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1988 BMW M5

The first generation BMW M5 is one of those timeless classics that slips under the radar for many enthusiasts, mainly because so few were ever made and they were only imported for one model year to the US. Clean examples are becoming scarce, but here is a well cared for example with some decent upgrades that isn’t a garage queen nor an example ready for the scrapyard.

1988 BMW M5 on Craigslist Orlando

The seller states:

If you are reading this ad you know this is a very very special car. The body and interior are amazing. I have the original brochure and all maintenance records. Previous owner had it for 18 years and the love shows. I bought it from him to help him out with some financial problems. The car speaks for itself and it is one of the best in the country.

History of M5 This is the first M5 brought into the US. 1235 where imported all where black with Tan interior a few black interior was brought to Canada. It is the E28 M5 all hand built at the MotorSport Factory where the race cars are built. When it was launched it was the fastest production sedan in the world with a top end of 155 MPH. The engine is immaculate and eye candy. It is the same motor in the famous M1 mid engine race car. All came with a 5 speed transmission. This one shifts like a dream. everything works on the car but the Air needs rechargeing. It is among the rarest BMW’s costing over $48,000 when new. Insurance is around $250 for full coverage. Check out the pictures and you will see the paint shines like new and the interior has very minimal ware. This is a serious collector car at a great price. It is amazing not only to look at but to drive. I am slightly flexable with the price but please know a car in this condition is worth thousands more.

It has some very tasteful modifications that can easily be changed back to original if you wish, but most people would’t. Exterior and interior totally stock. Perfect dashboard as this car has been garaged its entire life. The price is thousands under value for a car this nice with these mods and mileage. I have no intension to make any money on this car. Just pass a great deal onto someone else of BMW History

Suspension Techniques with HD sway bars polyethylene bushings w?Blistein Shocks
850 front brakes and 750i Bushings
Racing Dynamics front Strut Brace
Racing Dynamics 17″ wheels (cost $2800 when new) have 16″ Lace Wheels
Diana EPROM & cam gear
Alpine Sterio with CD player and removable face
Cibie Headlights
Adjustable Diana rear camber
K& N air filter
Fahey track pipe
Short Shift Kit
Red Line Synthetic at all times

It was purchased new in California and brought here 10 years ago.

One interesting fact that many people may not know is that 96 examples of the E28 M5 were built from kit form in BMW’s Rosslyn, South Africa plant. It is also the rarest of the BMW Motorsport cars, after the 850CSi, E34 M5 Touring and the legendary M1. Here’s your chance to snap up a good example.



  1. Jim Post
    Jim Post December 1, 2010

    That car looks road hard and put away wet. There have been far far better examples with lower miles and in much better condition for sale recetly for far less

  2. chanifin
    chanifin December 1, 2010

    @Jim What evidence leads you to that conclusion (not that I disagree necessarily)?

    I don’t see any mileage anywhere. As for the AC just needing a recharge. Not likely, its got a leak (or multiple ones) and a rebuild of the AC should be factored into the final price.

    This one needs a lot more info to be tempting,

  3. Paul
    Paul December 1, 2010

    The mileage is on the ad – 91K.

    Jim is dead on. The market for these is in the tank right now. I saw a nicer one w/ about 20K less miles go for under $11K and the buyer told me it was even better than he expected.

  4. Dave
    Dave December 2, 2010

    You guys have a tendency to not (clearly) mention money in your posts, even if there’s clearly an asking price stated on the original ad. Kinda annoying, and c’mon, we all know it’s one of the mostly hotly debated components of a for sale ad… you’re missing out on active commenters for sure!

  5. Evan
    Evan December 2, 2010

    Seller is asking $16,500.

    I tend to be skeptical of any car that can be described, as Jim says, “road hard and put away wet.”

  6. bob
    bob December 5, 2010

    Well it has a few Diana components. Whenever I hear Ac just needs a recharge, all other claims of condition are viewed with more suspicion. I think if I was in the marklet I would want one that is either substantially rebuilt or sub 50K mileage wise.

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