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1991 BMW M5 Dinan 3.9

What’s the best deal going amongst BMW M cars? One could certainly argue that it must be the E34 M5. With the classic and refined looks of the third generation 5 series comes both great build quality and legendary reliability that helped to solidify BMW’s place in the luxury market today. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there was an equally legendary series of engines under the hood, and without a doubt the shining star of that lineup and the model range indeed was the M5 with the original S38 motor screaming its last song. Despite the rush on all things M from the 1980s and general good shape that many of the E34 Ms appear in, they’re also generally quite affordable compared to the rest of the examples of BMW Motorsport’s influence. Part of that was that the package didn’t stand out quite as much as either the E28 or E39 M5 did. It was subtle, understated and almost whisper quiet in its delivery of a performance package; out of the box, it even almost looked like it had white wall tires due to the unique two-piece M-System wheels. To solve the perceived lack of gusto compared to the competition, one could turn to BMW specialist Dinan to turn up their luxury rocket ride to 11:


Year: 1991
Model: M5
Engine: 3.9 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 125,000 mi
Price: $29,000 Buy It Now

This is truly a Unique E34 M5!

It has a brand new paint job in Original Calypso Red.

The vehicle will include a complete book with all of the receipts and services done to the car.

Interior: The interior of the car need some mild work and care. I would give it a 7 out of 10. Very good shape considering it is a 20+ year car!

It has a Dinan Upgrade that includes all of the following modifications ( I HAVE ALL PAPERWORK TO DOCUMENT THE PROCESS):

Stage 3 Suspension which includes:

4 Lower Springs
1 25mm front bar ADJ
1 19mm Rear Bar ADJ
1 Set Camber Plates
Load Levering Adaptor Kit

Dinan Brake Conversion

Dinan Speed Delimiter (Turbotrornics 7)

Dinan Performance Chip.

Dinan M3.9 Stage II

Dinan High Performance 3 Piece Wheels

If you require any additional photos or info please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time!

Rear 5 Emblem is missing but I already Order an original one from BMW.

I never really liked the first generation of Dinan wheels if I’m honest. Good looking? Sure, they’re a nice and understated looking 5-spoke. The design reminds me a bit of the original Acura NSX wheels. But much like the M5 itself, they’re perhaps a bit understated in their delivery. This car didn’t just get wheels alone though, as behind those wheels and tires lie brake and suspension upgrades from Dinan to help deal with the extra power. Since BMW had already done that with the standard M5 to deal with the upgraded powerplant, that hints towards the added performance of the 3.9L stroker from Dinan. While it doesn’t transform the M5 into a F40, the 3.9 reportedly was good for about 340 horsepower – but boy, was it going to cost you. Figuring the list of modifications alone from Dinan are about $25,000 and a 3.9 stroker from Korman or Metric Mechanic is in that same ballpark today, you’ll begin to appreciate why the owner of this car has asked a serious premium over a standard E34 M5. However, is it worth it? The exterior looks quite nice overall and the Calypso Red is a unique and good looking color. Unfortunately we don’t see much of the interior at all; were I paying top dollar for an E34, I’d expect it to be pretty spotless, and this one doesn’t seem to be that way. However, the big salt in the wound comes when you hear that this car was available a little over two years ago for only 1/3 of the price. Even accounting for a repaint (which it arguably didn’t look like it needed recently), it’s hard to see where the additional $20,000 is coming from. Kudos to the seller on what appears to have been a stellar deal in 2012, but the buyer may feel like there is some negotiation room there based upon the relatively flat E34 market and the last sale price.



  1. Z
    Z November 28, 2014

    When you’re asking $30K for any car you ought to provide a large number of high def pictures, carfax and complete description. To me this sounds like a tired car with possible multiple issues.

  2. atnorman
    atnorman November 28, 2014

    For $9,950, this guy got a smokin’ deal. For $29K, he’ll be wafting in that smoke for a loooooong time.

  3. Ry
    Ry November 28, 2014

    Total agreement @Z. It’s missing half the details from the previous ad, but is asking way more! Why anyone would say “paperwork available” instead of photographing or scanning it for the ad is also beyond me. Also not being able to inspect someone’s paint job in person – it can completely make or break the deal to me.

    I think I’d take a sweet, stock, E39 M5 for a lot less money than this, any day of the week. Cool find though @Carter (!) and terrific write up.

  4. Brad Eisman
    Brad Eisman November 29, 2014

    sure would have looked better if the guy retained the dark grey lower areas on the valances and below rockers….

  5. MDriver
    MDriver November 29, 2014

    this would be offered by the 5th owner…
    saw this car on BaT 2 years ago… I have a Dinan M5 I’m partial to their work…R&D is what you are paying for and a warranty to boot…
    said it then…will say it again…Calypso Red is really nice in person…the interior needed sorting 2 years ago as well…and the paint was a slight issue as well…but at this number he is really stretching it…
    3.9 stroker gives you Euro 3.8 Hp numbers…
    def. a unique ride however….
    rims have too go….”M”-Parallels would suit this just fine

  6. Ry
    Ry November 29, 2014

    @Brad – I agree, they didn’t even match the paint closely to the car as it sits now.

    Here’s a “fixer upper,” no Dinan equipment, on the forums. Needs lots of TLC but could be cool. Euro M5 w/ cloth interior too.

    1990 M5 Euro (3.6) Project D-schwarz/blk/M-cloth $5k

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