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1991 BMW M5

Clean M cars seem to be a constantly appreciating market these days. While the M3 is the obvious collector choice, the M5 and M6 have seen their values nudged up as well. At times you almost hope an M car comes up with a few flaws here and there just so that the selling price might be reasonable. Well, here’s one such opportunity. The E34 M5 market hasn’t yet moved into the territory of either the E28 or the E39 M5 and this one has a few blemishes to help keep the price a bit lower.


Year: 1991
Model: M5
Engine: 3.6 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 144,000 mi
Price: Reserve auction (Buy It Now $12,000)


For sale is a 1991 Brilliant Red E34 M5. It is in excellent condition inside and out. Mechanically its perfect, no oil leaks, no overheating, no surprises whatsoever. Before I put the car for sale I had it inspected by my BMW certified mechanic and had a few repairs done to make it mechanically sound. Every electrical component works as you can see in the walk around video. Every VIN number is accounted for and pictured in the photo album except for the driver side fender which has been replaced due to a minor accident in 2008 which resulted in a rebuilt title. The front bumper, driver side fender, and a few suspension components were replaced. The frame is undamaged and straight. Unfortunately kbb values this car not very high so its easy for the insurance company to issue a branded title for a minor accident, but lucky for the new owner that gets a collector quality car for a fraction of the price. All of the body panels line up properly. The car drives straight. The paint is in excellent condition with no swirl marks anywhere. The engine bay is extremely clean with no dirt or grime. These cars are getting harder and harder to find, especially in this condition. The E34 M5 was the last hand built M car ever made by BMW.

Walk around video link:

Photo album 60 pictures link:


. 1 inch ding on the hood near the front.

. side skirts are a little loose due to a few missing clips that will be included in the sale.

. Missing front corner reflectors.


. 3 piece rare OZ racing wheels that sell for over 2000

. Lowering springs

. Projector euro “smiley” headlights

. Very clean paint

. Pioneer cd player with aux connection for your phone.

Miles: 144,xxx

Contact number: (949) 521-1961 You can call, text, or message me.


The M5 remains one of the best of the fast saloons so opportunities to pick one up at a reasonable cost always warrant attention. This Brilliant Red E34 located in California looks to have been well maintained both inside and out. While I’m not a huge fan of the wheels and am always wary of “lowering springs” when listed on its own, I do love a red M5. With more than 144,000 miles, along with repairs from what sounds like a minor accident, this car’s price should stay within reasonable territory. The Buy It Now of $12,000 is towards the top of the range for where we might expect a clean M5 with this mileage to sell. Whether the accident deters prospective buyers at that price, we shall see. Regardless, if you need 4 doors, comfortable seating for 4, and don’t want to give up on having something fun to drive, a M5 such as this one could be worth a look. With the market for M cars what it is, opportunities might be running out.



  1. Pete
    Pete August 26, 2013

    Mileage, wheels and accident damage make this a $10k at best.

  2. Walter R. Moore
    Walter R. Moore August 26, 2013

    M5 or Audi Ur S4/S6 is an interesting 1990s fast saloon decision. The Audi is cheaper and gets better fuel economy, but nobody knows what they are. Everyone knows the M badge and it’s the quicker car…

  3. KevinR
    KevinR August 26, 2013

    The accident history doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the loose side skirts, missing corner reflectors and rebuilt title. The 2 former items suggest shoddy workmanship on the repairs and the latter is just a pain that will haunt the car forever. (I know this because I already own a car with a rebuilt title.) If I were serious about this car, I would like to see details of the accident damage, including pictures of the damage and the body shop’s invoice for work done.

    The car’s mileage and history make it a great candidate for a track car/daily driver. The hit to its value has already happened so the new owner can get out there and flog it with abandon. However, I think the Buy It Now is somewhat aggressive considering the car’s issues.

    URSDRIVER August 27, 2013

    Walter, as much as a I love the UrS-cars, the E34 M5 has the definite performance and driving experience advantage, until it snows, if I lived in California I would drive one. As far as being an unknown sleeper it’s the early S-cars greatest asset.

  5. Walter R. Moore
    Walter R. Moore August 27, 2013

    @URSDRIVER – yes, we’re on the same page. On the other hand I live in Florida and I own an S6. Makes sense during downpours, I suppose. Also running costs are a lot lower, and mine is a DD.

  6. MDriver
    MDriver August 29, 2013

    as far as the rebuilt title, every state has a different rule on that….for example…if this car was in NY and the insurance company did not pay out on the car as a total loss….it would not have a rebuilt title….
    but this car has been around awhile in the M5 community….final sale price $7500….
    as prices for these cars does the maintenance…which equates to really doing your due diligence when shopping for one.

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