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1989 Mercedes 560SEC Gemballa: The Definition of Gaudy!

There was a time when I thought Don Johnson, dayglo, and hair gel were all good ideas. And this Gemballa would’ve for sure been welcomed in my dream garage. Of course I was 14 at the time. Twenty years later, hmmmm, not so much. Gemballa modified cars are always over the top, but this one is so in your face!

1989 Mercedes 560SEC Gemballa on eBay

quote from eBay listing:

Introducing the legend of the eighties The Gemballa 560SEC, Where performance elegance and superiority all meet in this Fabulous and rare SEC, this Gemballa is one of 4 Gemballa,s Around the world known of existent and the only one that comes With black exterior and black / red interior all leather including Headliner which make it one of its kind, a rare digital cluster as
Well as many rare parts way ahead of its time. For so many years You can only see this rare car in a magazine or on a poster, but now it is available for those who love rare and special things in life.

From a collector’s view, it’s rare, hand built, and very unique. I’ll be curious to see if any real bids are made as it’s currently at ~$20k reserve not met.



  1. john
    john August 23, 2008

    hi i want to shipp the car to Holland. i will do all the transport and shipping. do you want to sell for 35K thanks let me know john

  2. admin
    admin August 23, 2008


    I am just referencing the auction, I do not own this car nor am I broker for it. Please contact the seller directly by following the eBay link.



  3. Mobile blog
    Mobile blog August 5, 2009

    Nice car really. I like Mercedes cars from many years and I remember this car. It is one of the highest quality models.

  4. Jim
    Jim August 6, 2009

    Damm that thing didnt age very well, lets hope it stays in the 1980’s

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