking price it at the top of the market, clean E46 M3s are becoming harder to find, so examples like this should command a premium price. So why would someone sell off such a beautiful car you may ask? The story of this M3 is all too common, with the seller’s sights have shifted to other things…in this case from München to Stuttgart. Something has to go…