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1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro Hightop

$_57 (1)
Despite the unassuming beige-black-and-steel exterior, this is one of the most excellent Vanagons I’ve seen in a while. Looking every bit a well-used 1987 camper, it’s been updated and made complete in all the ways that count, highlighted by a Subaru 3.0-liter H6 conversion driving all four wheels via Syncro. High tops have been growing on me for their unique look and easily-accessible space. Two queen beds and lots of storage with four-wheel drive? I always wanted an office in the mountains. With a massive list of repairs and service, this Adventurewagen is fully set to live up to its name if you can afford it.

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$_57 (3)
Year: 1987
Model: Vanagon Syncro
Engine: Subaru 3.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: ~60,000 mi on engine
Price: Reserve auction, $40,000 Buy It Now
$_57 (6)

I HATE to sell our van. The reason we are selling? My wife and I are traveling for a year plus and it doesn’t make economical sense or vehicle sense to have the van sit for over a year. We have taken the van from an unreliable vehicle to a super reliable and well-maintained vehicle. Rocky Mountain Westy in Ft. Collins, CO completed almost every update to the van. IMO, they are the best in the biz!. We (Rocky Mountain Westy) have touched almost every mechanical item on the van and it is super solid. At this point I would go anywhere with it. All receipts and service records from all owners are available. I’m not in this to make money…believe me. You will get a van that is mechanically solid without the headaches of mechanical updates.

Buyer is responsible for shipping. If you have any questions, please let me know.

– Syncro (AWD, Rear Locker, Front Locker) – Recently repaired and serviced. Great in snow, rough roads, etc…
– Subaru H6 Engine Conversion – I spoke with a number of people and extensively with RMW about the engine type to install. The H6 has been a great choice for the Syncro. The van can keep up with traffic (and easily pass newer vehicles) and is super fun to drive.
– Adventurewagen Hightop Van – The hightop advantage is storage and less hassle when camping. No need to move things around when setting up and camping. Great stealth camping capabilities. Also, great for winter camping with the Propex heater.
– Full Camper – Propane Stove, Fresh and Grey Water Tank, New Electric Water Pump, New Propane Furnace, 2 Beds, Refrigerator, Auxiliary Battery, LED lights, Pull Blinds, New Awning, New Propane Tank,

Adventurewagen Brochures

Repairs and Upgrades

Subaru H6 Outback Conversion – Installed By Rock Mountain Westy
– Outback H6 Engine – (60-65K miles on engine)
– Modify Subaru engine harness to adapt to the VW system
– Subaru Engine Carrier Bar
– H6 motor mounts
– H6 Subaru H6 3.0L Intake Assembly
– H6 Manual Throttle Cable
– H6 Exhaust System
– H6 coolant manifold pipe
– Sachs (OEM) Clutch Kit
– Stage 1 Pressure Plate
– Idler pulley for front drive belt Subaru
– Front oxygen sensor for H6
– Rear oxygen sensors for H6
– H6 PCV valve
– Drive belt for H6 motor
– NGK spark plugs for H6
– Real Time speed sensor (Manual Transmission)
– Power Steering Hose Kit
– Tachometer Signal Divider
– H6 water temp sensor
– Vanagon Coolant Hose
– RMW-HHKIT Vanagon Heater Hose Replacement Kit
– New rear main seal for the crankshft on rear of H6 motor
– Bosch Hi Torque Starter
– Hi-Torque Starter Adapter
– New fluids for coolant system, power steering system, and motor oil

– New Propex HS2000 – Installed By Rock Mountain Westy
– New LP Tank – Installed By Rock Mountain Westy
– New Sink Water Pump
– Awning – F45 Polar White
– Memory Foam Bed

Suspension – Installed By Rock Mountain Westy
– Lobro/GKN CV Joint Kit
– Remove both axles and re-boot with CV joint boot kits, repack wih grease and re-install
– Syncro Front Axles (GKN Lobro)
– Drive axle seal for Vanagon transmissions
– Drive flange cap for Vanagon transmission
– Valve cover gasket right side – H6 3.0 liter Subaru
– Valve cover gasket left side – H6 3.0 liter Subaru
– Cam plug
– Valve cover gaskets
– Old Man Emu shocks – Installed by RMW 2013

Differential – Repaired and Serviced By Rock Mountain Westy
– Rear decoupler switch
– New Slip joint drive shaft
– New Actuator switch
– New Diff Hoses
– Complete Service and Lubrication
– All Differentials work great (AWD, Front Locker, Rear Locker)

AC – Repaired and Serviced By Rock Mountain Westy
– Subaru H6 A/C compressor & A/C expansion valve
– Recharge system with R134a
– Bilstein OEM Heater/AC Blower Motor
– Complete Service and Repair – blows at 45 degrees

Heating System – Repaired and Serviced By Rock Mountain Westy
– Bilstein OEM Heater/AC Blower Motor
– Installed the rear Vanagon Heater Core that had been removed
– Rear heater core control valve
– Vanagon Front Heater Core
– Propex HS2000 with Installation Kit
– Heating system works great.

Misc – Repaired and Serviced By Rock Mountain Westy
– Wiring reviewed and cleaned up as needed by RMW
– Shift Lever & Vanagon shift lever to rod boot
– Side Marker Lens (Rear) – Installed by Owner
– Vanagon Antenna – Installed by Owner
– New Front Windshield Washer Pump – Installed by Owner
– Blue Seas automatic charge relay kit – installed in 2013
– Rubber flooring installed (OEM) – installed in 2013
– Rubber mats installed – installed in 2013d
– Rattle Trap eXtreme sound and vibration barrier (placed on floor of entire cabin, under back seats; significantly reduced road noise) – installed in 2010

What Needs to be Done
– There is minor surface rust in a few spots and the van will need a paint job soon. This was next on my list.

$40k is big Vanagon money but not even close to unheard of, especially for such a well-sorted Syncro. The most pertinent issue is the paint/surface rust, but if it were mine I’d find a way to fix the deterioration while keeping it looking like the humble road warrior it is. It looks nothing like a $40k car, which is perfect! Coming from an adventuresome family that sounds like they know what they’re doing, this is way up there on the dream camper van list.