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1986 VW Quantum Syncro for sale

It’s time to kick it old school a bit, going back to my VW roots with a clean, daily-driven Quantum Syncro. Much rarer than the ubiquitous Jettas and Rabbit/Golfs of the era, the Quantum has always perked up my wagon-ears by extending lines of the aforementioned VW staples and being offered with Syncro. 80s 4-wheel drive systems, pre-computerized limited-slip auto-braking nannies, have always intrigued me, especially with VW’s being merely a renamed version of the original, world-changing Quattro. The Audiness doesn’t stop there, with the 4 rings of the Auto Union stamped on the 2.2L five-cylinder. The example coming to us today from the Samba is cleaner than its 176k miles would suggest, and looks inside and out like it could continue being an awesome and capable daily driver.

1986 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon for sale on the Samba

A good rundown from the seller:

1986 Vw Quantum Syncro Wagon
White exterior
Grey / Brown interior ( Maybe its black )
5 speed
A/c converted to r134a ( needs charged )
178,000 + still going ( its my daily )
Stock motor – 5 cylinder 2.2
Runs great, get in start, drive and go.

Manual windows – all of them work
No sunroof
No cruise control

Very clean – rust free body
Interior is also in very good shape
Rear area – has the speaker pods instead of the cargo cover.
I installed 4×6′ Polk in the front doors
New Alpine cd / XM ready head unit
Old School PUNCH 80 in the glove box with a single sub speaker wire ran over through the headliner to the back for a sub ( not included ) I havent found one yet i like, i have a BIG box 12″ Sony that if you really want it, i can include it.
Rear speaker pods also have NEW polk 4×6’s installed ( i also have a spare set of rear speaker pods )

Original 14″ snowflakes with OK tires –
I also have 4×100 14″ Steel wheels with SNOW TIRES – that could be included.

The rear cover that covers the spare tire in the back, just cracked this weekend – i was so mad – i had camera bag and light stand in the back and took a corner too fast i guess and it hit and cracked the cover – other than that interior is FABULOUS

I didnt really get much maintenance history with the car – it doesnt seem to need anything – starts everytime, goes and stops. I have drove it on a few 1 hour each way road trips.

Since i have bought the car – i replaced the speedo cable with a one piece
Installed the stereo system and wired it up so it turns off when ignition is turned off.

As an extra 10v Turbo motor with lots of extras – its a factory brand new block – with all new internals – Ac compressor and other goodies still attached. Have spare CIS stuff from Turbo Audi 5000, turbo manifold, bad turbo and downpipe – valve cover, head without cams rebuilt – lots of stuff…

I hunted for a very long time for a clean QSW – this is it… even at my starting price of $4000 i am losing money due to shipping this car from PNW to Nebraska.
I have another $600+ in all my spare stuff.

Considering the condition of the car and care of the seller, not to mention the extra parts coming along with it (I’d want to learn more about the extra motor?!), it seems deserving of its $4k price tag. If you’ve got the 80s bug like me and are looking to offload an A4 wagon, maybe you could work out a great deal. Regardless, I have a feeling this seller is going to find a good home for this Quantum.



  1. AlwaysFixing
    AlwaysFixing October 28, 2011

    Very cool, enjoying the wagons featured here!

  2. Larry
    Larry October 29, 2011

    +1 to AlwaysFixing’s comment. Can’t have too many classic German wagons!

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