1981 VW Rabbit Truck with TDI swap

I love the VW Caddy, and not just because it was my first car (though that certainly has something to do with it). The oddity, the 80s-ness, the practicality, and their playful driving nature make them a unique proposition in the weird car world; that is, one that makes total sense. A clean brown example was at my mechanic’s this morning and, in light of dropping off the pinnacle of my car ownership for yet more work, provided a nice moment of reflection on my roots. This red beauty on eBay is the beneficiary of a comprehensive restoration, including a TDI swap from a 1997 Passat. Worthy of respect in the more common state of grmiy workhorse, Caddys this nice are worthy of a few extra looks. It’s unclear how many miles the TDI has, but even if it were the 172k the chassis has covered, that’s barely broken in by diesel standards.

1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Truck with TDI swap for sale on eBay

Nailing it in the quality department, the price runs a bit astray with bids starting at $7k and an $8,995 Buy-it-Now. Objectively reasonable for a 35mpg fun commuter that can haul some miscellany, nine grand is way up there on the Caddy-Price spectrum. I’d give him $7k for a job well-done in making a unique car truly great.


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  1. Reserve not met at $7000 with 15 bids. I hope all those bidders are aware that, despite the seller’s claims, this truck does NOT have a TDI installed. According to the engine bay pictures included in the listing the engine appears to be a 1.6TD or a 1.9TD. Nice looking truck, but for that money the seller needs to get his facts straight.

  2. Very much appreciate your insight, though not as much as I appreciate your screen name.

  3. The Dude abides.

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