1988 BMW M3


Here’s a beautiful E30 M3 with a great color combo. The Lachssilber is a very nice, fresh repaint that really makes this look like the 80s streetfighter that it is. The cardinal red interior makes for a desirable combo. The nearly 10/10 exterior and a good interior hide the 148k miles, which seems like a lot for the asking price. All’s fair in love and E30 M3 selling though…

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Year: 1988
Model: M3
Engine: 2.3 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 148,500 mi
Price: $32,000 Buy It Now


Thank you for viewing our stunning 1988 BMW E30 M3 finished in Lachssilber Metallic ( Salmon Silver) with the beautiful and rare Cardinal Red interior. This very well maintained, and serviced example has 148.500 miles on the odometer and runs and drives excellent. 2 previous owners and large folder of service and maintenance records showing responsible previous ownership. We purchased the vehicle running excellent, but did a full synthetic service, replaced distributor cap and rotor, NGK plugs, and a fresh new Bosch Ignition Wire Set. The vehicles paint was in good condition overall but had some areas of Clear-Coat fading. We decided to do a full Base coat, Clear coat respray of the full car to bring the beautiful Lachssilber Metallic finish back to life. Windows, mirrors, bumpers, grill, headlights, tail lights, trunk, spoiler, and interior were removed to get the best paint coverage possible. As you can see in the photos and video, this rewarded us with some amazing results! Every exterior and interior color combinations from factory were amazing, but the Lachssilber/Cardinal Red combo is a real show stopper. With clients in the US and Europe seeking these cars daily this beautiful example won’t be available long!

-Strong original S14 motor

-Rare Cardinal Red interior in excellent condition

-Quality Base Coat – Clear Coat Respray

-Strong, firm suspension

-Scorpion Muffler

-Runs, shifts, and drives excellent.

The car is located in Sanford Florida with a clean title.

I can refer to you a automotive transport company if needed.

Thanks again for considering the purchase of this beautiful E30 M3


These days, mileage can’t be too big of a concern if you’re really going to buy an E30 M3, and this one looks good enough to love. The seller will probably get his asking price, and the buyer will probably sell it for more later. It’s hard to even dream about how fun it would be to have this car anymore as the market sails further upward with each passing auction.


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  1. and the hits just keep on coming…
    the E30 M3 market keeps on rising, and the phrase “high tide raises all boats” comes to mind…
    this car is in a very desirable color combo, especially for an 88…
    if this dealer is being honest and has a “large folder of maintenance & service from the previous 2 owners”..then pending a PPI he may very well get close to 32k…
    but when you ask top $$$ expect some nits to pick…
    no fogs?? really after a respray…no mention of a/c condition..the after market exhaust is not a big deal.in fact this particular brand is rather noisy..
    on the plus side the.interior looks very very good for 148k on the odo however..
    nice find!

  2. Considering the Vlad-built 325 “M3” clone sold for $26,100 this week, the additional asking price for this more stock (and much more honest) example seems well worth it. Crazy, but that’s the market right now.

  3. @Carter…we have a saying in RE, that it is about finding “the right a$$ for the right seat”…obviously the white replica/tribute clicked someones boxes and fit their budget…and the fact that it was not a true E30 M3 did not matter to them….
    in the car world as you know….OEM and Original carry much weight when determining values….
    this particular M3 could really be very very nice….miles with 100% spot on maintenance is a big plus..at least to me…I put more value on how the car was maintained as opposed to how much or little it was driven….
    love the site guys….this and BaT are my morning reads before I have to bake the doughnuts

  4. MDriver, I think I’ve heard that saying, too – “It looks good on you, though!” -Rodney Dangerfield


    Thanks for the compliments on the site!

  5. @Carter a while back you asked me to look for an E28 M5 for a reader…
    one became available in CT…well cared for…133k on the odo….not sure if that is too many miles for the reader…I will pass along the info if they are still looking

  6. ConservativesDefeated

    Not to be too churlish, but I would expect a windows out respray once you head down that road…….. and when you leave a demarcarion tape line on the door post vin sticker…..add in it’s in Florida……..a dealer……well you get the idea.

    Back in the day these seem to be everywhere in San Diego..we used to call them “Iranian War Wagons” .seemed to be driven mostly by young wealthy Iranians whose family fled Iran along with the Shah.

    Be that as it may, a good private seller owned M3 is on the bucket list

  7. Thanks MDriver, now I have to go back through my email to find who it was…!

  8. These guys bought this car from a dealer in nj for 20k – including shipping – they got it respected and are asking 32k- they have polished a few other turds and tried to pass them off as gold …stay away from these guys.

  9. @Ed – good tip! This car has been busy, Alabama > New Jersey > Florida all since summer.

  10. @ed Would love to know what “golden turds” you are talking about. This will be my third E30 M3 to sell through the dealership and everyone has been sold for more than a fair market value price. Would love to know your guessing system of what price I’m paying for cars and shipping. Go on my Instagram and see the kind words that my, more than satisfied customers are leaving due to their experience in dealing with me. I’m a real enthusiast, with real passion for these cars and the BMW community. Trying my best to bring the most desired BMW’s in. RHD, Alpina, Hartge, Schnitzer, and original Mtechnic cars. 10 cars on the way as we speak. Thank you everyone else for the kind words. This car looks amazing, and I welcome you to come to the dealer anytime to enjoy these beautiful cars with me.

  11. @richard richter – I’m not trying to antagonize but as @Mdriver pointed out, for $32k it’s missing the front fogs…(and the covers that go to the inside of the fogs, and the front grille emblem, and the rear deck lid emblem too – check your paintshop, maybe all those things are still there, seriously). And I can’t tell for sure, but is the head unit aftermarket? I didn’t see that mentioned.

    Any service history on if the suspension is original and if not what it is and when it was replaced?

    Thanks and good luck!

  12. @Ry Not at all antagonizing, and thank you very much. The original Head Unit and front fogs are included in the sale.. The lens are just cracked and foggy so I left them off for now. The colors on the original rear deck badge are faded and I was looking into another option besides a “sticker.” I purchased a new front grill badge (included in the sale) and to be honest am ashamed that this piece of chrome plastic – sticker is an original BMW part. Thanks again. I’m very happy that GCFSB featured the car.

  13. Richard, thanks for joining the discussion. We appreciate it when the sellers join in here and add color. It helps to make the community better.

    Paul Henriques
    Managing Editor

  14. Thank you @Paul Really appreciate that.

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