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1985 BMW Euro 635csi M6

This grey market import has a bit of a high price, but if you can get the seller to come down a bit this would make a nice present to yourself this season.

The 1985 silver shark pictured here has 136,000 miles. It looks to be in good shape. The car does have a salvage title from an accident that, according to the seller, did not involve frame damage. It would be nice to see if you can get some photos of the car with the accident damage, seller says it was a small ding to the door, but I’m surprised they would salvage it for something really small. The car has had a full respray so that would prevent having mismatched paint on the door.

The car has the euro bumpers, lights, and the 286 horsepower engine going through a five speed. The yellow fog cutting, French style lenses on the front set this 6 series apart from other quad headlight cars. The period correct BBS wheels look nice too.

The BMW might not have enough room to take the whole family on a trip this holiday season, but it would provide comfortable travel for two over some long highway miles. The ask price is $10,500.



  1. Dallas
    Dallas December 21, 2010

    This is something that drives me a bit bonkers in sellers’ descriptions of cars that have been in accidents… “no frame damage”. It’s a freakin’ UNIBODY!! There is no “frame”!

    Nice car though!

  2. Jim Post
    Jim Post December 21, 2010

    Total crap shoot, how many KM’s before the speedo was switched to MPH ? The starting bid is 10,500 who knows what the real offer is. who knows what money needs to be put into that to make it road worthy?

  3. Evan
    Evan December 31, 2010

    Auction ended with no bids.

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