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1991 BMW 325i Touring for sale in Canada

I was in Canada this weekend and a slick snow-prepped E91 wagon caught my eye. While the sports sedan is the quintessential BMW, the extended lines of their wagons work for me better. All touring versions of Bimmers are rare stateside thanks to our well-documented and silly aversion to wagons, but as opposed to models like the E34 and E46, the caboosed E30 was never available here. Quite a shame, because its clean and concise lines create a nearly-perfect wagon. The seller of today’s example imported it to Canada 4 years ago, and importation to the US could prove to be a headache, as could a number of cosmetic blemishes. I’d stock up on Advil though as long as it meant I could rock this modified 80s-tastic wagon using Borbet Type As as god truly intended.

From the seller:

It’s a 1991 325i 5-speed. Arctic silver with light gray interior. I am the original owner in Canada. It was brought in Feb of 2006.

-AMS chipped ECU (have injectors that can be swapped in to take full advantage of the chip as well)
-5 speed manual
-power (front) windows and manual sunroof and no AC
-Koni adjustable shocks with H&R sport springs. Front has SpecE30 camber plates. Car currently sits with 2 deg neg camber all around and handles like it’s on rails!
-BORBET Type A 16×7.5 with nearly new Nexen tires (not included but can be arranged as an extra purchase) Original ‘bottlecaps’ will be included.
-rear MHW black taillights (hard to find anywhere!)
-Short shift kit
-updated E36 radiator
-HID 6500K kit

The car is not perfect. Has a dent in the front driver’s side fender. Small rust spot on the driver’s rear wheel well and a small spot under the driver’s taillight (where the rear panel meets the side) as well as the passenger side rocker. Underbody is clean and solid. The strut towers don’t have ANY rust not even surface!

Car drives well and needs nothing for safety (some mechanics might not like how low it is).

I have a few parts still for it but that can be discussed with a serious buyer as to what will be included in the sale.

Why settle for another BMW like the M3, E34, E36, E28, E46, M5, M6, E24, 318is, 320i, 328i, 328is, when you can have quite a unique imported model like this one and turn heads everywhere you go?

The importation process must take a toll on these cars because I have yet to see one as clean and decked out as we see other models of BMW. Or maybe the guys who take the time to import and make them that nice don’t sell them. Regardless, the seller’s last sentence says it all for me. I don’t know if it would turn everyone’s heads, but those who know would love it and, more importantly, I’d be craning my head every time I walked to or away from it. Cleaned up, this has an ideal mix of 80s, performance, and weirdness for me. Bidding is just over $1500 but hasn’t hit the reserve yet. Balancing the mods, necessary work, decent mileage and overall desirability, somewhere in the $3XXXs sounds like a good price for a cool and unique BMW with a lot of potential.

Bonus points if you can keep the license plate.



  1. Bob Salter
    Bob Salter December 4, 2010

    I’d rather start with a clean one, but the price is certainly right. I love BMW wagons too. That would make a great platform to build a dream car on. I see that it has camber plates already. Surprised the importer never cleaned the engine bay up and did much of any cosmetic renewal. I really dreamed a lot about importing a Euro E36 wagon and putting an LS1 in it. Man that would be neat.

  2. Donald
    Donald December 5, 2010

    Bidding? Where??? What’s your email Nate? Is there I can contact you? Oh wait, you still have the car?

  3. John
    John December 5, 2010

    Thanks for posting it on your blog.

    Feel free to drop me an email @ mrtopspeed at if you’re interested in my Touring.

    Seems like it got found a day too late … bidding just ended but it still is for sale.

  4. dave
    dave December 6, 2010

    The importation algorithm for euro-spec (i.e., not originally canadian-spec) is pretty simple.

    Over 25 years from date of manufacture = 10 minutes at the border to fill out a form, and pay a bit of duty (2.5%).

    Under 25 years = headache, thousands of dollars for modifications, testing, posting of bonds, and working with a registered importer to do the work.

    Unless one’s in a huge hurry, it’s probably better to wait 12 months and find a 1988 E30 Touring (their first year of manufacture).

  5. John
    John December 6, 2010

    So how did a guy buy an E30 Touring from me before (had one as a winter beater before) and had it titled within a week in NH without doing any of the tests and things you mentioned, Dave?

    I also sold a Euro-spec Golf to a guy in WI, he flew into Toronto on Friday, drove it home and had a registration/title on Monday ….

    Don’t confuse the fact that now it’s a Canadian-spec car and it’s much easier to import than one directly from Europe.

    I might have to take parts off and sell it stock and it will probably sell faster. But the funny thing is, not many leave their E30s stock so I don’t understand.

    JIMMY SOTO May 4, 2011


  7. John
    John May 5, 2011

    Jimmy Soto, email me @ mrtopspeed (at) (this is my car and it’s still for sale)

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