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1993 BMW 850Ci 6-speed manual

If one word could describe the 8 series, I think it would be “masculine.” This black 850Ci for sale in California adds on to that aura with the V12 engine, 6-speed manual and beloved M-parallel wheels. With the sleek low hood, concealed headlamps and flared haunches, this coupe has a stealthy look about it. Short of exotic Italian machinery, there aren’t a lot of cars from the modern era that pair a V12 with a manual gearbox. For a while in the 1990s, however, BMW was more than happy to provide this drivetrain combination to the enthusiast who just wanted to go fast.

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Year: 1993
Model: 850Ci
Engine: 5.0 liter V12
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 140,038 mi
Price: $19,900 Buy It Now

Hello everyone! This is a 1993 850Ci V12 with the RARE 6 SPEED! Engine is in perfect condition. Transmission is in perfect condition. Clutch is in perfect condition. A/C blows ICE COLD! Car is laser straight! Hard to come by in almost perfect condition like this! Looks like it just came out from a BMW showroom with an original cost of $100,000 out the door. This 850 drives flawlessly, shifts through all gears, all the gauges work properly. Only defect is one tiny rock chip on the top drivers side of the windshield. To cut the story short – everything works as it should. Next paragraph is a brief history of the car.

I bought the car from the owner that kept the car in immaculate condition. Always taken to BMW for maintenance as carfax shows. This car is all original except for the addition of M series wheels and tires, Bilstein shocks, an exhaust, a sound system and window tints. Upgrades are done tastefully. All in all its a one of a kind BMW that you will enjoy to own. I am selling this car to reduce the size of my collection.

You are welcome to come check out the car or send a third party inspector. Obviously this used car is sold as-is with no warranty. Feel free to ask any questions. Send me your number and I will contact you.

It’s curious that the Porsche 928 was designed in the seventies, because it was sold for a few years during the 8 series lifecycle. Upon looking at the two cars, none looks any more dated than the other. It’s true, then, that good design never goes out of style. Two different cars they might have been, but with a similar goal of striking a balance between performance and comfort with a lot of power under the hood. The 850CSi is the really pricey one of the E31 coupe lot, but 850 prices have stayed reasonable, mainly due to their high running costs. Expect to pay in the mid to high teens for examples like we see here.



  1. Sam
    Sam March 29, 2014

    This is immaculate and the moderate mileage is actually healthy and encouraging. These were pretty amazing and you took the words out of my mouth – there are very few pairings of a 6-speed manual and a V12, much less a front-engine V12, from that era or really any other for that matter. Time has made them look even better, and their numbers are dwindling. Few were imported and even less remain due to misuse and accident damage. The V12s with automatics don’t make any sense when you can have the V8 with a similar power band but somewhat less headache. But the 6-speed will absolutely bring the beast out, moving from doctor/lawyer cruiser to hardcore autobahn stormer. Speaking of speeding, check for accident damage and rust. The front doesn’t seem to align with the hood unless that’s a shadow and the aftermarket radio is unattractively jutting out. Otherwise, great find, thanks for showcasing.

  2. MDriver
    MDriver March 29, 2014

    a rare occasion when a dealer got it right…these 6spd V12’s are as rare as hen’s teeth….
    140k is not crazy if the car has been maintained….the M-Parallels are a great touch….no mention of what type of after market exhaust…and am I understanding correctly that the clutch is original???…
    yeah I’d change that…
    the styling is indeed timeless….they just came here at the wrong time at the wrong price point for what it was…
    if this were on the east coast I’d look hard at it…

  3. Justin
    Justin March 29, 2014

    I’m sorry, but the seller is using the term “perfect” far too frequently in the listing to be credible. What is up with that crazy panel gap where the hood meets the bumper cover? That’s incredibly uneven and, frankly, ruins the whole front end of the car. Not to mention all of the dark staining along the door card, header, and in the trunk.

    Also, what’s up with that crazy stereo unit sticking out of the dash? And the sub in the trunk? It just reeks of bad taste.

    Could have been a stellar car, but with surface issues like these coming through in a car otherwise described as “perfect” you can be sure there are plenty of other, deeper issues waiting to be discovered.

  4. DB28704
    DB28704 March 29, 2014

    BWM V12 with +100k? No way. Lucky it’s still alive at all.

  5. Ed
    Ed March 29, 2014

    @DB28704: when my dad brought his ’90 750iL for service to Performance Plus in Dania back in the early 90s, there was a customer’s ’88 750iL with over 200K miles on it and it looked and ran like new. Proper maintenance is all they ask for and my dad kept his ’90 until 2012 and only sold it because of the poor headlights (my dad’s 85 years old). It was a great car.

  6. SM Ross
    SM Ross March 30, 2014

    High running costs, indeed. The spark plug wire set for a 750/850 is around $1200! There’s a reason why cars like the 850 and Porsche 928 are inexpensive used cars; they can kill you on parts and repairs (as an aside, the driver’s seat in a 928 has 12 separate electric motors).

  7. MDriver
    MDriver March 30, 2014

    @Craig VERY nice find and a great exterior color….
    so a almost 60k ask for a car with 69k on the odo
    have you seen the white w/two tone grey interior for sale with Willhoit??
    a 94 w/28k on the odo ask is 80k..
    which one to buy????

  8. Reilly986
    Reilly986 March 30, 2014

    I had a friend who owned either a ’93 or ’94 6spd 850 CSi a few years ago and he couldn’t keep it from leaking oil during the several years he owned the car. Bought the car for about $15k in the early 2000s and sold it a few years (and headaches) later for $8500. It pulled like a freight train, stirred emotion but it was a money pit.

  9. JC
    JC March 31, 2014

    Can’t believe the subwoofer box in the trunk hasn’t raised more alarms for the critics. Once I saw that, it was game over for me. Well, that and the discoloration on the headliner above the driver’s seat. Reminds me of the walls over the water fountains from my public high school.

    I wonder if the seller will identify the reason for the hood gap.

  10. Jamie
    Jamie March 31, 2014

    Well, I hate to say it, but if is for sale in Glendale, then you should stay the hell away.
    Most of the owners there are, how should I put this….jackasses. Car abuse seems to be a way of life.
    It most likely spent a good deal of its life hurtling down Brand boulevard at ungodly rates of speed with club music blasting from that radio.
    The sub-woofer in the trunk…the hood gap? Very typical of a Glendale chariot. I will hazard a guess that you may have a hard time getting the reek of cheap cologne and Axe body spray out of it…

  11. jak123
    jak123 March 31, 2014

    i have a 1992 850i 6spd individual and mine has 180k miles i have owned it for 5 years and has been the most reliable car in my garage. These cars don’t tend to attract the abusive type, most ppl know that they arent race cars. As for the sub ya that usally makes me nervious but mine had one as well as an aweful aftermarket chrome wheel for a spare. It has ended up being great. it also came from southern california. i also paid less then half the asking price, glad to see that the values have begun to inflate!

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